Music Monday, March 4, 2024 – from20, Slevin, Justin de Dios

from20 Slevin Justin de Dios

Great new music from three talented solo artists! Featuring from20, Slevin and Justin de Dios.

“Demon” by from20

Kim Raehwan, better known today as from20, has been one of my favorite artists. And he returns with another amazing and creative performance. The multi-talented artist does it again with “Demon” as he delivers a sexy, charismatic and confident performance. Being in charge of producing both the song and the music video along with equally talented partner Hello Gloom (aka Na Ungjae) under their Way Better label, it’s always a captivating experience to see what from20 has up his sleeve next. And “Demon” is yet another perfect example of that excellent talent.

“Higher” by Slevin

YouTube recommendations really do come through. And that’s definitely the case with solo artist Slevin. I first stumbled upon his music after it showed up on my YouTube homepage. And I’m glad I did. His latest release “Higher” is the kind of track that will immediately transport you into the world it expresses. The music video goes a long way to further that too. But the nostalgic melody and personal lyrics make for a great listen.

Every other track on the self-titled album is equally so good. Just the perfect R&B sounds for that night drive vibe.

“surreal” by Justin

SB19’s Justin de Dios makes his solo debut with the dreamy “surreal”, a track that very much shows off his versatility as an artist. Just like his fellow bandmates have done with their own solo releases too. Justin delivers a heartfelt performance with the laidback melody and meaningful lyrics making for an ethereal experience.

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