Music Monday Special – Ten More Favorite Songs from 2023!

Right on schedule, my indecisive self says hello once again! During my annual New Year’s Eve/Day listen to my favorite songs of the year, these songs popped up on the playlist and they definitely left a lasting impression on my 2023 music year. So here’s 10 more tracks worthy of my Top 50 (60?!) of 2023!

“Coup D’Etat” by KINGDOM

On New Year’s Day, KINGDOM announced preparations for their next epic story. But before that, it really is amazing to go back and look at the epic 7-part story the group presented so far. And their last title track “Coup d’Etat” is probably my new favorite title of theirs. The strong vibe and energy of the song and the always powerful performance from the group is really captivating. And catchy! You’ll be humming the chorus for a few days after first listening to the song! Hehe. Just a great, easily appealing song and performance.

“Hana” by INI

The pop-rock title track “Hana” from INI’s Tag Me is such a great, easily appealing song. The soaring and melodic chorus gives INI an opportunity to show off a different side of themselves. Releasing some powerful pop dance tracks so far, “Hana” is a wonderful change of pace.

“SOS” by Kang Daniel

Kang Daniel’s latest album Realiez is another excellent release from the talented soloist. Like its accompanying music video, title track “SOS” is a captivating cinematic experience. The fusion of rock and hip-hop makes for a song that commands attention and is a perfect song to introduce anyone to the rest of the strong album with its mix of pop, rock, R&B and hip-hop.

“Bite Me” by ENHYPEN

I was absolutely shocked when I first watched and listened to “Bite Me.” Definitely not what I was expecting from ENHYPEN, but also not surprising to see from them either. “Bite Me” was an amazing step forward for the talented group. This dark, sexy pop dance track is irresistibly catchy and immediately appealing after just one listen.

“Sweet Venom” by ENHYPEN feat. Bella Poarch

ENHYPEN then switched it up with a funkier vibe with “Sweet Venom”. The pop-dance track is definitely a groovy mood maker. And it is very refreshing to actually have a song rather than a TikTok sound ready to trend, if you know what I mean. The boys of course deliver a charismatic performance. But it’s the collab version of the track with Bella Poarch that really stuck with me the rest of the year. It offers up a different, though equally enjoyable experience as well. The playful back and forth added an extra dimension to the already great track and after more listens definitely resonated more with me.

“Blind Love” by Golden Child

Golden Child’s “Feel Me” secured its spot on my favorites list. But “Blind Love” also had a strong case too. The B-side track is just a wonderfully feel good track that has been on repeat alongside “Feel Me” since its release.

“Color” by CIX

CIX’s recent album was an unexpected, but very welcome release from CIX. Aside from the title track, “Color” is my favorite from the album. Like the rest of the album, the song features an emotional, yet hopeful message. And its melody matches that sentiment in a dreamy and very appealing way.

“High School Love” by NINE.i

NINE.i had my favorite debut title track last year. And though their releases this year have been alright, I wasn’t as taken by them as “Parallel Universe” or “Young Boy”. But “High School Love” from their New Mind album was on my repeat playlist this year. It is a warm midtempo pop track with a modern sound and style. And its nostalgic feels add to its appeal.

“Juliet” by Alexa

American Song Contest champion AleXa returned with this beautiful track “Juliet.” It is an especially captivating track from AleXa with her dreamy vocals gliding across the emotional lyrics. The music video matches the ethereal vibes of the track. And it is just another wonderful display of AleXa’s immense talent.

“Omnipresent” by ONEWE

ONEWE released a special unit album XOXO with two great tracks. Of the two, I like “Omnipresent” from Giuk and Harin which is perfectly titled. The dreamy pop-rock track has no problem immediately setting the mood. Giuk gets the opportunity for a raspy rock performance with Harin’s drumming offering up an ear-catching compliment to those vocals.

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