Thursday Tunes, February 29, 2024 – LUN8, Dabit, ASTRO, Crossing Rain

Enjoy these fresh tracks from LUN8, Dabit, ASTRO and Crossing Rain.

“Pastel” by LUN8

I really enjoyed LUN8’s debut title track “Wild Heart” last year. And the rookie group gears up for their upcoming first comeback with this excellent pre-release track. “Pastel” is an appealing R&B track that definitely gives off the perfect vibes and very much has you anticipating what they have in store for their upcoming album.

“Habit” by Dabit

So great getting to have fresh music from Dabit! This soulful track has the perfect coffeehouse vibes with Dabit’s vocals gliding across the bittersweet lyrics. Dabit’s always been an underrated artist and this is another track that shows he deserves so much more attention! Really great release.

“Circles” by ASTRO

ASTRO’s special anniversary treat “Circles” is a great track that is very reminiscent of the group’s signature sound. Definitely a gift for longtime fans. Especially as it reminds of the group’s bright and refreshing sound that perhaps made many people fans over the years. Also great to have the four members together with a new track as well.

“Black Hole Heart” by Crossing Rain

Hawaiian pop group Crossing Rain follows up their great recent release “2 Little 2 Late” with “Black Hole Heart”. Continuing the story of that song, their latest is a great mix of island sound with some pop and R&B stylings. It’s been so awesome seeing the group’s growth with every release.

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