Recap: Ohsama Sentai King-Ohger, Episode 50 (Final) – We Will Rule the World

Ohsama Sentai King-Ohger Episode 50 Recap

Dagded asks who the Ohgers think they are. So the Ohgers bravely do a roll call, proudly declaring they are the kings who, together as the Ohsama Sentai King-Ohger, will defeat him.

The Ohgers all henshin. Dagded is amused that their Caliburs are now infused with the power to kill the unkillable. The people cheer the Ohgers on as they charge toward Dagded.

Ohsama Sentai King-Ohger Episode 50 Recap

Meanwhile, Kofuki, Shiokara and the N’Kosopa gang are hard at work with developing the ultimate King-Ohger final form. When someone hands Kofuki a lollipop he realizes that ShuGod souls are crystals of life and soul. So all they have to do is use N’Kosopa technology to apply the same concept to create a vessel with ShuGod souls.

Ohsama Sentai King-Ohger Episode 50 Recap

Just then, Jeramie stops Kamejim from killing Kofuki. Kamejim remains defiant and gloats that pests will be stepped on for his entertainment. Jeramie says he will leave a more fitting individual to finish Kamejim off. So Jeramie passes Kamejim over to Racules who lays into him with his Calibur.

Desnarak then appears and drags Kamejim into Hakabaka. Gurodi tells Kamejim to stay silent as he cries in agony over his fate.

Ohsama Sentai King-Ohger Episode 50 Recap

Back to the main event, the Ohgers give it all they got as they battle Dagded. The Ohgers mock Dagded for not having any friends. But Dagded reminds them who he is as he embiggens.

Kofuki and the N’Kosopians hurry over to tell them about the hollow vessel they’ve developed. But Gira says that it is not empty. Eternal life has always been on their side because the lives of all peoples will always be linked.

Gira turns to the peoples and asks them for their lives. The peoples gladly give them their life energy. All that power and energy fills a large crystal which is able to summon the ultimate final form of God God God God King-Ohger Ohger Ohger.

Ohsama Sentai King-Ohger Episode 50 Recap

The Ohgers are able to follow Dagded into his room. But Dagded remains confident he is still the god who controls all. The Ohgers give it all to show him that is not the case.

Dagded and the Ohgers exchange explosive attacks at each other. Dagded thinks he’s won when he slams King-Ohger into the floor. But Gira laughs and says all the linked souls, hopes and dreams of the peoples will always be more powerful than anything Dagded can come up with.

Ohsama Sentai King-Ohger Episode 50 Recap

Gira’s speech motivates the ShuGods who awaken and send Dagded flying into a wall. The ShuGods’ literally burning resolve help fuel the Ohgers’ resolve as well. Together they are able to deliver a decisive blow at Dagded.

Dagded is brought down to size as they all fall back to Chikyuu.

Ohsama Sentai King-Ohger Episode 50 Recap

The King-Ohgers all slash at Dagded, smashing his brain. And Dagded finally fades away.

Ohsama Sentai King-Ohger Episode 50 Recap

The Ohgers walk back to the emotional cheers of their peoples and enjoy reunions with their most faithful friends and retainers.

Ohsama Sentai King-Ohger Episode 50 Recap

Gira is sad, thinking about Kuwagon’s fate. But Yanma tells him to cheer up and shows him the ShuGod souls the others have entrusted to him. He vows to develop new physical parts for their souls in the future. Gira believes they will be able to do that.

Later, Jeramie decides to narrate the epilogue. The Ohgers have agreed to develop a new kingdom, removing borders between countries. And instead bringing everyone together.

At a meeting at the castle, the Ohgers argue over the name of the new country. But Gira is amused, thinking there’s nothing wrong with them disagreeing with each other. In fact, he believes this is the best course for them all.

Ohsama Sentai King-Ohger Episode 50 Recap

Afterwards, the kingdoms have become more open to and appreciative of cultural exchange. Differences are now celebrated and make life interesting for everyone. And when the time comes, everyone will now be ready to come together if needed.

Jeramie assures everyone that the Ohsama Sentai will always protect Chikyuu. And then turns to invite the audience to continue this story on our own, because all our lives are linked and connected.

Ohsama Sentai King-Ohger Episode 50 Recap

Episode Thoughts

A fine finale and a satisfying finale for a solid season. I’ll have a more focused season wrap-up on Monday. But basically, I liked the season. I enjoyed a lot of it. But it was still missing something for me. Especially that something that would put it on the same level as some of my favorite Sentai seasons. (Updated rankings of that on Wednesday! Hehe) I certainly wish I loved this season more than I do and it makes me feel bad that I don’t. But that’s certainly not to take away from what this season has accomplished.

Anyway, back to this episode. And I saw that apparently there will be a director’s cut film version of these final three episodes. I think that is great news. It should really help with the pacing, especially for Episode 49 being sandwiched between the excellent 48 and fitting climax in 50. The cinematic treatment for 48 and in the first half of this finale definitely made the episodes feel more like the bigger budgeted (relatively speaking) movies rather than regular episodes. So I will definitely look forward to that version.

We did get the Mystic Force-ish power-up here! Yay! The peoples of Chikyuu lending their inherent people powers to power up the Ohgers enough to defeat Dagded. It certainly helps to bring home the fact that the biggest lesson the Ohgers have learned is that you must work together and appreciate each other in order to bring out the best possibilities and opportunities for everyone.

Everyone coming together was enough to beat godDagded. And that’s been the message all season. The Ohgers just needed to come together and they become unstoppable. They have their differences. But all can now acknowledge the power and strength they have when together.

Even if Dagded’s end looks quite predictable, the lead-up and the follow through make it a fitting conclusion to his reign of terror. Defiant until the end, the Ohgers did not hesitate to kill Dagded for good. And that was great to see. I was actually afraid for a moment in this episode that they were going to redeem him somehow lol

But they didn’t. And the United Kingdoms of Chikyuu lived happily ever after.

The epilogue was fine. Definitely did its job to highlight the post-Dagded world. And it’s one of cultural exchanges and more acceptance of each other.

I liked that this episode mainly focused on the task at hand. And being able to just focus on the Ohgers’ battle with Dagded made this climax that much more impactful. No fooling around. Just be inspired by the ShuGods and your peoples and get the job done! Which they did.

This was also another episode where the CGI was used and executed as well as possible. There were still a few hiccups. But the CGI used for the big battle was so stunning. Really some great, action-packed scenes. Can’t even see scenes done that well in other more mainstream projects around the world. hehe

Overall, a really good and satisfying finale. Thank you King-Ohgers and the entire team behind the season! Good work.

Now on to Boonboomger!
Ohsama Sentai King-Ohger Episode 50 Recap

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  1. Still have to catch up to the show. But Im definitely loving this finale based on the clips I saw. There is definitely a lot of shout outs to Avengers Endgame. Heck, Dagded’s body disintegrating is an obvious Thanos reference. But what’s great is that they managed to do those in their own unique way.

  2. A wonderful, unique season! Great to see Toei mixing it up. Though there’s nothing wrong with traditional seasons too like Kiramager.

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