How Dino Fury and Cosmic Fury Somehow Helped Lessen My Apathy for Power Rangers

So in needing to find something to post during this coming month where I will be out of the country with no guarantee of stable internet access, I decided to finally catch up on the episodes of Power Rangers Dino Fury and then Power Rangers Cosmic Fury I had been putting off to watch.

I’ve had four recaps in my drafts waiting for days where I needed something to post to keep my daily streak alive. lol November 12, 2022 was the last time I posted a recap for Dino Fury. And that was the last time I watched an episode of Power Rangers. (Once & Always not included.)

Now about a year and a half later, I thought why not finally get it over with. Both for completion’s sake and again, just to have something to post over the next four weeks.

It took this long for me to get it over with as back in 2020, I declared my apathy towards Power Rangers. I was in no hurry or excitement to watch the remaining episodes. Nor was I excited about the idea of Cosmic Fury. Especially with the terrifying and worrying prospect of potentially raiding Kyuranger‘s closet. And then the horrifying early images of the new original suits.

But now that I have finally watched all the remaining Dino Fury and Cosmic Fury episodes, I am shocked to admit… I actually quite enjoyed them.

What?!?! Yes. I actually enjoyed watching new Power Rangers in 2024.

Now, am I back on the Power Rangers bandwagon? Absolutely not. And as I will repeat in my recaps coming up, I really don’t care whether or not the franchise is dead for good. Or if there will be a major creative and commercial renaissance for the franchise.

It’s whatever. Especially when I see something Power Rangers-related starts trending on Twitter and it’s only because of something annoying. It turns me back off to this franchise.

But the final episodes of Dino Fury and all of Cosmic Fury were actually relatively enjoyable. I didn’t even have to fast forward through them. As much.

These episodes that I marathoned through, (and to be clear, not “binge” as it took me a few weeks to still get through these episodes lol) ended up being enjoyable and not offensively horrible. That’s an accomplishment!

And I dare say the episodes showed the potential for how Power Rangers can continue in its formerly present form. Instead of being turned into something it is not and should never be.

Again, did I enjoy these episodes enough to turn me back into a dedicated, loyal fan? No sir.

But did I actually enjoy myself and not regret wasting time on these episodes? Yes, yes I did.

If my apathy was at, for example, Level 100 back in 2020 when I wrote my original apathetic essay… then maybe my apathy is now 99.5. A small increase in interest. But still overwhelmingly apathetic. Progress still. But I’ve finished Power Rangers and that’s that. I still won’t care about the franchise beyond these posts/recaps. But maybe that miniscule molecular sized bit of potential could save the franchise yet.

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