Recap: Power Rangers Dino Fury, Episode 41 (Season 2, Episode 19) – “The math is on our side.”

Recap: Power Rangers Dino Fury, Episode 41 (Season 2, Episode 19) – Bad Vibes

Power Rangers Dino Fury Episode 41 Recap

Mama Garcia, Javi and Izzy welcome Papa Garcia home after working all night on the new park drainage system using his fancy drill. He says the Void Queenie person won’t be able to use it without his passcode anyway.

Mama Garcia reminds everyone about the family karaoke party tonight which celebrates when they first met. Javi and Izzy think it is very embarrassing. Papa Garcia starts singing with a water hose and they spray each other. Mama Garcia suggests Javi and Izzy can come up with a new family activity they can all enjoy.

Over at Area 61, Void King shows Void Queen the new Sporix Blaster weapon.

Over at Buzzblast, Aiyon tells them his family used to have fun climbing trees on an island destroyed by Sporix and Zedd. The Garcia Sibs thank him for the suggestion, but they’ll have to find something else.

Solon calls the Rangers when Wreckmate rampages by the water. The Rangers hurry over and battle Hengemen. Zayto upmorphs and takes on Wreckmate himself. He delivers a Dino Knight Strike and drills right into Wreckmate, sending him flying.

Just then Nulleye appears and shoots the Garcia Sibs with the Sporix Blaster. Aiyon shoots him with a Mosa Fury Blast and destroys the Sporix Blaster. Wreckmate and Nulleye have to retreat.

Power Rangers Dino Fury Episode 41 Recap

The Rangers hurry back to the base. The other Rangers demorph and Solon scans them. But Izzy shoves Solon onto the other Rangers and Javi shoots at the Sporix chest. Aiyon is able to weigh the chest down before the Garcia Sibs can carry it away.

Javi and Izzy teleport out of the base and the Rangers believe they have become evil after being shot by Nulleye.

Power Rangers Dino Fury Episode 41 Recap

Near Area 60, evilJavi and evilIzzy report to The Voids and apologize for failing their mission. They tell them about the passcode needed for the drill key and promise to get it for them. Void Queen is very pleased by their dedication.

Javi and Izzy head home and tell their parents that the family celebration activity they want to do is to go look at Papa Garcia’s drill. He thinks that’s weird, but Mama Garcia says it’s a miracle the kids are interested in his work, so they should just go with it for now.

They hop in Papa Garcia’s truck and head over with the other Rangers just missing them.

The Garcias arrive at the drill with Mucus hiding nearby. The kids convince Papa Garcia to turn it on. Javi and Izzy yell out the passcode, which is the date of their family day. Mucus tries to remember it.

Power Rangers Dino Fury Episode 41 Recap

Javi and Izzy tell their parents they should head to Buzzblast for a karaoke party. After leaving, Mucus goes to the drill and turns it on. Void King arrives and sets the drill’s destination to the Rangers’ base.

Meanwhile, Nulleye and Clawfare head downtown to rampage. Zayto, Ollie, Amelia and Aiyon quickly morph and battle the just-arrived Hengemen. Zayto goes Dino Master Mode and finishes off Nulleye for good.

Clawfare embiggens and the Rangers hop into Primal Ultrazord.

At Buzzblast, the Garcias arrive and Jane and J-Borg invite them to be the first karaoke singers on the livestream. After a family performance, Mama and Papa Garcia take the stage. evilJavi and evilIzzy need to keep their parents busy until the drill is able to reach the base. But watching them sing is somehow able to free Izzy and Javi from the evil mindwarping, reminding them of how awesome their parents actually are.

Power Rangers Dino Fury Episode 41 Recap

The Garcia Sibs join their parents on stage and sing. But Buzzblast is forced to evacuate as the zord battle is just nearby.

The Rangers are able to finish off Clawfare in space. But Void Queen is able to catch its Sporix blob.

Power Rangers Dino Fury Episode 41 Recap

Void Queen declares that she’s won. Javi and Izzy arrive and she thinks they are still loyal to her, but the Garcia Sibs have no idea what she’s talking about. The others are happy to see them back. But Void Queen laughs that Javi and Izzy were able to do exactly what she needed them to.

Over at the base, Solon is busy doing a crossword puzzle when the drill finally reaches it. Through the hole jumps out Void King who shoots Solon into the wall.

Void King is able to grab the Sporix chest and leave.

Solon calls the Rangers to tell them the Sporix are gone.

Power Rangers Dino Fury Episode 41 Recap

Episode Thoughts

Noooo! How dare you hurt Solon! I will not stand for it!

Seriously though, Solon is absolutely my favorite Dino Fury character. In previous episodes, I did not stand for her to be disrespected by the Rangers. And I will definitely not tolerate her being hurled at the wall by a Void person. Blech! lol

Anyway, this was a good episode. Certainly an obvious start to the final arc and endgame of Dino Fury. We’ll see what The Voids have in store and if their ultimate plan actually lives up to being finale-worthy. That’s been questionable for many Saban Brands/Hasbro seasons, tbh.

I did like that this episode also focused on the Garcia Family as well. I do think mind control has been a bit overused on Dino Fury. It’s a convenient plot device. But works best when it’s only one or two instances in a season. Otherwise, what’s stopping the villains from just mind controlling the Rangers full time? You know?

Still, I liked the episode’s mini-lesson being not to be embarrassed by your family. Don’t be a bratty kid. And cherish the moments with your loving family. Hehe.

This episode also reminded me how much Dino Fury has done much better with original New Zealand fight scenes compared to at least Beast Morphers. Beast Morphers really had the worst, most boring action sequences I’ve ever seen on any toku, American or Japanese or even Filipino. Lol

Overall, a good set-up and first episode of this endgame. Hoping the final three episodes can keep up the momentum.

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  1. “Otherwise, what’s stopping the villains from just mind controlling the Rangers full time?”
    Hmmm, they might take you up on that idea next season.

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