Recap: Kamen Rider Gotchard, Episode 34 – Only One! All Roads Lead to Gorgeousness!

Kamen Rider Gotchard Episode 34 Recap

Kaguya delivers a Legendary Legend finisher at Saigetsu and gorgeously takes care of him. Butler thanks Kaguya for the gorgeous battle. Houtarou says he’s a totally strong Gotcha.

Kaguya is happy to see Houtarou again after a long time, but Houtarou still doesn’t remember him.

Meanwhile, Saigetsu reports to Hundred bosses that the Legend Kamen Riser is beyond their control. But the bosses call him pathetic and that he better come back with results or else.

Saigetsu vows revenge on Kaguya.

Kamen Rider Gotchard Episode 34 Recap

Meanwhile, the others bring Kaguya to the Academy classroom where he dresses Rinne, Renge and Sabimaru in gorgeousness which is great for the health. He wants to dress Supana next, but he passes. He just wants to know who he is.

Houtarou is filled in on his previous experience in Legend’s world and he finally remembers. Butler reasons that there was an error in the Aurora System which caused Houtarou’s memory loss.

Kaguya explains that after learning the Hundred were targeting the Legend Kamen Riser, he used it as a distraction in order to destroy their forces. Unfortunately, it seems to have brought the threat to this world.

Kamen Rider Gotchard Episode 34 Recap

Butler says it will take some time before they can return to their world. So Houtarou excitedly offers to show Kaguya around. In the meantime, Butler asks if he can take a look around the Alchemy Union’s facilities. Minato apologizes because he is supposed to help Kyoka with Lachesis’ treatment today. So he asks Rinne to show him around instead.

Rinne can’t help but confuse Butler with Ryo. But she takes him around the Union.

Houtarou apologizes to Kaguya when he remembers he has catch-up classes today.

Kamen Rider Gotchard Episode 34 Recap

That leaves Kaguya with Supana and Sabimaru. “Awkward,” Isaac says.

At school, Houtarou and Ryo are at their make-up English class. Ryo tells Houtarou about the Kamen Rider urban legend and thinks it’s pretty cool.
He wants to be able to see the Kamen Rider in action one day.

Kamen Rider Gotchard Episode 34 Recap

Just then, Kaguya appears and gives a quick English lesson on being gorgeous. Houtarou and a just-arrived Sabimaru try to usher Kaguya out of the classroom. But Kaguya is surprised to see “Butler” in class, not knowing it’s just Kajiki Ryo.

Sabimaru apologizes for not being able to stop Kaguya. Kaguya just wanted to see what a school was like with his own eyes.

Kamen Rider Gotchard Episode 34 Recap

An out of breath Supana comes running up to them and tells them about cleaning up Kaguya’s mess. He had given a TV interview about to show the world his gorgeous henshin.

Kaguya says it is his duty to gorgeously answer destiny’s call.

Suddenly, Kaguya’s new fan club arrives and he says he will make them all gorgeous.

Later, Houtarou asks Kaguya to remember he is from another world, so he should try not to stand out too much. Kaguya believes gorgeous is next to justice.

Just then, Hundred forces arrive, intent on eliminating Kaguya.

Kamen Rider Gotchard Episode 34 Recap

It’s gorgeous time. Houtarou and Kaguya both henshin. Kaguya thinks Houtarou has gotten more gorgeous since they last met. So he locks in Kuuga and Faiz Cards for Houtarou to gorgeously uphenshin.

Kaguya says Houtarou needs to catch up to his gorgeousness to be able to fight alongside him.

Kaguya uphenshins to Build Genius and the battle begins. He then uses a Hopper1-powered Final Chemy Ride finisher to take care of his group of Hundred forces. Houtarou delivers a Burning Fever finisher to take care of the rest of them.

Houtarou says not to take his friends Hopper1 and SteamLiner without asking first.

Kamen Rider Gotchard Episode 34 Recap

Houtarou says not to treat Chemies like tools as they are his friends. Kaguya says if Houtarou doesn’t want gorgeous to just say so. Houtarou says that’s not what he meant, but also doesn’t understand why he’s upset.

Kaguya says to forget it. He leaves to look for the rest of Hundred forces lurking about.

Butler pops out of the bushes. He was worried about Kaguya and had been following them. Butler didn’t want to interrupt Kaguya’s time with Houtarou. Houtarou says he can’t really tell what Kaguya thinks most of the time.

Butler says Kaguya is a bit awkward. To Kaguya, being gorgeous means to draw the enemy’s attention to him. That means he is always fighting the enemy by himself. For Kaguya to come to this world, Butler thinks that there must have been a reason beyond just taking care of the enemy. And perhaps, deep in his heart, Kaguya simply wanted to see Houtarou again.

Butler adds that living in different worlds just makes seeing each other that much harder.

Kamen Rider Gotchard Episode 34 Recap

Hopper1 comes and tells Houtarou something which makes him realize. Houtarou tells Butler that he will speak with Kaguya again. But he also has a favor to ask.

Elsewhere, Saigetsu finds Kaguya and vows to destroy him. Kaguya henshins after Saigetsu henshins to Ark. They battle.

Kamen Rider Gotchard Episode 34 Recap

Kaguya says he is in a bad mood, so he will make this quick. After uphenshining to Decade, he also summons Den-O power. But Saigetsu had an ulterior motive for this battle and that is to learn Kaguya’s abilities.

Saigetsu can now see all of Kaguya’s moves.

