Recap: Kamen Rider Gotchard, Episode 24 – Sudden Turn! Forbidden Steel Rider!

Kamen Rider Gotchard Episode 24 Recap

Gurion is thankful for Minato being able to capture Warptera, a Chemy he’s long coveted. Minato says it’s thanks to the replica Unicon Chemy Card he received from him. As Gurion turns his attention to preparing a new Malice Doll, Minato glares at him.

At Kitchen Ichinose, Mama Ichinose swears she had fresh groceries out on the counter. Little does she know, Houtarou’s new Chemy friend Kesuzo had erased them. The others stop Houtarou from spilling the beans to his mother who decides to just go out and buy more.

Turns out earlier, Renge had rubbed Kesuzo too hard as an eraser. So it went on a rampage around the restaurant erasing everything including the fresh groceries and even the data on Sabimaru’s tablet.

Kamen Rider Gotchard Episode 24 Recap

Sabimaru had been able to develop a ring charger that could help Rinne not feel so exhausted after a henshin. But now he has to rebuild his data. And to help out, he has Houtarou recount all the previous Gotchard episodes so far. Rinne joins in as well and explains that “Kamen Rider” is the name the Alchemist of Daybreak called themselves 120 years ago. So it is a great honor to be called one now.

They reminisce about all the Chemies they’ve Gotcha’d so far. But also of the difficult times as well.

After Hopper1 and Steamliner are able to find Kasuzo, Rinne captures him in a Card and they resume with the recaps.

Meanwhile back at the Academy, Minato asks where the Sisters are. Gurion says they’re out catching Chemies of course since they’re just dolls following orders. They’re so good, they were able to find Papa Kudoh while he was away, turn humans into Malgams and even completed the Dreadriver.

Kamen Rider Gotchard Episode 24 Recap

Gurion asks Minato how he feels about him being back. Minato says he is not the same man he was back then. Lachesis eavesdrops on their convo and wonders what Minato could be planning.

Anyway, Gurion uses Warptera and turns a Malice Doll into Pteranodon Malgam.

Supana and Kyoka-san come to Kitchen Ichinose to tell the others that Minato-sensei is not working for Gurion. They explain that Minato sparing Kyoka’s life is enough evidence that he is just pretending in order to find a way to ultimately defeat Gurion by himself.

Kamen Rider Gotchard Episode 24 Recap

Kyoka wants to tell them about The Incident from ten years ago that would explain Minato’s thinking process. But an alchemy-powered folded crane comes flying in revealing a message telling them that they will defeat Gurion at a specific Alchemy Union test site. They know it is from Minato so they hurry over.

Kamen Rider Gotchard Episode 24 Recap

Houtarou runs toward Minato-sensei as soon as he sees him. But Pteranodon comes flying out of a wormhole and laughs at them falling into their trap. Pteranodon begins to suck all their Cards into the hole. Houtarou wants to jump in, but Kyoka-san warns the holes are forbidden alchemy and his body would not be able to handle it.

Houtarou does not care. But Hopper1 and Steamliner push Houtarou away. Houtarou picks up the Steamliner Card which gets left behind.

Kamen Rider Gotchard Episode 24 Recap

Supana and Rinne asks Minato-sensei if he lied to them. Minato-sensei slaps the Driver on and says he will be taking their remaining Cards. He swipes Steamliner and Unicon Cards and henshins to Dread Type One. Rinne and Supana both henshin as well and they battle.

Gurion laughs that they would even think Minato was on their side. He believes Minato is firmly in his grasp.

Kamen Rider Gotchard Episode 24 Recap

Gurion flashes back to earlier when he mentioned the name Suzuya Daiki… a boy Minato apparently killed ten years ago. Gurion taunted him by saying he hopes Houtarou and friends will not suffer the same fate thanks to Minato.

Kamen Rider Gotchard Episode 24 Recap

Back to the test site, Sabimaru explains to the others that Pteranodon uses Warptera Chemy which can manifest wormholes. Kyoka-san believes the wormholes lead to Gurion at the Academy.

Houtarou wants to go there. But Steamliner stops him. And they don’t have any other Cards. That means it’s up to Rinne and Supana. Both of them, however, struggle against Minato-sensei. Rinne is able to save Supana from an attack, only for them to get taken by surprise by Pteranodon.

Houtarou tells the others that he doesn’t want to give up on his friends. Especially Hopper1 who has been his friend since he was a little boy as well as Steamliner. He asks Kyoka-san if there’s any way he can fight with Steamliner, even in a forbidden way.

Kyoka-san says there is a forbidden technique that combines a Chemy and a human. Renge and Sabimaru don’t think that’s a good idea since it could cost Houtarou his life. Kyoka-san agrees. However, Houtarou is intent on doing it.

Their conversation is interrupted by the arrival of a mysterious man.

Back at the battle, Rinne and Supana try delivering uphenshined finishers at Pteranodon. But the wormholes get them again and Pteranodon is able to collect more of their Cards. Minato-sensei approaches them and demands they hand over the rest.

Kamen Rider Gotchard Episode 24 Recap

But Houtarou suddenly appears, declaring that he will not allow that to happen. He has a new red ring that facilitates Steamliner upgrading to Tenliner.

