Recap: Bakuage Sentai Boonboomger, Episode 10 – An Exciting Mission

Bakuage Sentai Boonboomger Episode 10 Recap Review

While BunBun is happily cooking some curry, Investigator Shirabe has a delivery for Genba because the others are on a very important mission. Shirabe hides how kilig she feels about BunBun today. But anyway, this mission she has for Genba is also important and Taiya assured her he would think so as well.

Genba says he’d like to give this deliveryman gig a shot. BunBun says Taiya approves. Shirabe leaves this in Genba’s hands.

Bakuage Sentai Boonboomger Episode 10 Recap Review

Meanwhile, the General3 are mourning MadRex. They don’t know what they will do now. But Yaruka says not to think negatively as all they have to do is collect gassholin. Just then, they see Genba walking by, recognizing him as Bun Orange.

Nearby, Mira is working at a Kashiwa mochi store for children’s day when she sees Genba walk by. She hurries over and asks about his delivery. Genba says the delivery is for the ISA. And it is a prototype for a newly developed energy substance that could power all of Tokyo.

The General3 watch as Genba says it is too dangerous for Mira to handle as it could result in a giant explosion. The General3 are excited.

Mira wants to come with Genba on the deliver. She hurries over to the Kashiwa mochi owner and gives her a Boonboom Pass so she can follow.

Bakuage Sentai Boonboomger Episode 10 Recap Review

Ittasha keys in a windsock to bring about Carp Windsock Guruma. It leaves and before they follow, Ittasha buys some Kashiwa mochi from the owner.

Mira asks Genba to wait for her, but she says it could be too dangerous. In fact, just then, Genba is able to push Mira out of the way from falling steel. Genba almost trips backward as well, but he catches himself.

When the Guruma arrives, Mira tries to henshin, but it takes Mira’s Changer and makes it float in the air. Mira tries to hold on to it. Genba tries to grab hold of her as he fights off Nejiretta as well as keep the prototype case safe.

Nejiretta is able to outsmart the Guruma, but it charges toward him. Genba is able to scare the Guruma away with his stealthy moves by threatening to drop the explosive delivery.

Ittasha and Dekotorade scold the Guruma and tell him to get out there to grab the case. But Genba and Mira have already left.

Bakuage Sentai Boonboomger Episode 10 Recap Review

Mira says she was so worried about the case. But Genba assures her that they’ll be fine. Mira asks where the others are and Genba says they are on an important mission.

Officer Jou is helping to clean up at the children’s center while Taiya and Shashiro accompany some children with shopping. Officer Jou says this is good training as well. Taiya says this is their special Children’s Day mission.

Mira notices Genba is in a good mood today. That causes Genba to stop and he says it brings him joy to replenish, improve and watch over those struggling with serious matters. But he doesn’t really know of that seriousness himself. So he would like to try making deliveries like they do.

Bakuage Sentai Boonboomger Episode 10 Recap Review

Mira is happy and knows that Genba is sincere in wanting to get to know them better. That’s why she is resolved to help him. Genba thanks Mira for that.

Mira helps guide Genba to their delivery point. But the Guruma finds them. Mira says she will fight alongside Genba so they both henshin.

Genba gives the Nejiretta seven seconds and he is able to quickly take care of them. Just then, his alarm sounds. Genba takes the case and says if the Guruma wants it, he should take it. Genba throws the case in the air and the Hashiryans all jump to try and catch it. It falls on the ground. They all think it will explode.

But actually, it’s a case of Kashiwa mochi with koshian and tsubuan. Mira asks what is the meaning of this. Taiya says the mission is complete. Shirabe had contacted them earlier about the delivery to the research center.

Genba explains that they were a decoy to lure out the Hashiryans. And to do that, Genba had to trick a friend too. Mira realizes that’s why they were making themselves stand out.

Bakuage Sentai Boonboomger Episode 10 Recap Review

Genba thanks Mira for her help. The General3 are annoyed they were tricked. But they send the Guruma to get revenge on those who killed MadRex.

Taiya, Shashiro and Jou henshin and the five of them take on the Guruma. Mira and Genba deliver a tag team attack at the Guruma before the five of them deliver a finisher.

Yaruka gobbles up the gassholin and the Boonbooms hop into the Cars to chase him out of the highway using a windsock formation. They combine into Boonboomger Robo and Mira and Genba deliver a Robo Builder finisher to take care of the waving carp for good.

Bakuage Sentai Boonboomger Episode 10 Recap Review

Back at the base, the Boonbooms enjoy Kashiwa mochi. Taiya says he wasn’t sure of Mira would end up going along with Genba’s plan. Genba says this mission was a success because of Mira’s sincere fears. Genba also tells Taiya that being a deliveryman is quite interesting.

Episode Thoughts

A pretty fun episode. I really liked the moments with Genba and Mira. I can’t wait to see more of the Boonbooms interacting with each other separate from the others.

I also very much enjoyed Genba’s great stealthwork during the Guruma fight.

Maybe not the strongest episode of the season so far. But it was still fun and enjoyable. And it helped to flesh out Genba’s character a bit more as well as show us more of the others too.

Fun moments with Investigator Shirabe’s crush on BunBun too,

Overall, another great and fun episode.

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