Recap: The Traitors US 2, Episode 8 – “I think I have a snake in my pants.”

Recap: The Traitors US 2, Episode 8 – Knives at Dawn

The Traitors 2 Episode 8 Recap Review

Well, this season is going downhill fast! Lol I’m gonna say right off the bat, the only way this season can be redeemed at this point is if Sandra makes it to the end as a Faithful and wins. Otherwise, eek!

Let’s start with the section of this episode I wasn’t annoyed or frustrated by. And that was the challenge for the day. Absolutely hilarious! Literally, every single aspect of the challenge was just laugh out loud funny.

The Traitors 2 Episode 8 Recap Review

And it all started with Dr. Will Kirby’s hilariously random appearance. Apparently, NBCU did invite him to compete this season. But, according to some people, Dr. Will refuses to play any competition program again. And I can understand why. He doesn’t want to ruin his reputation or taint his iconic win (and All-Stars run) on Big Brother.

Honestly, that’s the same reason I don’t want some of my favorites to return to The Amazing Race or even Big Brother. I fear their returns could somehow ruin the memories and nostalgia of their originally memorable runs. Most likely due to a poor performance in a returning season. (See: Teri & Ian on TAR11 and Ron & Christina on TAR18) The Charla & Mirnas and Brendon & Rachels of the world, who do better or equal their original runs, are going to be rare.

So, I get Dr. Will refusing to actually play the game. But seeing him in Scotland knowing full well NBCU wanted him so bad they still paid him money to be there is just so funny to me. I could not help but laugh during his entire appearance in this episode. lol

The Traitors 2 Episode 8 Recap Review

Loved Sandra pointing out that she definitely knew who he was. I legit did the Leonardo DiCaprio gif, pointed to the TV and went “CBS family!” lolol

Then the challenge itself. Utter chaos! And it was awesome! When the contestants were afraid of “The Cabin” on their way there, I was wondering why they would know what could possibly be there. Then I remembered what “The Cabin” entailed last season. It was the bugs and rats and snakes and stuff. And it produced this memorable moment from Rachel:

So once I remembered that, I was looking forward to seeing what they would do this time. And WOW! This might have been the best challenge so far this season. The design and detail the show had in this one was so good. Everything from the escape room-style set-up to the creepy crawlies to the crawling through underground tunnels; it was all amazing. Add in the light switch twist and having to find your way out and potentially needing to quit the task. It really was the best designed and executed challenge this season.

The Traitors 2 Episode 8 Recap Review

I could not stop laughing at them screaming at each other about the light. So absurd, yet so hilarious.

Okay, now that we’ve got that out of the way, let’s dig into the gameplay this week.

At the beginning of the episode, I was glad Trishelle was safe. It’s too bad Bergie was murdered, but of their group, he’s probably the most expendable at this point. As soon as Trishelle walked in, I thought to myself how she and Sandra need to link up. Put their suspicions about Phaedra together. But little did I know what would happen the rest of the episode.

The Traitors 2 Episode 8 Recap Review

I was happy to see Trishelle, Peter and Kevin seemingly working out that they need to think long-term. Thus target Phaedra over an easy-to-banish Parvati which they could have taken care of later on. I was excited to see them try and execute that plan. But I had no idea how and who would mess it all up.

This episode really made me think about how much stuff is left on the cutting room floor. The stuff they put in the episodes absolutely feels like a tiny percentage of what they actually have available. You can’t tell me that the only convos the contestants had were the ones in the episode that offered nothing of substance to the game.

Like we would get people in a room to start talking and then nothing to come of it. It’s so odd.

The Traitors 2 Episode 8 Recap Review The Traitors 2 Episode 8 Recap Review

Take Peter and Parvati’s convo. First of all, it felt like I was watching Single’s Inferno. There was this kind of sexual tension K-drama vibe to that scene with the silent, lingering looks. It was so strange, in a good way at first. After this scene though, I thought if Parvati somehow help to shift the target away from here and on to Phaedra, it would really redeem her game.

