Recap: Power Rangers Cosmic Fury, Episode 2 – “Do you trust me?”

Recap: Power Rangers Cosmic Fury, Episode 2 – Beyond Repair

Power Rangers Cosmic Fury Episode 2 Recap

Solon and Billy take measurements for Javi’s new arm. Billy says they are all indebted to him for saving their lives thanks to his sacrifice. Solon is honored to be working with THE Billy Cranston. Javi feels down about his music career, but Billy says it’ll be okay even if it takes some adjusting.

Solon joins Amelia and Mama Akana in administering the antidote spray on Ollie. And Aiyon speaks with Mick who is about to head off into the galaxy to search for Zayto.

At Aiyon’s Café, Izzy (morphed) speaks with Papa Garcia about the Zedd threat to the city. But they agree that they will not cause panic and just keep the threat to themselves for now. Jane and J-Borg say they are ready to help as media when they need them to.

Power Rangers Cosmic Fury Episode 2 Recap

Up on his new ship, Zedd relishes the opportunity to finally kill the Power Rangers. Doodrip calls in, having just stolen Squillia’s Squidrill, vowing to destroy the Power Rangers and get his job back. Zedd decides to let Doodrop get his hands dirty and then he will take the credit once the Rangers are finished.

Back at the base, Ollie wakes up but he is still evil. Amelia and Mama Akana lock him in the room for now. Mama Akana reminds Amelia they must face the facts and not let their feelings get in the way. Mama Akana says they must remain calm so they can focus.

Over at the Garcia home, Fern visits Izzy as she is loading her stuff into the car for college move-in day. Fern asks if Izzy can handle college and her hero life. And Izzy says she definitely can. Just like right now when the others call Izzy back to the base.

Power Rangers Cosmic Fury Episode 2 Recap

Doodrip’s Mega Squidrill has arrived within Earth’s orbit and the Rangers think it is Zedd and wonder if they can meet him up in space in order to prevent any panic on Earth. While Javi stays behind to continue healing his arm, Amelia, Izzy, Aiyon and Billy morph and hop into their zords.

The Rangers combine their zords and they battle Doodrip and his forces. They are able to blow the spaceship up with Doodrip inside before he can eject.

Back at the base, Solon has installed Javi’s new arm. But he will need some time to adjust to it. He almost triggers a forbidden button when he can’t control his cybernetic arm. The others continue to encourage him.

Power Rangers Cosmic Fury Episode 2 Recap

They all turn their attention to Ollie and Amelia and Mama Akana’s plan to blast him with pure Grid energy. Billy thinks that’s a great idea in order to sanitize Ollie’s corrupted link to the Morphin Grid.

Amelia rallies them, saying they’re going to face a lot of things coming up, but they must push forward.

Fern returns to the Garcia home where Mama Garcia says she hasn’t seen Izzy either. Fern thinks she knows where she might be. Up on the ship, Zedd orders his troops to find and attack Dinohenge immediately.

The Rangers wrap Dinohenge in an invisicloak to protect them while they finalize the mechanism to deliver the pure Grid energy to Ollie. Billy and Aiyon exit the protective dome to fight off the Zentinels that arrive. But Fern comes pedaling toward Dinohenge in the middle of battle.

Power Rangers Cosmic Fury Episode 2 Recap

Javi heads out to save Fern while Amelia tries to wrestle evilOllie and bring him above ground. Javi finishes off the Zentinels and teleports Fern safely down to the base. She feels sick so she goes to the bathroom. Javi rushes to help Amelia against a rampaging Ollie and they are able to hold him and take him above ground.

Mama Akana activates the machine and sends the blast of pure energy toward him. The huge burst of energy breaks the invisicloak dome, revealing them all to Lord Zedd

Amelia tells Mama Akana to get herself to safety, preferably Osaka.

Zedd shoots at the dino monuments of Dinohenge, causing the Rangers to demorph and lose their powers. Ollie begs Zedd to spare his statue so he can still access his powers to help him. Ollie pledges his loyalty to Zedd and proves it by tossing his sword at Amelia, scratching her face.

Amelia tells the others they have to face the facts so they teleport down into the base, leaving Ollie with Lord Zedd.

Zedd calls Bajillia and tells her to drill down into the Ranger base. Solon asks the others if they trust her and they of course do. So she pushes the forbidden red button that hasn’t been pressed in 65 million years.

Power Rangers Cosmic Fury Episode 2 Recap

When the Rangers get their bearings, Billy realizes they just experienced impromptu matter translocation… or a mass teleportation.

Aiyon says the system transported them to the farthest empty, but habitable planet, Erridus, 30 million light-years away from Earth. A jump burns out their entire system, so it is a one-way trip.

Now they have to figure out what to do next. Amelia says they must never give up. They have each other and they will get through this, no matter what.

Power Rangers Cosmic Fury Episode 2 Recap

Just then, Fern walks out of the bathroom, much to everyone’s shock.

Episode Thoughts

This episode was definitely a lot better than the first episode.

My favorite moment was definitely Solon asking if they trusted her before she pushed the button. It was such an exciting moment. Especially with Solon being my favorite Dino-turned-Cosmic Fury character. It was a moment like this that reminded me of what I really liked about the endgame of Dino Fury. This episode definitely felt more like those episodes. And I would’ve had a better overall feeling for the start of Cosmic Fury had this been the first episode instead.

What’s most interesting is the way this episode jumped around. It definitely wasn’t the formula and format of a Power Rangers episode. In a way, this episode felt like a calm before the storm until the storm actually arrived which is of course when Zedd attacked Dinohenge.

I’m interested in seeing how the next episodes will play out. As I get the feeling this season does not proceed like your typical Power Rangers. Definitely more of a miniseries feel rather than what anyone is familiar with when it comes to Power Rangers. We’ll see!

But overall, this was a pretty good episode. Much better than the first. And if the rest of the episodes are like this, perhaps I might be less apathetic to the franchise than I was before finishing DinoCosmic Fury!

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