Recap: Kamen Rider Gotchard, Episode 35 – Gorgeous Time! Legendary Never Ends

Kamen Rider Gotchard Episode 35 Recap

Kaguya henshins and attacks a confused Houtarou who also henshins. Sabimaru contacts Renge, Rinne and Butler who are at Kitchen Ichinose preparing Houtarou’s surprise for Kaguya and lets them know of what’s happening downtown.

Supana arrives and shields Houtarou from Kaguya’s kick. Kaguya dehenshins and says their gorgeousness is over as they are no longer needed. Houtarou does not understand what is happening.

Kamen Rider Gotchard Episode 35 Recap

The Hundred Diamond Bosses are content with just erasing this world, including its Riders, with this Dooms Clock.

Butler explains to the others that this is the Hundred’s weapon of mass destruction. It was once activated in their world and Kaguya had been caught in the middle of it. Someone had come and saved them back then, but it was still a traumatizing experience for all of them.

Houtarou, Rinne and Supana head out to look for Kaguya.

On the other side of town, Gigist resurrects Saigetsu and infuses him with the power of Ark One.

Kamen Rider Gotchard Episode 35 Recap

Kaguya tries to get close to the Dooms Clock, but Saigetsu refuses to let him through. He quickly henshins and they battle. Houtarou, Rinne and Supana arrive and they watch as Kaguya tries to deliver a finisher at Saigetsu. Gigist, however, infuses Saigetsu with even more power using Rider Cards , facilitating a quadruple fusion.

Kaguya is overpowered. The three quickly henshin to try and help him. Supana tells Houtarou and Kaguya to go and destroy the Clock. But it’s no use. They have to retreat.

Back at the Academy, they realize things are getting more dire especially with the Meikoku King butting in. Kaguya starts to leave on his own again, but Houtarou stops him.

Kamen Rider Gotchard Episode 35 Recap

Kaguya says the Hundred are here for him and he apologizes for getting them involved. Especially when he has been fighting gorgeously on his own this whole time. Houtarou says they are here to help. But Kaguya says they are from different worlds so it is not possible. “This is not gorgeous.”

Supana and Sabimaru approach Kaguya as he takes a gem bath. Kaguya invites Supana to join him. But Supana is just here to warn Kaguya that Houtarou is never going to give up on him easily.

Kamen Rider Gotchard Episode 35 Recap

After Supana leaves, Kaguya tells Sabimaru that he is used to keep what he treasures safely away. But what if this time it is something intangible. Sabimaru suggests he keep it close, support it. And even if you find yourself in conflict with it, you should carry it with you all the same. That is what he learned from his friends at the Academy.

Kaguya understands. Houtarou watches from around the corner.

Kamen Rider Gotchard Episode 35 Recap

Later, Houtarou catches up to Kaguya as he makes his way to the Dooms Clock. Houtarou says he won’t stop Kaguya from fighting alone, but he will also do the same then. By his side that is. Kaguya tells him to suit himself.

Just then, Hundred troops appear through a Curtain. Rinne, Supana, Renge. Sabimaru and Butler also arrive. Rinne and Supana henshin to fight off the soldiers as Houtarou and Kaguya run forward toward Saigetsu.

Saigetsu says this all happened because of Kaguya’s desire to have friends. Houtarou says that is wrong. This is only happening because of Hundred’s greed in obtaining Kaguya’s power. Kaguya says perhaps that is true. He had been so gorgeous that he had no need for friends or comrades. However, now he realizes that together, when they are all gems, they can be as gorgeous as ever. Fighting together will have them shine brightly like never before.

Kamen Rider Gotchard Episode 35 Recap

Houtarou and Kaguya henshin and they battle Saigetsu. Houtarou is surprised when he is shielded from one of Saigetsu’s explosions. But Houtarou is reminded of how Chemies are not to be used in this way. Chemies are living beings of this world who are his dear friends.

Houtarou calls on UFO-X, X-Rex and Gaiard to help him cancel the Chemy powers Saigetsu has been using to power himself up.

Kaguya finally understands the power of comrades and he uphenshins to Zero-Two in order to summon two other Kaguyas to fight beside him.

Kaguya uses the powers of other legendary Riders to wear Saigetsu down. Though he passes on Gaim’s power because of the implication.

Kaguya uses Zi-O powers and delivers a finisher Saigestsu. Together with Houtarou, they free the Chemies and deliver Gorgeous Gotcha finishers at Saigetsu to finish him off for good.

