Recap: Kamen Rider Gotchard, Episode 25 – A Young Teacher’s Mistake

Kamen Rider Gotchard Episode 25 Recap

With his extra sturdy new body, Houtarou as Iron Gotchard has no problem finishing off Pteranodon Malgam. Houtarou Gotchas Warptera in a Card. But MinatoDread slashes at Houtarou and he is forced to dehenshin. Exhausted by the overwhelming power, Houtarou is about to collapse to the ground, but is caught by…

Kamen Rider Gotchard Episode 25 Recap

Papa Kudoh! He warns Houtarou’s body cannot take more of this and turns to Minato saying he thought he as a teacher would protect the dreams of his pupils.

Papa Kudoh whisks everyone to safety at Kitchen Ichinose and he shares an emotional reunion with Rinne. Rinne says she hates him and he apologizes to her. She has many questions for him, but first she asks if Houtarou is alright.

Papa Kudoh explains that he had arrived and met Houtarou, Sabimaru, Renge and Kyoka-san. That’s when he taught Houtarou an ancient, though forbidden, alchemy technique. That involves transmuting his own self with the powers of a Chemy.

Kamen Rider Gotchard Episode 25 Recap

Kyoka-san said that even with Papa Kudoh’s support, using such a technique would take a huge toll on him. But she wondered if it will be okay since Houtarou has befriended someone like SteamLiner.

Houtarou was ready and said he needs to save his friends. Papa Kudoh infused some power into Houtarou’s ring and Houtarou used the technique to allow SteamLiner to evolve into TenLiner.

Papa Kudoh says transamalgamation still puts a heavy burden on Houtarou’s body, so it is best if he just rests.

Kamen Rider Gotchard Episode 25 Recap

Meanwhile, Papa Kudoh knows of a secret entrance into the Academy. But Kyoka-san says they have to tell the kids something first.

Kyoka-san and Papa Kudoh relate to The Incident from ten years ago at the Alchemy Union facility. That’s the same Incident where Papa and Mama Kurogane were killed.

Kamen Rider Gotchard Episode 25 Recap

Back then, Minato had a kohai named Suzuya Taiki. Taiki had a dream to become a big shot alchemist who would share alchemy with civilians and bring about world peace. Even if that means breaking the rules. Unexpectedly to him, Minato-sensei actually supported him and promised to cheer them on.

But it was this day when Gurion sent the Meikoku Sisters and the Malgams to the Union facility. Taiki had gone to face them, but Papa Kudoh arrived and urged him and the other alchemists to find and stop Gurion from his evil plans.

Kamen Rider Gotchard Episode 25 Recap

Minato had gone in to warn Professor Gurion of the just-arrived Malgams. But Taiki and the other alchemists running in. Taiki explains to a shocked Minato about Gurion being a traitor. Gurion says it is Papa Kudoh who is a traitor as he wants to steal Chemies and Driver blueprints.

Gurion asks Minato if he trusts him or Professor Kudoh. After some hesitation, Minato uses alchemy to wrap gold around Gurion’s hands. Gurion says Minato has made a big mistake and easily breaks free of the gold shackles before turning it into a Rubik’s Cube.

Kamen Rider Gotchard Episode 25 Recap

Gurion tells Minato to watch the consequences of his actions and uses the cube to smash Taiki into the ceiling, floor and then the wall. Taiki urges Minato get to safety, but Minato runs to him to make sure he is okay.

Kamen Rider Gotchard Episode 25 Recap

Gurion says Minato using alchemy against him has robbed the other young alchemists of their dreams. Gurion uses his cube to mind-control the other alchemists into killing each other. When Atropos informs Gurion that she’s found the Door, Gurion says he won’t erase Minato’s memories so he can live in despair.

After Gurion and Atropos leaves, Taiki dies in Minato’s arms as he helplessly watches the other alchemists murder each other. Later, Kyoka-san arrives and asks what’s happened. Minato says he killed Taiki and took away his future.

Kamen Rider Gotchard Episode 25 Recap

It is this painful memory that makes Kyoka-san believe Minato has not really turned against them. He just does not want history to repeat itself by putting them in harm’s way.

Kyoka-san says she believes in the kids and knows they can save Minato. Papa Kudoh gives Rinne the coordinates for the secret Academy entrance and tells them that he has faith in their ability to open a path to the future.

Rinne, Supana, Sabimaru, Renge and Kyoka-san hurry over and are immediately met by Minato. Minato tells them their begging is useless and he will not let them pass. He henshins to Dread and he battles Supana and Rinne.