Houtarou locks the Card in and henshins to Iron Gotchard.

Episode Thoughts

Phew! They had me in the first half, not gonna lie! Lol I was like “Oh no, a clip show!” Thank goodness the second half of the episode was new story. And exciting story at that!

Really looking forward to learning more about Minato-sensei’s past. Definitely looks like a very emotional and tragic story. And I enjoy well-done dramatic stories of course. But I’m most looking forward to seeing the parallels they might draw between Minato’s former students and his current pupils. It really explains Minato’s determination to carry the burden on his own. And I think that can be a very powerful story.

I’m getting goosebumps just typing it out because it’s such a great feeling to be so excited about potential story. Not only potential story like “I hope X turns out this way.” But story that is already playing out. So even at this point, you can see the seeds that had been planted along the way so far.

Again, the wonderful pace of this season has helped every story beat and every character beat really land so smoothly. Just a great, consistent flow with the season’s narrative. I think this season would be a good binge watch for anyone in the future. But certainly a very exciting and sort of edge-of-your-seat experience having to wait every week!

The fact that the week-long wait ends up being worth it with every episode is, once again, such a great feeling to have!

Minato and Houtarou were definitely the focus of this episode. Minato with his noble determination. And Houtarou with his purehearted, innocent personality; wanting to put himself in harm’s to save the Chemies he considers his friends. Perhaps that’s another parallel to draw too. Minato and Houtarou, both risking so much in order to keep others safe from harm.

And in seeing that play out for both of them, we get to see the other characters’ reactions and interactions with each other as well. Adding tidbits to their characters and thus furthering the cohesive story. Even Lachesis continuing to lurk about and wondering about Minato and being suspicious of Gurion adds a lot to many threads of the story. Not just her own.

Elsewhere, some great action scenes. Nice new suits. But the highlight is definitely the revealing tease of what’s to come next week with Minato’s story. I am so relieved the clip show recap only took up half the episode. But even then, the big moments of the rest of the episode easily pack the welcome punch for this week.

10 thoughts on “Recap: Kamen Rider Gotchard, Episode 24 – Sudden Turn! Forbidden Steel Rider!

  1. I was also kinda sad at the start of the episode because I thought it would be a recap episode. Toei usually does that around the time of the Sentai season wraps up. But it was a pleasant surprise to see the exciting ending!

  2. I definitely see the death flags being raised around Minato. Which leads me to suspect (if everyone is correct) that whoever does end up being the final user of the dread driver will end up being the final boss.

  3. I too am glad that the obligatory clip show was only half an episode this time around. Glad we got that out of the way. Lol. But even so, that portion of the episode did reveal some small interesting new details, namely how:

    1. The Dreadriver is an important part of whatever Gurion’s plan is with the Door of Darkness. So I guess that explains its semi-sentience and why nobody has ever seemed surprised at how the suit is able to hobble around even without a user.
    2. Fuga’s battle with Gurion ten years ago left the latter out of commission until episode 16. That all but confirms that the night Gurion invaded the academy and killed Supana’s parents happened before the confrontation. Which of course adds more to the mystery of who or what thwarted him that night. Hopes it turns out to be an interesting twist!

    I enjoyed seeing Houtarou’s showcase of sheer determination in this episode as well, not even hesitating to use a forbidden alchemy technique if it meant saving his friends. His usage of the forbidden technique was also neatly foreshadowed by the clip show portion of the episode.

    But by far the highlight for me was of course Minato and Gurion’s interactions. I greatly enjoyed their dynamic, and judging by next week’s preview, we’re going to be getting all the answers about their background soon. There’s definitely a lot of mystery behind Gurion that I’m glad the season is taking its time in building up toward. Imo, he’s so far been the most captivating and entertaining primary villain in a Kamen Rider season that we’ve had in quite a while. I wouldn’t mind if he remains a Love to Hate, irredeemable villain until his final defeat (which at the moment, is the most likely scenario given the sheer heartlessness and twisted joy he showed in making Supana watch his parents die again and plunging him into despair and rage) while the Sisters end up as the more complex villains capable of redemption. And speaking of the Sisters, I have a feeling there’s going to be a schism between them sooner rather than later regarding their opposing feelings on Gurion.

    1. Looking forward to the schism! Should be fun.
      I think Gurion will be killed once they reveal all the secrets that might involve him regarding Minato and Rinne’s pasts perhaps. hehe But of course all his plans that he is preparing right now will get taken over by maybe the Sisters or whoever comes along next.

      The season has really done a great job developing Houtarou’s character. (Well, all the characters really hehe) But an episode like this where we see who he is wouldn’t be as impactful if the show didn’t properly add layers to him.

    1. Oh! I would love to. But I haven’t watched the original season yet. I might check the movie out once it is available. But I would like to watch the series first so the movie will have more impact for me.

      I’ve really been meaning to watch older seasons of Kamen Rider. Hopefully I get the time to finally do so soon!

  4. I definitely think a split between the Sisters in the near future would be fun. Maybe the season will take a page out of ToQger’s book and eventually have Lachesis rebel and become a third party in the conflict, like Schwarz did partway through that fantastic Sentai season.

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