They did do the work while driving over to The Cabin. But I started yelling at the TV, “Sandra!!!! Speak up!!!!” And I don’t mean bringing outside and past drama or whatever you had with Parvati on Survivor. Why not bring up your own suspicions of Phaedra that you mentioned last week (or was it two weeks ago?).

I don’t understand the show including that confessional from her, as a parting shot in that episode too. And then not have it go anywhere in this episode where it would have absolutely played a big part. I would have to think Sandra did have more to say, yet the show just left it out of the episode.

The Traitors 2 Episode 8 Recap Review

Sandra kissing Phaedra’s ass at the Roundtable and this whole season so far makes me roll my eyes. However! I am now hoping this is all foreshadowing to Sandra eventually being the one to get her out of the castle. OR have Sandra banish Phaedra at the finale.

Now, the Roundtable. OMG. A mess! And I’m sure that was again just like 5% of what actually happened.

The Traitors 2 Episode 8 Recap Review

First, I cannot believe it was John of all people who would throw a wrench in the plans. I used to really like John. Not anymore sir! lol

But it really isn’t his fault though. Coupled with Kevin not understanding what’s going on, I think the blame lies on Peter and Trishelle for not solidifying their gang. Again, we might not see everything that happens. But we definitely did not see Peter and Trishelle sitting down and explaining to Peter and Kevin, in terms that they can understand and believe, what their plan was to be. It’s a solid plan. Try and get the harder player our first and saving the easy target for later. That is exactly the plan that the Traitors have too. Keep their human shields in as long as they can.

I think it was Peter and Trishelle (or maybe it was even Kevin! Lol) who pointed out that this has become a numbers game. Yet they did not solidify the numbers. I think that might absolutely doom them. Which is why I’m now hoping Sandra is the saving grace of the season.

The Traitors 2 Episode 8 Recap Review

This Roundtable again showed Phaedra surviving not so much because she’s doing anything amazingly. It’s just that the people arguing against her are not very skilled. Or at least, don’t know how to articulate their case. Phaedra’s defense was basically making a face and shaking her head. Complete with her Bravo sisters backing her up of course.

It was crazy how the show left CT’s vote as a cliffhanger into commercial when we know Kate was the last to vote. Parvati only needed one more vote to be banished. So even if CT did vote for Phaedra, we know Kate would always vote with her Bravo buddy. So Parvati was already done before that moment. Editing definitely needs to be worked on with this show.

Finally, Why is Kate here again? She is such a one-note character. Is this the shtick she has on her Bravo show? Because, wow. I can’t imagine that being any fun, to be honest. Especially when it is now the same stuff for two seasons on The Traitors.

But this final twist in the episode just shows she’s an extra number for the Bravoites. NBCU seemingly wanting one of “their own” to win this season and not a CBS or ABC or Netflix reality alum.

The show definitely wants to force someone into becoming a Traitor. If anything, Phaedra going at it alone should raise her star power even more. Especially if she ends up winning. She doesn’t need any help to murder anyone. Let’s see her play on her own instead of forcing someone to become a Traitor at this point in the game. Early in the game? Fine. That’s how Traitors are chosen of course. But now? If Faithful want to stay Faithful, let them.

The Traitors 2 Episode 8 Recap Review

As an aside, Phaedra’s delivery of “We’ll be a mUrDeRiNg Duooooo!” was the cringiest thing I’ve seen on this show so far. And honestly, made me think again that this whole is scripted and Phaedra just does not know how to deliver corny lines lol

Now, I wouldn’t be surprised if Kate declines and gets murdered. But I will assume NBCU paid her enough money to keep her on the show was long as possible. So we’re going to now have Phaedra and Kate as Traitors and an all-Bravo finale. YaY. 🙄

My last thought from this episode though is, Does that mean Trishelle’s Shield is meaningless? Since there will be no murder? Just a mess of an episode. Except the hilarious challenge, that is.

The Traitors 2 Episode 8 Recap Review

I don’t expect Peter and Trishelle to last long. And Kevin and John have decided to just blow up everyone’s game. So it’s down to Sandra and potentially CT to redeem this season.

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