Recap: Bakuage Sentai Boonboomger, Episode 2 – The Informant Does Not Approve

Bakuage Sentai Boonboomger Episode 2 Recap Review

Mira is absolutely flabbergasted by Taiya’s palatial mansion. She steps out above the pool and suddenly gets transported down to Taiya’s secret base.

Shashiro tells Taiya about a new job involving covertly delivering documents to another country’s president who is secretly visiting Japan. Mira is excited about it, but Ishiro asks what she’s even doing here. She is taken aback when he says he doesn’t consider her a part of Boonboomger.

Bakuage Sentai Boonboomger Episode 2 Recap Review

Piercing the tension, BunBun serves up some delicious Boonboom Curry. And Mira loves it, complementing BunBun. BunBun thanks her since Taiya and Shashiro are pretty stingy with such praise. Mira says he deserves it and it’s amazing that a robot can make curry and turn into a vehicle.

Taiya informs Mira that BunBun is not a robot. And they explain that he would be considered an alien. Taiya helped BunBun after he ended up on Earth due to an accident. Though Taiya holds back from revealing more, he says he and BunBun immediately hit it off and that’s why he’s part of their crew now.

Mira remembers the Hashiryans and BunBun says they are aliens who are part of the Space Mafia. This group of bad guys from different planets have been expanding their territory across the universe.

Mira thinks that’s why they made the Boonboomger gear. But actually, the Boonboomgers are part of his and BunBun’s shared dream. Ishiro says he cannot accept Mira as part of that dream because she is too happy-go-lucky. “Even if I say she’s in?” Taiya asks.

Bakuage Sentai Boonboomger Episode 2 Recap Review

Ishiro pivots to needing to pick up the classified documents. Taiya tells him to take Mira with him and show her the ropes. Ishiro can’t believe it. Taiya says nothing he’s ever taken a liking to has failed before.

Bakuage Sentai Boonboomger Episode 2 Recap Review

Ishiro flashes back to a moment where Taiya approved of him and invited him to join his team.

Ishiro says it’s not fair when Taiya says he likes something. He has no choice, but to allow Mira to come with. BunBun says he’s not sure if they will get along. But Taiya says it should be interesting to see how Shashiro deals with someone like Mira whom he’s never encountered before.

Meanwhile, Dekotorade, Ittasha and Yaruka are speaking with Commander MadRex who is happy to hear about their potential progress on Earth. But he warns them not to make him look bad. Ittasha inserts a Key into an old Dyson vacuum and it turns into Soujiki Guruma.

Bakuage Sentai Boonboomger Episode 2 Recap Review

Downtown, while waiting for the package drop, Mira tries to get to know Ishiro better. She asks why he works with Taiya if he’s an information broker. She calls him “Shashiro” like Taiya and BunBun do, but he tells her his name is Ishiro and to not get too friendly.

Mira is a bit sad. But just then, a man with a briefcase containing their package arrives.

However, Soujiki Guruma pops in and vacuums everything in sight, including the briefcase. Mira prepares to immediately henshin, but Ishiro stops her and says not to be too hasty.

Bakuage Sentai Boonboomger Episode 2 Recap Review

Officer Jou comes biking up to the monster, but has to hold on to a lightpost when Soujiki Guruma tries to suck him in too. Mira can’t take it anymore and quickly henshins. She kicks Soujiki’s vacuum arm away from Officer Jou, but he gets knocked out by flying debris. She goes over to him and tries to hold on to him.

Mira turns to Shashiro, but he’s nowhere to be found. Just as Mira and Officer Jou are about to get vacuumed, Taiya arrives and knocks the Guruma away.

Bakuage Sentai Boonboomger Episode 2 Recap Review

Mira drags Officer Jou to safety and Taiya runs over with her Boonboom Handle that almost got vacuumed away. She tells him about Shashiro running away, but Taiya seems to understand. Suddenly, the orange trimmed gentleman appears and Taiya says he takes cares of procurement. Taiya tells him to take care of what needs to be taken care of. Mira has no idea what is going on.

