“Amazing Race” Wishlist for Season 3 of “The Traitors”

The Traitors Season 3 cast

NBCUniversal renewed their breakout Peacock hit The Traitors for a third season last week. And it got me thinking about who they could possibly cast next year, especially if they continue to fill the cast with reality show stars.

Now, I won’t hide the fact that I don’t think any of the Bravo alumni are stars in any way. Especially when NBCU has smartly cast legit reality show All-Stars from CBS’ competition shows. Well, Survivor and Big Brother at least. In fact, NBCU has cast better CBS All-Stars than The Amazing Race 31 did, to be honest.

Which brought me to another fact that NBCU has yet to cast any Amazing Race All-Stars yet. Rachel Reilly being the exception of course. But she was cast more as a Big Brother alum, if anything. So it got me thinking, who are some legit TAR All-Stars that could realistic get the call to fly to Scotland?

I actually posed the question to TAR Redditors and got some interesting responses! So, mixing them up with my own wishlist, here are some suggestions to get some TAR representation on season 3 The Traitors.

Mirna Hindoyan and Charla Faddoul (TAR5/TAR11)

On the top of my list if definitely Charla & Mirna. I think Charla & Mirna are arguably the biggest, most impactful homegrown TAR personalities of all time! At TAR’s peak in public consciousness and popularity, Charla & Mirna were everywhere. Guesting on talk shows. They appeared on MadTV and competed on Battle of the Network Reality Stars (on Bravo!). Charla was even in Lisa Kudrow’s The Comeback. Even if people didn’t watch TAR, they knew who Charla & Mirna were.

I think it would be interesting if they both get cast. And maybe play as one Faithful (or Traitor!). Both would make for some great TV. Especially against the Housewives? You want TV gold? Put Mirna and Charla in the same room as Housewives and the cousins will just eat them up. Lol

But they are also very smart and strong competitors. They would be able to sniff out Traitors. And Mirna is a lawyer! She’d be a perfect Traitor as well.

So if you got Mirna and/or Charla, you definitely have to get…

Boston Rob Mariano (TAR7/TAR11)

When rumors about season 2’s cast first started scattering about, Rob’s name was getting thrown around alongside Sandra and Parvati. Of course, Boston Rob would be cast first and foremost as a Survivor legend. But he too would represent TAR.

Especially if he gets cast alongside Mirna and Charla. Their TARAS rivalry is still one of the best and most satisfying in all of TAR. Especially this iconic moment:

So with The Traitors having already cast legendary strategic minds like Dan Gheesling, Sandra Diaz-Twine, Cirie Fields and Parvati Shallow (and paying up big money to them), Boston Rob is the next logical big name get for the next season. A strong competitor and someone known for his skills.

Natalie or Nadiya Anderson (TAR21/24)

Speaking of, either one of the Twinnies would be perfect. Again, more people probably know them from Survivor. But I think either of them would be able to bring a great story to The Traitors. Natalie as a winner and runner-up of Survivor and Nadiya perhaps wanting to prove herself and win a competition on her own too.

You can bet neither would have a problem with being cutthroat. And they definitely wouldn’t back down from any fight. And great competitors too.

Again, it would be interesting if both would get cast like Charla & Mirna. It would be a good twist for the new season. And play upon their TAR roots too.

Jaymes Vaughan (TAR21)

On Reddit, user dupontred suggested Jaymes (of Jaymes & James) and clued me in to how perfect he’d be! He is currently a host on showbiz show Celebrity Page and he is married to actor Jonathan Bennett. For some reason, I feel like Jonathan Bennett is well-connected to the Bravo world, though I have no idea why. He actually would be a great casting choice too.

But since we’re talking about TAR representatives, Jaymes would be able to bring his energetic and likeable personality to the castle. He is great in group situations. He can of course be sassy and fierce. But you can also depend on him to be a strong competitor. Imagine him being the embodiment of all the Bachelors and Ryan Lochte and Kevin Kreider. But a bit more clever and a bit more thoughtful. Perfect Traitor material!

Leo Temory or Jamal Zadran (TAR23/TAR24/TAR31)

The Afghanimals are definitely one of the most recognizable homegrown TAR personalities. They are of course competitive and will use their camwhoring and joking around to lull the others into a false sense of security. I can see them in the mold of the Bachelors. The kind of alpha males who, if Faithful, could get suspected early on. Even banished early. If a Traitor, I could see them going the way of season one’s Cody Calafiore. But if we’re talking about TAR possibilities, I see them as one of the stronger options.

Stassi Schroeder (TAR8)

Probably one of the most unexpected stars to come out of The Amazing Race is season 8’s Stassi Schroeder. Though she is of course more known for her appearance on Vanderpump Rules rather than appearing on the polarizing Family Edition, that Bravo connection definitely lends itself to her being near the top of any potential TAR alum list for The Traitors. To be honest, I have not watched a single second of Vanderpump Rules, so I have no idea about Stassi’s personality post-TAR8. But I do know that she’s quite popular, I think. And again, the Bravo connection probably puts her ahead of other possibilities on my list.

Tyler Oakley (TAR28/TAR32)

I shudder to think, but even if I personally would not want to see him anywhere on TV soon, there’s no denying Tyler Oakley is the kind of personality that would be a perfect fit on The Traitors. Loud, annoying and competitive. I could see him clashing with Bravo people. Or perhaps turn into a Sandra who follows them around. I have no idea. But if we’re talking about big TAR personalities, I hate to say it, but Tyler Oakley would be near the top of the list if ever there was one for consideration by NBCU.

Now, there’s definitely a lot of TAR All-Stars I would love to see back on TV. But would they be good fits on The Traitors? Probably not. Besides, I’m hoping for an Amazing Race: Ultimate All-Stars soon. So we can save them for that season. And hopefully Charla & Mirna’s NBCU contract will be over by then post-Traitors so we can get a double dose of them back on our screen! Hehe.

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