Recap: The Traitors US 2, Episode 9 – “I’m kinda like disappointed.”

Recap: The Traitors US 2, Episode 9 – A Game of Death

The Traitors 2 Episode 9 Recap Review

Okay, so let’s just start with the end first. I’d say there’s a 90-10 chance MJ votes for Peter over Phaedra. I think at this point in the game, that Bravo connection manifests much stronger than earlier in the game. With less to hold on to, MJ might fall back on that Bravo sisterhood rather than go with her gut which I can believe she is sincere about. I think she is the most open minded of the Bravo ladies at this point. So there’s definitely a chance.

But if we are to look at editing, I honestly think this would be such an underwhelming exit for Phaedra. The banishment of one of the original Traitors and the last one at that, I think would have much more dramatic lead up. They’d probably play it up much more than what they did here. So that leads me to believe she’s safe. (And I’m sure NBCU would want to keep her in to the end in order to help relaunch Real Housewives of Atlanta or whatever.)

What are they trying to achieve with the cliffhanger? Just faux drama to make us think MJ votes to banish Phaedra when in reality it’s Peter gone? Or it is so huge that MJ does vote to banish Phaedra that the fallout deserves its own chunk of minutes in the next episode.

It definitely could go either way, though I’d lean more toward Phaedra surviving this Round Table.

I certainly hope MJ pulls through here though. And by that, I mean she ends up banishing Phaedra. If MJ does that, I’d start rooting for her to win. Lol

The Traitors 2 Episode 9 Recap Review

Last week, I mentioned Sandra getting to the end and winning would redeem this season. But after this episode, I don’t think that anymore. For some reason, Sandra was so annoying this episode. lol First, the way the show kept including every single instance she said “So close!!!!!!!” at the challenge even when they were so far off target.

But I think that exemplifies Sandra’s Traitors game. This is not the 2-time Survivor winning Sandra Diaz-Twine. She is not taking charge of this game. And instead merely just a follower. Which I feel is such a departure from the player that she is on Survivor.

And speaking of, again, pre-show drama and relationships (or lack thereof) affecting the game is not enjoyable at all. Sandra hates Parvati. So there would never be an argument that would sway her into keeping Parvati. Even if it would result in Sandra staying ultimately safe and potentially winning in the end. She holds on to her pre-show perceptions. And is honestly blinded by that. Same with other people too. And most likely in the future as well if the show continues casting only reality people with history.

Anyway, Sandra kept scoffing at the Round Table whenever someone brought up an argument against Phaedra. I scoffed when Phaedra delivered that “I don’t have to kiss your ass for a rose” line to Peter. Because Sandra, along with others, absolutely kiss her ass during this game. It’s a legitimate thing to target, which Peter and Friends tried to do. But unfortunately, their alliance is full of wishy-washy people who bend and snap at the slightest bit of a breeze.

The Traitors 2 Episode 9 Recap Review

That’s why when Phaedra and Kate decided to murder Kevin, I thought it was no big loss because it seemed he was already starting to waver last week. No matter how much Peter and Friends were gung ho with their plans, they always seem to fail in execution and following through. Kevin was a number, but with him (and John), you can never be 100% sure with them.

That was very much on display again this episode. The way they went about looking for the two votes during dinner was an absolute mess. You could already see it failing.

The Traitors 2 Episode 9 Recap Review

And it probably might. But who would’ve thought that boring challenge (the most boring of the season I think, despite what Kate says) would offer some glimmer of hope that Phaedra might indeed get banished. We were shown that it was Sandra and Phaedra who agreed to shift their target to Trishelle. There really was no good reason to do that unless to specifically prevent her from getting another Shield. But even then, we can’t be sure that was even their intention. At least not Sandra’s. Phaedra maybe took Sandra’s suggestion more willingly because of Trishelle being against her.

The Traitors 2 Episode 9 Recap Review

But because of this perhaps uncalculated move, the Round Table ended up having a bit of suspense when maybe it wouldn’t have had otherwise.

You wouldn’t have CT finally thinking strategically. You wouldn’t have MJ being nudged a tiny bit. And it would’ve been a 6-3 vote to banish Peter.

We’ll see what ultimately happens next week. But I won’t hold my breath.

What this season of The Traitors has shown is that this is the ultimate game of floaters. At least, that’s what it seems like when people are vilified for actually playing the game. Or maybe it’s people taking offense to someone else potentially being quicker and more clever than them. A bit of pride where people don’t want their own beliefs countered and then proven wrong in the end.

Phaedra and Kate showed exactly that in the Turret. Despising people playing a certain way, but then them wanting to play exactly that way themselves.

It’s true that there’s more evidence that Peter is a Faithful than there is to prove he’s a Traitor. Yet these players will vote on who they like or not. And they will not listen to any potential arguments because they are so set in their way of thinking.

The Traitors 2 Episode 9 Recap Review

Maybe Trishelle basically telling the Bravo girls+1 that they were just kissing one person’s ass is what pushes MJ to prove otherwise. But that’s still a long shot.

But these players need to understand there’s nothing wrong with having secret convos. There’s nothing wrong with planting seeds or traps.

That is, if you do it. If I do it, it’s okay. If you do it, it means you are a shady, untrustworthy person.

And remember, this game is called The TRAITORS. Go figure.

The Traitors 2 Episode 9 Recap Review

How many episodes are left this season? I really just want it to be over with.

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