Bakuage Sentai Boonboomger Episode 2 Recap Review

Taiya says he’ll explain more later. He henshins and he and Mira battle the Guruma. They do what they can until Shashiro arrives in Boonboom Wagon to grab the Guruma with its claw and take him to the scrapyard.

The Guruma is excited to gobble up all the trash. But then his tubes get clogged up when full. Which was exactly the plan all along. Taiya grabs the vacuum canister, securing the package they were supposed to deliver. Shashiro comes and kicks the Guruma into the rubble.

Mira finally arrives and Taiya explains that Shashiro didn’t run away. He had been analyzing the situation the entire time, observing the enemy and coming up with the right counterplan. That’s how Taiya knew to get his procurement specialist to buy this recycling center.

Mira is shocked. And Ishiro says that’s why he and Taiya are in sync unlike her. She thinks that’s actually quite impressive. But Taiya commends Mira for getting Shashiro’s respect too. Ishiro has no idea what he’s talking about, but Taiya continues that he trusted her enough to buy time while he got the Boonboom Car ready. That means he accepts her into the team. Mira thanks “Shashiro”. He sighs and reminds her his name is Ishiro.

Bakuage Sentai Boonboomger Episode 2 Recap Review

Just then, Soujiki Guruma emerges from the rubble and summons Nejirettas. The Boonbooms do a roll call and get to work. After easily taking care of the grunts, the Boonbooms deliver a Bakuage Handling Drive finisher to finish off the Guruma.

Yaruka swoops in to absorb the Ghassolin and zooms into the Highway Kakun. The Boonbooms call BunBun who joins them as they hop into their cars. Dekotorade and Ittasha watch as Yaruka manages to get the upper hand on the Highway for a moment before Taiya and Shashiro work together to launch Yaruka back out of the Highway.

Bakuage Sentai Boonboomger Episode 2 Recap Review

Yarula blows out a now-embiggened Soujiki Guruma and the Boonbooms combine into Boonboomger Robo. The Guruma tries to tickle them with his duster before then trying to suck them up with the vacuum. But the Boonbooms are able to outsmart the Guruma once more before finishing him off with a Bakuage Driver Boonboom Finish.

Bakuage Sentai Boonboomger Episode 2 Recap Review

Later, Taiya, Ishiro and Mira make the delivery to the president. And they are shocked that it is a photocard with a pic of him and his favorite idol Momo. He is very grateful and takes it as inspiration for his election.

Bakuage Sentai Boonboomger Episode 2 Recap Review

Ishiro apologizes to Taiya and Mira for the interesting job. But Mira smiles and says she thinks she will enjoy this line of work. “You heard her,” Taiya says to Shashiro. Shashiro just smiles and walks away.

Bakuage Sentai Boonboomger Episode 2 Recap Review

Mira asks where Ishiro is going since there’s still plenty of curry. Taiya says he’ll be back after he’s done with whatever he needs to do.

Episode Thoughts

What I really love so far after these two episodes is the show’s positive vibes. Like a good wholesome feeling. Similar to Gotchard. And, maybe more comparatively, similar to how I felt with ToQger and Kiramager at their starts. It’s like a bright, refreshing feeling. And I am enjoying it all very much.

This episode definitely worked to continue easing us into the Boonboom world. We learn a little more about who Taiya is. Or actually, more of what he could be. Certainly still very mysterious. And it was fun having Mira kind of be our in-series representative. We were as clueless as she was during the episode, not knowing what the hell was going on most of the time. Lol

The biggest thing though from this episode was learning more about Taiya and Ishiro’s relationship.

So, I ‘ve been on a BL marathon recently. And I guess that’s clouding my judgment. But I can absolutely see some of that vibe with Taiya and his Shishiro. Lol It’s cute though and it definitely goes with the Blue Tsundere vibes.

