Saturday Sounds, March 9, 2024 – M.O.N.T, ATEEZ, HORI7ON, Press Hit Play, Wooseok

New music and new music videos from M.O.N.T, ATEEZ, HORI7ON, Press Hit Play and Wooseok.

“IDGAF” by M.O.N.T

It’s been a while since I last saw or heard fresh music from M.O.N.T. But their latest release “IDGAF” is a great reminder of their music and talent. For fans who have been with them along their journey, it is a refreshing welcome back. And for new fans, it is an engaging introduction. The encouraging and relatable lyrics are paired with a catchy tune. And M.O.N.T does a great job expressing those emotions too.

“Not Okay” by ATEEZ

I haven’t been much of a fan of ATEEZ’s recent releases. But their latest Japanese single “Not Okay” is very much more than okay. I actually quite like it. A catchy track without the feeling of becoming tiresome too fast. And the group delivers a great performance.

“Lucky” by HORI7ON

Filipino K-pop group HORI7ON make their first comeback with a brand new single in “Lucky”. The addictive, groovy track has a fusion of big band, with pop, dance and hip-hop. It’s a great and youthful energy that easily endears the group to the audience. And they deliver another strong and charming performance as well.

“Hey Love!” by Press Hit Play

I really enjoyed Press Hit Play’s latest track “Hey Love!” as it reminded me of their very best in “WIN” and “Tell Me”. The bright melody and positive lyrics are now matched by a bright and fun music video. Definitely looking forward to what the group has in store this year!

“Sketch” by Wooseok

Another song that gets a well-deserved music video is Wooseok’s B-side track “Sketch”. Wooseok gives a heartfelt performance of the emotional rock track. This will really become one of my favorite songs of the year.

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