Kamen Rider Gotchard Episode 25 Recap

Clotho decides to join in the fun and she transforms into a Malgam, taking on both Rinne and Supana. But Minato stops her from landing a hit on them and reminds her that she is not to lay a finger on them. He sends her flying and resumes battling Rinne and Supana.

Just then, Houtarou arrives aboard Steamliner and vows to defeat Minato-sensei. But when he does, he wants Minato to promise to come back to them.

Kamen Rider Gotchard Episode 25 Recap

Rinne begs Houtarou not to push himself too hard. But Houtarou says it is alright. He vows to take down Minato, Gurion and save all their Chemy friends. He henshins to Iron and battles his teacher.

Minato tells Houtarou that Gurion is too strong, but stops himself after admitting that he does not want Gurion to rob more young people of their futures. Houtarou says they’ve heard all about Minato’s past and asks him to believe in them.

Kamen Rider Gotchard Episode 25 Recap

Houtarou begs Minato-sensei to fight alongside them.

As Rinne and Supana focus on Clotho, they also appeal to Minato. Rinne says she has learned so much being at the Academy with him. Supana says he was able to overcome his past, unlike him. Sabimaru is grateful how Minato did all he can to save him, but is now hurt that he would turn his back on them. Renge calls him an idiot for not acknowledging them all reaching out to him.

A still-recovering Houtarou falls to his knee. Kyoka-san says he must stop or he’ll die. But Houtarou says he will not because he is not the kind of student Minato-sensei thinks he is.

Houtarou locks in Warptera and delivers an Iron Knuckle finisher at Minato while Rinne and Supana also deliver finishers at Clotho. Minato tries catching Houtarou’s attacks, but he is no match for him.

Kamen Rider Gotchard Episode 25 Recap

Minato is forced to dehenshin and Rinne and Supana capture the Gorillasensei and Buglesia Chemies.

Rinne and Supana catch Houtarou as he is about to collapse. Houtarou again pleads with Minato to join them so they can defeat Gurion together. But the painful memory of Taiki’s death pierces his mind. He gets up and stumbles away.

Kamen Rider Gotchard Episode 25 Recap

Meanwhile, a defeated Clotho returns the Dreadriver to Gurion. Gurion says they no longer have any use for Minato so he orders Lachesis to eliminate him.

Kamen Rider Gotchard Episode 25 Recap

Gurion acknowledges Minato was able to bring them all these Chemies and laughs that a more dangerous alchemy has arrived.

Kamen Rider Gotchard Episode 25 Recap

Episode Thoughts

As I conclude every week it seems, another great Gotchard episode!

I definitely want to see a TTFC special about a young Minato-sensei. Him trying to adapt to his new role and responsibility. And of course seeing more of his relationship with Taiki. I feel like what we did see this episode was too short. Even though they did get the point across about Minato caring for his students.

That’s why it felt like one of those typical Toei moves where they just include enough in the regular episodes to move the story along while keeping the rest of it for a movie or TTFC web miniseries. Hopefully!

ETA: And thanks to afri commenting below, Taiki was played by Hikaru Yamazaki who played Young Hikari in ToQger! That’s so awesome! I definitely want to see a full TTFC special now! (Also reminds me of ToQger‘s 10th Anniversary too. Where’s that 10 Years After special Toei?! hehe)

But anyway, this was a great episode for Minato as we see that he really is a nice teacher who cares for his kids. #MinatoBestSensei! We understand where he is coming from when he wants to shoulder the burden all alone rather than fight alongside others, yet putting them in danger in the process.

The best outcome of course would be him believing and trusting in his talented students. And them all coming together to perhaps fully defeat Gurion.

Which is another interesting point as seeing Minato being a “good” teacher is in stark contrast with Gurion being an evil traitor teacher! Big revelation there and the way the series went about connecting the dots really worked so well.

This is yet another Gotchard episode that shows how a good narrative and emotional foundation, cultivated across all previous episodes, powers these climactic moments to be as impactful as possible. When you have that foundation, every moment can feel so big. And that’s with the series not telling you or bashing you over the head with “Hey isn’t this shocking!” You just know and feel the big moments naturally. Because that is how we’ve connected with these characters and their stories already up to that point.

So when you see Houtarou-tachi genuinely care and worry for their teacher Minato, you believe them. It’s not some convenient plot device to support some explosive reveal or battle. You know that is the kind of people they are. And their bond and connection with each other is as real and deep as the connection the show has made with us the viewer. The scene of them reaching out to Minato almost became a MaGMCM for me!

