Recap: Power Rangers Dino Fury, Episode 42 (Season 2, Episode 20) – “Boys, where are your manners?”

Recap: Power Rangers Dino Fury, Episode 42 (Season 2, Episode 20) – The Invasion

Power Rangers Dino Fury Episode 42 Recap

The Rangers hurry back to the base and help Solon get back on her feet. They are worried about what The Voideys could possibly do with the Sporix they’ve taken back. Just then, Jane calls Amelia to alert her to a spaceship hovering above the city.

Solon checks the scanners and sees it is actually right above them. The Rangers head above ground and are surprised to be met by Rafkonians, led by Orria. To ensure that she is on the up and up, Zayto touches her arm and checks her memories.

After everything is clear, the Rangers invite them down to the base. Orria fills them in on how the surviving Rafkonians left the planet in hiding so it could heal. And in the meantime, they became nomads and scavengers hoping to return to Rafkon in the future. They had left beacons around the galaxy so the legendary Knights of Rafkon could return one day.

Power Rangers Dino Fury Episode 42 Recap

Orria says they had ignored Zayto’s messages as they doubted a 65 million year old knight of legend could still be alive, let alone real. Orria says that all changed once Rafkon was destroyed. And the Rangers say they know because they were there when Zedd destroyed it.

After that. Orria says they decided to follow up on Zayto’s messages and that is what led them here to Earth.

Orria asks to speak with Zayto and Aiyon privately. They head into the other room and she tells them Earth will be the perfect home for the Rafkonians. Once they colonize it and take it away from the humans who have destroyed it. Zayto and Aiyon cannot believe her and try to insist that humans are not as bad as she might believe.

Orria, however, says the decision has already been made. Zayto and Aiyon are either with them or against them. And if they’re against them, they’re dead.

Zayto and Aiyon storm out of the room and angrily tell the Rafkonian soldiers to leave. But Orria gives them the signal and the soldiers draw the swords at the Rangers and Solon.

Power Rangers Dino Fury Episode 42 Recap

Meanwhile, Void Queen revels in all the Sporix she has ever wanted. She sends them out over the city so they can hatch and grow and destroy.

The alarms sound in the base and Solon puts the horrifying images of Sporix hordes on the screen.

Orria demands the Rangers decide if they want to live or die now. But Zayto says there will be no Earth to fight over if they let the Sporix have their way with it. Orria agrees to a truce to fight together against the Sporix. But as soon as the Sporix are defeated, it’s war.

Amelia calls Pop-pop who is planting trees by the dam. She tells him to stay there and be safe away from the invasion in the city. Pop-pop urges Amelia to also leave the city and to leave the Sporix to the Power Rangers. She assures him she’ll be okay.

Power Rangers Dino Fury Episode 42 Recap

The Garcia Sibs manage to reach their mother who is at Buzzblast. Papa Garcia is briefing Jane on a city-wide evacuation as he is now in charge of civil defense with the mayor out of town. She urges Javi and Izzy stay safe.

Orria tells the Rangers that squads of Rafkonian warriors have been deployed across the city. The Rangers morph and they hurry into the city where they battle Wreckmate and some other monsters.

Mucus calls Wreckmate back for a special task by Void Queen.

The other Rangers take care of Wreckmate’s fodder comrades. Void Queen picks up the Sporix blobs from the defeated Beasts, but unleashes more Sporix Beasts on them.

Void Queen heads over to the dam site where Pop-pop had been planting trees with the community. While the others run for safety, Pop-pop watches Void Queen order Crashflood to destroy the dam so Pine Ridge will be flooded and all the humans will die.

Pop-pop calls the Ranger Hotline.

Power Rangers Dino Fury Episode 42 Recap

As Orria sees Papa Garcia helping guide frightened civilians to safety, Solon calls Zayto to tell him about the dam site. Zayto, the Rangers and Orria and some Rafkonian warriors head over.

But Crashflood embiggens. Zayto leaves Ollie, Javi and Izzy to take care of him while the rest of them take care of the regular sized Sporix Beasts.

