Good Ol’ Review: “Individual Circumstances” a Quick, Easy Watch

No spoilers.

For a quick, easy watch, look no further than Individual Circumstances (각자의사정). This BL drama starring MYNAME’s Kim Junkyu and Mister International Korea 2021 Han Jung Wan is a breezy and light series about two young men reconnecting after time apart and needing to deal with their unresolved feelings for each other.

Ha Yeon Woo (Han Jung Wan) is a director looking for his next movie to helm, wanting to avoid having to settle for a screenplay he deems unappealing and unworthy of his talents. He decides to approach the writer of a popular web novel he is a fan of, not knowing the mysterious creator is Seong Woo Jae (Kim Junkyu), a former friend.

The series begins with Yeon Woo working to convince Woo Jae to grant him the rights to the story. Woo Jae wants to be left alone, but soon, feelings and misunderstandings from their past bubble up to the surface. And both must come to terms with that lingering baggage.

Yeon Woo and Woo Jae move toward understanding each other and their, *ahem*, individual circumstances. Both now and in the past as well. And the series is able to unfold those details at a brisk pace. Really, helping to make the case that perhaps this is another story better suited for a feature-length film treatment rather than a short web series.

Individual Circumstances is definitely a no-frills, easy to digest story. Kim Junkyu, Han Jung Wan and Cha Shi Hyuk (who plays Yeon Woo’s manager) deliver solid performances even as the script doesn’t necessarily demand a lot from them. Still, they are able to convey the necessary feelings and bring the series to a mostly satisfying, though quick conclusion.

Ultimately, the series is perhaps just what you’re looking for if you want something for a quick and easy watch.

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