Hindsight Review: GMMTV’s Thai Adaptation of “Cherry Magic” an Absolute Joy to Watch

Cherry Magic Thailand Hindsight Review

No spoilers. Click here for my First Impression Review.

GMMTV’s Thai adaptation of the popular manga Cherry Magic (30 ยังซิง) has been a sweet, romantic and thoroughly enjoyable treat. Tay Tawan and New Thitipoom showed they’ve still got it as the experienced actors and popular pairing led a strong cast through entertaining and relatable stories. With a bit of slice of life feels, sincere emotions and a lot of fun, Cherry Magic is an all-around success.

I had a wonderful First Impression of the series after the premiere episode. And that warm feeling continued across all 12 episodes.

With Tay and New being the first Thai BL pairing I ever watched and followed, this was an extra special experience. But the fact that the series on its own was a worthy viewing experience was just the cherry (pun intended) on top of the delicious cake.

Karan and Achi’s romantic journey was well-paced. And what the series did especially well was be able to intertwine their own personal stories in terms of career and friendships with their romance. The way the series proceeded with their story while giving deserved time to other stories (such as the blossoming romance between Jinta and Min as well as Pai and Rock) and have all them feel fully developed and ultimately satisfying is a big accomplishment.

This all contributed to the feeling of the series mainly being a slice of life drama. There is no central dilemma or clear conflict that needed to be resolved. The only thing that could be considered that would be Achi’s power. But then again, it was merely used as a way to focus the rest of the series and each character’s respective stories.

As much as Achi agonized over his ability and how it might affect his relationship with Karan, the series was able to establish that regardless of virginity powers, the two of them had sincere feelings for each other. And the fact that Karan didn’t give a second thought to Achi’s revelation after he finds out is testament to that.

Their relationship was both mature and sweet innocence. And for a hopeless romantic like myself, it was not hard to become invested in their story.

Cherry Magic Thailand Hindsight Review

Achi’s power of course provided many funny and amusing moments. But the series was very much character-driven. Each episode allowed each character to grow and move forward. And the relationships helped that growth as well.

A big part of that was the office setting which provided plenty of opportunity for these stories to play out. Themes regarding following your dreams or getting ahead in your career as well as respecting yourself and believing in yourself too and how to navigate the bumpy road of adulthood; all these were touched upon and had strong foundations thanks to the characters involved.

The cast’s pitch perfect chemistry and the series’ dreamy visuals elevated the already strong writing.

These stories were told with good care. And that allowed for well-placed humor to be sprinkled throughout. Coming together, these pieces gave the series a warmth and sincerity that helped to engage you and really pull you in.

Cherry Magic Thailand Hindsight Review

I closed my First Impression Review with this:

Cherry Magic Thailand‘s first episode is an absolute treat and joy to watch. Sweet, cute, heartwarming. It’s hard to watch the episode and not have a smile on your face the entire time. A feel-good story, endearing characters, a charming cast, tight writing and thoughtful direction.

And that is exactly how I would describe the series now after its conclusion. Sweet, cute heartwarming; it’s hard to watch the series and not have a smile on your face the entire time. A feel-good story, endearing characters, a charming cast, tight writing and thoughtful direction. Cherry Magic Thailand has been an absolute treat and joy to watch.

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