Just then, Houtarou as Iron Gotchard arrives and knocks Saigetsu away. Houtarou and Kaguya dehenshin. Houtarou apologizes for not thinking about Kaguya’s feelings.

Kamen Rider Gotchard Episode 34 Recap

Houtarou understands that Kaguya must have been hurt when he did not remember him. And he thinks that Kaguya has been acting especially gorgeous so that he will never forget him again.

Kaguya says that’s a reasonable assessment of the situation.

Houtarou holds his hand out, remembering that they were not able to do so last time. But they are interrupted once again when Saigetsu pops back up.

Kamen Rider Gotchard Episode 34 Recap

Kaguya and Houtarou gorgeously henshin together to Zero-Two and Platinum, respectively. Together, they are able finish Saigetsu off one more time.

Saigetsu escapes via Curtain, but he refuses to give up. The Hundred bosses say it’s over and they take his life before turning him into a time bomb.

Kaguya senses something is wrong and tells Houtarou that this is farewell.

Kamen Rider Gotchard Episode 34 Recap

Episode Thoughts

Another gorgeous episode! Really just so fun. Kaguya is an amazing character. And it’s great how the show is able to use Gotchard‘s existing themes of friendship and bonds with Kaguya as well.

That sad face on Kaguya when Houtarou asked “Do I know you?” He was so happy to see Houtarou, but Houtarou didn’t know him. Tsk tsk. Lol. Whether it’s Kaguya just lonely for a good friend or he has romantic feelings for him, it doesn’t matter. Because Gotchard has done such a great job with exploring many different types of friendships and relationships and how that can be a power as strong as any new Bandai toy.

Perhaps this can also foreshadow future story, especially an endgame.

But for now, this is really shaping up to be a nice mini-arc in Gotchard. It’s hard to resist the gorgeousness of Kaguya. And whether it is the funny moments like him being left with Supana and Sabimaru being awkward or the more sincere moments of making connections and bonds; it’s really all just a wonderful, gorgeous joy to watch.

And again, it all fits in with Gotchard‘s story without feeling forced or shoehorned in.

I assume next week is the last we will see of the gorgeousness this season, but it really has been so fun and exciting to get to experience it! Long live Legend!

6 thoughts on “Recap: Kamen Rider Gotchard, Episode 34 – Only One! All Roads Lead to Gorgeousness!

  1. I really enjoyed Kaguya’s interactions with the other characters in this episode. It was quite funny to see him get under Supana’s skin with his antics, considering Supana’s normally been able to keep a straight face no matter what wacky shenanigans are going on or what unexpected developments occur.

    Something unique about this season that I’ve noticed is the slow burn approach regarding its major mysteries. It seems we’re gonna be getting the answers to those mysteries near the endgame and/or during the endgame.

    It’s refreshing to be honest, since some seasons have a tendency to answer all the questions midway through, and that sometimes results in the plot for the rest of the show being dragged out. There’s no better example than in Revice where the main mystery surrounding the Igarashi family was answered as far back as episode 25. And while that was a dark and very effective Wham Episode, the rest of the season failed to capitalize on that twist and have Vail go nuts in his quest for revenge against his former “partner,” instead just reducing Vail to a lackey and hardly giving him any interaction with his arch nemesis.
    Even great seasons like Build have this issue of dragging the plot out. Don’t get me wrong, Evolto was always badass, charismatic, and hilarious, and the reveal regarding just how much he had planned out since the beginning, how much knowledge about the conflict and main characters he had been keeping hidden, and how much power and strength he had been holding back even in his “weak state” was very effective. But after they revealed all that in the mid-30 episodes and had him become practically invincible, the season lulled for a while and put his ultimate plan of destroying the planet “on hold.” Thankfully, the intense, no-holds barred last few episodes more than made up for that little “dragging-out period.”

    And I also like that this little mini-arc is still tying into the main storyline and not just keeping the season’s main villainous players on the sideline. The Abysallis King clearly is searching for something in the midst of the Legend-Hundred conflict and judging by the interesting new Malgam shown in next episode’s preview, he’s gonna be making a major move soon.
    And it’s interesting how the season, at the moment, is keeping him shrouded in mystery regarding who or what he is, especially compared to Gurion, who was far more “up close and personal” in his tenure as the main villain. I wouldn’t be surprised if it turns out he’s been playing both sides for much longer than we realized (still a little suspicious about the Fuga homunculus that sent the gang to the Ouroboros Realm for the final fight with Gurion. Maybe the King had something to do with that since the end outcome of that confrontation led to him being freed from his cage). I also think it’d be a neat contrast to Gurion if the King winds up having a motivation/grand plan that’s tragic and/or stems from tragedy in the past instead of the ridiculously small-minded and selfish plan of turning everyone into gold.

    1. Slowburns can yield really satisfying climaxes. So I hope Gotchard can deliver in that sense.

      I think Revice could’ve really benefited from dragging out the Igarashi Family’s secret until at least the 30s. Would’ve been much more impactful.

      Gotchard has done very well in peeling back the layers of all its characters. Villains included. And I think that is so effective in telling the story and building suspense for everything coming up.

  2. Kaguya is so handsome. Houtarou better wake up and grab him before I take him for myself. Hehe

  3. Lol I thought I am the only one who is getting those gayish vibes from kaguya thank god I am not the only one but i think it could be the side effects of using BuiLd card after all build is an yaoifiction itself lol

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