Kamen Rider Gotchard Episode 35 Recap

The others hurry over to reunite with their friends. Houtarou and Kaguya bump fists before heading to Kitchen Ichinose.

Kamen Rider Gotchard Episode 35 Recap

Houtarou had prepared a special welcome party for Kaguya. Houtarou even ordered food in instead of making it himself, including a delicious gold cake. Kaguya gives it a taste and it is delicious.

Kamen Rider Gotchard Episode 35 Recap

Kaguya is thankful for the wonderful celebration. But he must return to his world now. Houtarou says he can stay longer. But Kaguya says his world is still under threat of Hundred. And he has things to protect in his world as well.

Kamen Rider Gotchard Episode 35 Recap

The two new friends share a toast.

Later, Houtarou and Kaguya share contact info as they all gather to say goodbye. Butler shows them Kaguya’s Rider Card haul from his quick visit here.

Kaguya tells Houtarou that this is really farewell. They are finally able to kiss shake hands.

Kamen Rider Gotchard Episode 35 Recap

Butler activates the Aurora Curtain and he and Kaguya make their way through. Along the way, however, Kaguya sees a strange vision potentially of Houtarou.

Meanwhile, Gigist says he’s found the egg.

Episode Thoughts

The gorgeousity will live on forever! It was wonderful to have met you Kaguya!

Such a great little arc in Gotchard. And like I’ve said the last two episodes, all Kaguya’s story still fits in perfectly with the rest of Gotchard and its existing and established themes and dynamics.

A lonely hero in Kaguya taking on the weight of the world on his shoulders, putting on a brave, gorgeous face. But also, yearning for friendship and comrades as well. Which he finds in the AA Crew, but especially in Houtarou.

These three episodes not only tell Kaguya’s story very well, but also add on to the legend (harhar) of Houtarou as a character too.

Even if the three episodes can be seen as a standalone arc, they still feel well integrated into the fabric of the season, so to speak. And it all feels very much part of Houtarou’s journey to whatever his endgame may be.

But this was definitely still Kaguya’s spotlight and he is such a great character. So easily likeable and charismatic with a solid backstory and a current dynamic that again, fits perfectly.

Seiichiro Nagata has been so great as Kaguya. He definitely deserves even more adventures as Kaguya. And we as viewers definitely deserve more gorgeousness as well!

Overall, a wonderful, excellent three episode arc. Engaging and exciting on its own. A good contribution of depth and development for Houtarou and the overall season.

One thought on “Recap: Kamen Rider Gotchard, Episode 35 – Gorgeous Time! Legendary Never Ends

  1. I liked the neat little bait-and-switch they pulled with having the “super weapon” Gigist was after be completely unrelated to Legend or the Hundred and instead be related directly to Houtarou himself. It was a good show of his cunning intellect with how he resurrected and used Saigetsu solely as a pawn to confirm that the object he’s seeking is located within Houtarou.

    I wonder if that last scene showing the Chemy egg inside Houtarou was meant to imply that Houtarou may not even be human, and that he may even be a Chemy himself. Because that egg, from how Gigist was viewing things, seems to be RIGHT where Houtarou’s heart is, and it seems to be pounding like a heart too….

    Either way, the episode did an effective job showing more of what Gigist was capable of and establishing him as an imposing threat. It really makes you wonder what his end goal is and what exactly he needs the new Chemy for when it seems he already has the power to do anything he wants. Raising the dead, being able to recreate the world even if it’s destroyed, etc.

    And as I’ve said before, I wouldn’t be surprised if it turns out there’s more to Gigist than meets the eye and/or that he isn’t just a clear-cut bad guy. Because it’s just really convenient/suspicious that the Gotchardriver was the “key to his cage” and that it was created by Fuga to have that particular purpose in the first place…. If it wasn’t for the fact that Gigist was imprisoned for 120 years, I’d label him as the prime candidate for being Houtarou’s father.

    That little revelation at the end definitely planted the seeds for a potentially engaging rivalry and dynamic between Houtarou and Gigist going forward. Since Houtarou himself has or may even BE what Gigist needs to commence his grand plan, he’s obviously gonna be Gigist’s main target/opponent in upcoming episodes. It’s always important for the primary rider and (potential?) Final Boss of the season to have a good dynamic, rivalry, and/or personal connection to make the endgame more interesting and compelling.

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