Recap: The Traitors US 2, Episode 10 – “Now we know.”

Recap: The Traitors US 2, Episode 10 – The Weight of Deceit

The Traitors 2 Episode 10 Recap Review

That’s it? lol How underwhelming, but satisfying as well. lol I can’t complain though because finally Phaedra is out! And it’s a good day. Especially since next week is the finale! FINALLY!

It’s funny though because by the Roundtable, it seemed like time was up for Phaedra. And everything in the episode leading up to it was just the show trying to drum up red herrings to fill the hour. Even though in the end, looking back, it seems that everyone was already set on voting out Phaedra. Mostly because there wasn’t anyone else left to vote to banish.

The show trying to push Sandra as the alternative when her name didn’t even come up at the Roundtable seems like either it is setting up the finale or just contrived drama to fill the episode.

The Traitors 2 Episode 10 Recap Review The Traitors 2 Episode 10 Recap Review

I would like to believe them ending the episode with Sandra suspecting Kate of being the final Traitor means she will go to work next episode to secure a win for the Faithful. But I remember many times this season where the show seemed to start laying groundwork for potential future story only to completely forget about it later on. Not even red herring cliffhangers, but specifically have people mention names and then them completing forgetting it next episode. Strange!

But with this being the finale, I would definitely prefer having Sandra outing Kate rather than Kate winning the game. Can you imagine? A forced character who came in halfway through wins? Renders the rest of the game meaningless.

Anyway, before we get to Phaedra’s banishment, let’s go through the episode first.

The Traitors 2 Episode 10 Recap Review

Picking up with the last Roundtable, it was certainly not a surprise that MJ voted for Peter. Again, the Bravo loyalty was always going to be stronger. Either that or NBCU whispered into their ear to keep Phaedra as long as they could lolol

It was hilarious though seeing Joggers… I mean Sheree praying that Peter was a Traitor before he revealed he was a Faithful. And then her, MJ and Sandra seemingly looking so deep in despair for voting for the wrong person. Like come on, you’re not fooling anyone. They didn’t care if Peter was a Traitor or not. They were going to vote him out regardless.

And we know because the show then immediately went to a clip of Sheree saying she doesn’t think Phaedra is a Traitor. Lol.

I did love the next scene where MJ was kind of in denial and CT said, basically, “whatever helps you justify it”. lol That was funny.

The Traitors 2 Episode 10 Recap Review The Traitors 2 Episode 10 Recap Review

Next up, Phaedra and Kate debate who to murder. And their entire conversation, I was like “Look in the mirror?” Phaedra said it was “foolishness” that people would come after her. Uhh… they are foolish for catching on to you?

Then Phaedra and Kate saying John should shut up because he talks too much. I think Phaedra and Kate should be the ones shutting up considering all their forced shtick.

Really though, if NBCU wants their Bravo coven to rule The Traitors just so they can boost their other Bravo or Peacock franchises, then just go with an all-Bravo cast then. They’re all going to stick together to the end. I know they’re casting reality show icons just to pull in reality show fanatics. But it’s resulted in a mess of a game, to be honest.

The worst example of out of show relationships affecting the game has to be the Bravo ladies’ blind loyalty to Phaedra. “I’ve known her for 30 years” or something like that. That’s just not good for a reality competition program.

The Traitors 2 Episode 10 Recap Review

So the challenge this episode was alright. But at this point, it’s not really the most interesting part of the show anymore. It’s actually a task that would be better with more people. But oh well.

The main event this episode was obviously Phaedra’s banishment.

I am both shocked and amused that after all that, Phaedra just decided to give up? The supposedly legendary Phaedra just hung up her cloak?

Well, I guess she already saw the writing on the wall. The others really had no choice but to vote her for banishment. I suppose the Bravo ladies could’ve have chosen to vote out Trishelle or CT. But even they couldn’t justify such a vote at Roundtable. So kudos to them for finally pulling the trigger. I wouldn’t have been surprised if they went to the end with Phaedra, to be honest.

The Traitors 2 Episode 10 Recap Review

Phaedra just had no choice but to accept her fate, I guess. And while that’s a pretty underwhelming way for her to go out, it appears it was inevitable.

The Traitors 2 Episode 10 Recap Review

I get the argument for keeping Phaedra until the final night so they have a sure Traitor to banish at the firepit. But, they still have to banish someone today. And they might as well vote for a sure thing.

Now for the finale, the ideal scenario is Kate gets found out and the Faithful win. I will assume it will hinge on Sandra being able to rally the troops. And with CT, Trishelle, MJ and Sheree, there’s a big possibility.

So ideal finish is Kate gets voted out and the Faithfuls end the game. *crossesfingers*

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