Orria runs into Pop-pop hiding in the bushes and asks what all the scattered tools are doing here. Pop-pop says they had been planting trees to help the planet. Orria softens herself and urges Pop-pop to get to safety.

Pop-pop notices Orria’s strange antennae.

Ollie, Javi and Izzy are down for the count. Zayto upmorphs to Master and uses the Freeze Dino Key to freeze the water around Crashflood. Zayto then hits him with a T-Rex Master Strike. Wreckmate summons more Hengemen in response.

Aiyon goes Master as well and is able to knock Wreckmate on his butt, forcing him to leave.

Zayto and Aiyon deliver a pair of finishers at Crashflood who is destroyed for good. Void Queen collects the Sporix blob and leaves.

Power Rangers Dino Fury Episode 42 Recap

Meanwhile, Orria gets hurled aside, losing her two swords. Fogshell is about to kill her, but Pop-pop jumps in and is able to block Fogshell’s attack with a shovel.

Fogshell throws Pop-pop against a tree and Amelia hurries over. Amelia removes her helmet and he is shocked to see she is a Power Ranger. Zayto tells Amelia to get her Pop-pop to Solon.

Orria is shocked that a human would risk his life to save hers. Zayto asks if she still wants to take his home and Orria has a change of heart, acknowledging she might have been wrong about humans.

Solon calls Zayto to say that the evacuation is going too slow and Papa Garcia has asked for Power Ranger help. Orria offers to go with her soldiers and says this is the Rafkon way.

Zayto wishes her luck and returns to the others to fight off the Hengemen.

Over at the base, Solon gives Amelia medicine to give to her Pop-pop. Solon says his internal injuries are serious and will need a lot more medicine. She leaves to make some more.

Power Rangers Dino Fury Episode 42 Recap

Pop-pop says he might die soon and he has to tell Amelia the truth about her parents. Years ago when he was working at Area 62, an accident trapped an alien couple in the rubble, They had asked Pop-pop to take their baby. And that baby is Amelia!

Episode Thoughts


So, this episode obviously aired years ago. And I’ve already seen the tweets and stuff talking about Amelia’s parents. BUT! I think this episode did a great job with that cliffhanger.

Like I enjoy Mama Akana and Ollie’s relationship, I think the show has done a great job with Amelia and Pop-pop as well. He may have been comic relief most of the time, but their relationship was sincere. And so that helped to make this final scene really impactful and emotional. Even though I knew what was coming, it really landed very well.

In fact, I think this was one of the better executed big reveals in Power Rangers history. Maybe in line with my personal favorite reveal which is Operation Overdrive‘s iMack episode.

I look forward to seeing how the final episodes will play out the aftermath of Amelia learning this truth. And of course, I know there is definitely more to the story than what was revealed here.

Elsewhere, I loved how this really felt like part of a finale climax. The scene of the Rangers calling their loved ones was so good. That is the kind of exciting climactic chaos you want to see. It helps to give weight to what is happening. And not just have the finale feel like any ol’ MOTW episode. Which many Saban Brands seasons have felt like, tbh.

Mass evacuations. The threat of the entire city’s population drowning to death. Like, hello?!?!? That’s the kind of high stakes you want the Rangers to be fighting for. And I think this episode did a good job of laying those stakes out on the table.

Meanwhile, Papa Garcia being next in the city’s line of succession is wild! Lol, But I guess we can’t have another Mayor-Ranger child dynamic again lol

Also, the anti-human discrimination in this episode was crazy! But I guess that’s basically the theme of this season? I mean, Void Queen hates humans for what she thinks happened to her child. But the Rangers and the peoples of Pine Ridge have shown that humans are good. Especially Zayto and Aiyon having positive experiences of course with humans welcoming them. At least, a small group for now. Hehe.

Overall, a really great episode. And I wish I watched these final episodes straight through instead of stopping to write this recap and review. Lol But it doesn’t take away that this is the best lead-up to a finale since RPM.

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