Recap: Ohsama Sentai King-Ohger, Episode 39 – N’Kosopa Climactic Battle

Ohsama Sentai King-Ohger Episode 39 Recap

Yanma meets with the other Ohgers at Jeramie’s castle to ask them to help take back N’Kosopa. In return, he can lead them to a special power they can use to defeat the Jesters. Yanma explains that there is a hidden code in the King’s Calibur that could activate a function that isn’t human made and may be too powerful for human’s to use. The code is present in Gira and Jeramie’s swords as well as King’s Calibur ZERO which Racules has.

Kaguragi, having spoken with Racules in the past about that very power, tells the others that it is very possible to exist. Yanma explains that the immense power could be so powerful that it could kill anyone who is too weak to use it.

As Dagded orders his Jesters to go face the kings directly, the Ohgers are ready and willing to pursue the special power.

Ohsama Sentai King-Ohger Episode 39 Recap

The Ohgers head to N’Kosopa to meet with Shiokara. The Ultra Computer they were able to retrieve can activate the hidden power by connecting to the castle’s throne room. However, each of the Ohgers except one will get a decoy computer in order to divide Hirubiru’s attention and allow them to infiltrate the castle. None of them will know which is the real computer in order to fight their hardest as if it was the real one.

The Ohgers each choose a path and run straight for the castle. However, each of them are met by a Jester; Gira and Jeramie by Goma, Hymeno by Gurodi, Rita by Minongan and Kaguragi by Kamejim. The Ohgers henshin and battle the Jesters.

Yanma leaps over Hirubiru, but she forces him to dehenshin and laughs at him.

Ohsama Sentai King-Ohger Episode 39 Recap

Goma, Gurodi, Minongan and Kamejim are each able to destroy the computers each of their Ohgers have. But they are all poopy decoys. That would mean Yanma’s was the real one.

However when Hirubiru smashes the computer, a poop pops out as well. All six computers turn out to be fake. Yanma laughs and says this was all part of the plan.

Shiokara zooms up to the top of the castle to have the computer get struck by lightning. The immense energy and power surges through the ShuGods and each of the Ohgers raise their swords to the sky in order to receive the power as well.

Dagded thinks this is a fun development.

Ohsama Sentai King-Ohger Episode 39 Recap

The now-powered up Ohgers take on the Jesters once more. But this time, they are all now evenly matched with the Ohgers getting the extra boost they need to overpower them.

Goma decides to absorb the extra power Dagded had granted to them before leaving the room. So Kamejim, Gurodi and Minongan retreat. Gira and Rita focus on Goma while the others take on Hirubiru.

Hirubiru decides to surrender and Goma scoffs at her before leaving. Yanma demands she reverse her brainwashing of N’Kosopa. After she does, she expects them to let her go. But the Ohgers are determined to kill her and have no qualms about it.

As the Ohgers prepare finishers around her, Hirubiru uses her manipulative voice to have Goma switch places with her. So instead of her, it is Goma who absorbs the attack and ends up exploding and dying.

Ohsama Sentai King-Ohger Episode 39 Recap

The Ohgers bring it in, but collapse in exhaustion from the immense power.

Meanwhile, Dagded summons Racules to his room, knowing he is the cause of Goma’s demise. A flashback reveals Racules telling Kaguragi about wanting to eliminate one of the Jesters.

Ohsama Sentai King-Ohger Episode 39 Recap

Racules approached Hirubiru directly about preparing a scapegoat for her eventual defeat. And that’s when she whispered to Goma not to abandon her, thus securing his demise.

Dagded is impressed by Racules being able to get rid of Goma without even lifting a finger. Racules wonders if he could take Goma’s place amongst the Jesters. Dagded allows it. However, he must first clean up Chikyuu. Racules tells Dagded to look forward to the death and destruction.

Ohsama Sentai King-Ohger Episode 39 Recap

Episode Thoughts

I guess this was a movie-filming week considering the lack of out of suit scenes for the actors lol So that explains the CGI extravaganza. And that’s alright. Visually, it was a fun treat. Story-wise it was just okay. I think it was another instance where King-Ohger rushed through something that could’ve been more impactful with a slower and more careful approach.

Paired with last week’s underwhelming episode, this was certainly not the most exciting way to wrap-up this arc/group of episodes. Especially as we circle back to Prince and the Kyoryutopia stuff.

I suppose they will save anything regarding the Husty Bros for the endgame. Especially with Racules infiltrating Dagded’s crew to eliminate them one by one to eventually become ruler of the universe, but really just to make the Husty Family whole again and reunite with his beloved little brother.

Lol, I dunno. Just saying. But anyway, this was just an okay episode. It’s certainly not going to be one I’d go back and rewatch in the future.

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