At the end of the episode, I was afraid Gurion or one of the Sisters was going to come in and finish off Minato in front of them all! Thankfully that didn’t happen! Lol

It’s actually great that Minato’s story did not end here and it continues next week. But when Gurion ordered Lachesis to go finish him off, I was like, “Yes, we know what’s coming!” hehehe I’m sure Lachesis will absolutely not finish him off. Instead, how awesome would it be if this is when Lachesis makes her move, much to the shock of her sisters! I would love to see that drama!

Houtarou again showing the kind of person he is as well. Maybe a bit Like Sensei, Like Pupil! Houtarou putting himself through the difficulty with the ancient alchemy just to save Minato; I can’t imagine what he would do if Mama Ichinose eventually gets put in harm’s way. Especially when the mystery around Papa Ichinose unfolds. I’m excited for the possibilities there!

And speaking of Papas, Papa Kudoh returns. On one hand, it is definitely unexpected. And I would have liked to have seen a bigger moment between him and Rinne. On the other hand though, we still have no idea where he’s been or what he’s been doing. So there’s definitely a lot of mystery there. Like Rinne, we have a lot of questions! Lol But bringing him back at this point, especially to help tell Minato’s story, merely adds to the mystery and perhaps even suspicion too!

Overall, just really a wonderful and emotional episode. Of course they could’ve done a bit more. But it says a lot that even when not fully squeezing out all the potential from their stories and characters, Gotchard is still an engaging, exciting and impactful series so far.

6 thoughts on “Recap: Kamen Rider Gotchard, Episode 25 – A Young Teacher’s Mistake

  1. Another great episode! I agree that there maybe could have been a little more they could’ve shown with Minato’s backstory, but overall I think it got the point across well. It showed us how Minato’s sense of guilt regarding his best friend’s death, however irrational it may be considering what happened wasn’t his fault in the slightest, drives him in the present day and gave us another shining example of what a brutal sadistic monster Gurion is. Seriously! He’s up there with Olteca in terms of heartlessness and dog-kicking!

    I very much enjoyed all of the heartfelt pleas that the protagonists gave to try to reach Minato. Whether it was Houtarou trying to assure him that he wouldn’t let himself meet the same fate as Taiki, Rinne expressing her gratitude for her time at the academy allowing her to make friends and find joy, Supana acknowledging that Minato is stuck in the past like he once was and urging him not to abandon his students, or Sabimaru recalling how Minato fought tooth and nail to save him from Dread, all of their passion and sentiments felt earned based on what occurred in prior episodes.

    I’m certain that Fuga’s sudden and abrupt return was very much intentional. At the moment, my guess is that he’s Living on Borrowed Time. Or heck, who knows? Maybe it’s not him! Lol. That second guess would be especially interesting if true given that Gurion was taken off-guard by Houtarou using a forbidden technique, so it wouldn’t be him who was responsible.

    I was surprised that next week’s preview seems to indicate that the story’s heading toward a climax. Considering that Gurion’s likely not gonna be killed off at least until he gets a shiny gold Rider form to complement his motif, I’m quite curious on how the plot’s going to progress moving forward. I’m thinking that we’re gonna learn sooner rather than later what or who exactly is in the Door of Darkness. I’m betting it probably has something to do with the monster from the storybook that the Daybreak Alchemist defeated. I have a feeling that a lot of the season’s future events will relate back to whatever happened all those years ago.

    And I too am excited about what developments are to come regarding the mystery around the identity of Houtarou’s father. I’m intrigued as to why the season, for the moment, is always hiding his face in the photograph. It’s definitely not Fuga. It’s probably not Gurion, despite how juicy and dramatic that twist would be. Though I do hope Gurion does at least have some sort of personal connection to whoever Houtarou’s father is. Like maybe they were former best friends and fellow alchemists before Gurion descended into madness. In my opinion, the only plausible suspect at the moment is the mysterious Daybreak Alchemist, which would definitely make sense considering Houtarou’s future self is called Gotchard Daybreak, but we have no idea what he looks like! They really could do anything at this point!

    1. I think I would be surprised and also not surprised if Gurion gets offed soon. It would be interesting also since we already know what kind of person he is. But then what if there’s someone even worse to come!

      Really loved that scene with everyone trying to reach Minato.

      I also wouldn’t be surprised if Papa Kudo’s return of the nefarious nature hehe

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