Thursday Tunes, June 6, 2024 – MCND, A.C.E, W24

Continuing to catch up on music released from the past month with three artists I always love getting to enjoy: MCND, A.C.E and W24.

“X10” by MCND

You can always expect a striking sound from MCND. And their latest title track “X10” is another catchy and charismatic release from them. With their signature touches and always-impactful performance, MCND effortlessly delivers this great track. The rest of the album is solid. But my favorite track is definitely the R&B stylines of “Girl Friend”. Might become one of my favorite MCND tracks.

“Supernatural” by A.C.E

So exciting to finally see OT5 A.C.E back together again! And for their first release as a complete group, “Supernatural” is the perfect mood maker to celebrate the occasion. The funky pop dance track has A.C.E showcasing all the qualities and talent that have fueled their exponential growth since their debut. Effortless performance, oozing charisma, undeniable charms; they’ve got it all. Definitely excited to see and hear more fresh music from them now back together!

“Celestial Night” by W24

“Nemo” by W24

It’s been a while since I’ve heard from W24, though I know they’ve been keeping busy. Especially with international activities. So it’s a great treat to get to check out their latest release Memory Making Moment. The band treats fans with music videos for two of the tracks from the album “Celestial Night” and “Nemo”. And both tracks perfectly capture the band’s bright, youthful energy that they’ve effortlessly conveyed in their music since debut.

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