Ishiro having a crush on Taiya who reached his hand out to him in the darkness. Then this cheery, carefree, goofy girl comes into the picture. Jealousy ensures. Ishiro wanting to gatekeep his Taiya. lol

At first, I thought the scene was setting up a blue-pink love connection. Then it took a turn toward blue-red! But seriously though, I like seeing different kinds of dynamics between the team members individually alongside a greater team bond as well. My favorite Sentai seasons have the members randomly paired up throughout the year for episodes and always feeling natural and not forced. Like, the relationships between each of the members individually makes sense and not something that is forced or even awkward.

Very interesting tidbits about Taiya’s first meetings with Shashiro and BunBun.
Taiya commented on something like Shashiro hasn’t met someone like Mira before. Could that mean he’s been locked away somewhere? Maybe Ishiro is some kind of secret agent and he infiltrated Taiya’s warehouse or whatever that was. Maybe part of a government project where they lock kids away and train them or something like that? That was the first thing that came to mind when I saw the flashback. Perhaps Taiya saved Ishiro from that kind of environment. And would explain part of why Ishiro is very serious and maybe a bit closed off right now.

With BunBun, I’m sure we will learn more about him and his origins later on in conjunction will learning more about the Hashiryans. I think it’s very interesting how our three generals so far are not the kind of sinister, uber dark villains we’ve had lately. Which I think helps in setting up when MadRex or some other more threatening and ominous figure arrives later on.

Bakuage Sentai Boonboomger Episode 2 Recap Review

Along with that, I’m liking that all five of the Boonbooms seem like nice people. Having flaws and all that is great of course. But something about the five of them so far (with what little we’ve seen so far) and how generally friendly and nice they seem to be is very refreshing. And just because they’re all friendly or nice doesn’t mean they can’t ever disagree with each other or have personal growth. So that’s another thing that excites me at the moment.

Love the theme song. It has some retro vibes too. Which again, I hope we see more of during the season. I love Taiya’s car. And I would love to see more retro-ish elements throughout. The ending theme and dance is fun as well. And they both really complete the season’s return to a more “traditional” Sentai. Which of course includes real-life locations! Such a wonder seeing so many physical locations in a Sentai episode! lol

Overall, really a fun episode. So much like and enjoy. Just positive vibes all around.

11 thoughts on “Recap: Bakuage Sentai Boonboomger, Episode 2 – The Informant Does Not Approve

  1. Did you watch the henshin lesson? Also the commentary from the cast for the episodes? They basically confirm Ishiro is in love with Taiya 😅 Which is awesome!

    1. In the first episode i was like taiya x mira shipper but now it’s all over the roidmude trio ishiro is brain,taiya is heart and mira is medic

      1. Oh! What nice memories! Though you now remind me how they could’ve done a lot more with the Roidmudes back then. Though seasons after them would show how to waste their villains even more lol

        I think Mira might be just happy to be there and always positive and carefree to ever get in between the boys lolol

  2. As much as I enjoyed the last three experimental seasons, I’m glad that this season is back to basics it seems like.

  3. As someone who just finished build and and currently watching ‘our dining table ‘ a JBL between sento and emu’s actors I can sense taiya and ishiro’s tension hard lol

    1. Oh! Were they in a BL drama together? I must watch it!
      I’ve also been meaning to watch Atsuhiro Inukai’s A Man Who Defies the World of BL since it first came out. Especially since it’s filled with Sentai and Kamen Rider alums! lol I enjoy seeing Toei toku actors post-toku.

      I watched a little of the *ahem* sexy drama with Kiramager’s Juuru and Sena and Saber’s Mei. It’s so crazy and amusing to see toku alums in roles so far removed from Sunday morning television hehe

      1. I know what drama you are talking about i also watched it due to so many toku actors although their relationship was weird there specially hammy and taro’s father compare to their sentai character uhmm..uhmm

      2. Atsuhiro Inukai is now technically the new king of jbl now someone please cast him with eiji akaso 😭in a different bl also there’s a drama between aruto and yua’s actors as couple too lol

        1. I was so surprised when I saw that lots of TikToks going crazy for Eiji Akaso before and was surprised it was because he was in a BL! so of course I watched Cherry Magic and it was a lot of fun.

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