Music Monday, May 6, 2024 – E’LAST, Fantasy Boys, n.SSign, Hyunjun

Great new music from E’LAST, Fantasy Boys, n.SSign, Hyunjun.

“Gasoline” by E’LAST

Forget Goodbye Earth! E’LAST is here with your best asteroid apocalypse content of 2024! Their latest comeback title track “Gasoline” is an exciting and rousing hip-hop-infused pop-dance track. And a perfect track to lead the group’s first full album. E’LAST has released some great music so far. And this album is an excellent showcase of what they are capable of. The other nine tracks off of Everlasting are a nice mix of pop, dance and R&B songs. My favorite aside from “Gasoline” might be the mellow “i”, but there’s no skippable track here. Each one is a must listen. So happy for E’LAST! Hope they can get more attention with this album and their future releases!

“Pitter-Patter-Love” by Fantasy Boys

The bright guys of Fantasy Boys return with their latest release in “Pitter-Patter-Love”. The groovy electro-pop-dance track has a touch of nostalgia that makes it a sweet, feel-good song.

“Love, Love, Love Love Love!” by n.SSign

n.SSign released a great album in February. And they just released a great music video for one of the tracks from it, “Love, Love, Love Love Love!” And just like the title implies, the song and music video are bright, sweet vibes. n.SSign has released some great music and delivered great performances in their debut year. And this is a wonderful example of the group’s charms.

“Backseat” by HYUNJUN

Hyunjun Hur is finally back with some fresh music. And “Backseat” is a great R&B track that perfectly suits his smooth voice. It’s definitely not hard to get immersed in the track, especially with Hyunjun’s always effortless performance.

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