Music Monday, December 4, 2023 – Nam Woohyun, ATBO, n.SSign, DKB

It may be the last month of the year, but fresh tracks are still coming here! Hehe. Featuring Nam Woohyun, ATBO, n.SSign, DKB

“Baby Baby” by Nam Woohyun

Great to have Nam Woohyun back with some fresh solo music. Title track “Baby Baby” is a great retro-infused pop track. Woohyun delivers a confident, flirtatious performance of the romantic track. The feel-good vibes of the retro sound are a big plus as well. The rest of the album Whitree has a great mix of Woohyun’s signature ballads and more feel-good pop tracks as well. My favorite is “My Paradise”.

“Must Have Love” by ATBO

ATBO gets in the holiday spirit with the track “Must Have Love”. It’s that time of year when we got some nice, fresh holiday and Christmas tracks. And ATBO offers up their bright and sweet present. A wonderful track.

“New Star” by n.SSign

n.SSign has had a great debut year. And they continue it with the release of their first Japanese single and title track “New Star”. It is a hopeful and encouraging track that has the perfect hint of youthful nostalgia. It’s a nice showcase for the talented rookies.

“What the Hell” by DKB

What the hell indeed! Just kidding. But seriously though, when the news came that DKB would be back with new music, I was hoping it would be in a similar sound and style as their excellent releases earlier this year. Especially title tracks “I Need Love” and “All Yours”/”Told You,” both of which will definitely be on my favorites list later this month. But hip-hop “What the Hell” is definitely a very different track from them, though not far from many of DKB’s previous releases. I guess it’s expected the group would want to do a bit of a reset after Teo’s departure from the group after his DUI. And of course artists, especially in K-pop, shift from concept to concept with every release. It’s an alright song for me with the pre-chorus my favorite part of the song. But it probably won’t make my repeat playlist. The other tracks on the album Hip are more my speed though like the midtempo R&B tracks “Me, Me & You” and “Fireworks”.

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