Recap: Kamen Rider Gotchard vs Kamen Rider Legend, Episode 2

Kamen Rider Gotchard VS Kamen Rider Legend Recap

Back at the tower, Kaguya has Houtarou dressed in a more gorgeous outfit. It is the first step for him to have a gorgeous heart because Houtarou is nowhere near as gorgeous as Saber or Geats, according to Kaguya.

Houtarou talks about how Kaguya knows a lot about Kamen Riders and even summoned some earlier. Kaguya says those Riders begged him to make them into gorgeous Cards. Butler says Kaguya has far exceeded Decade and Zi-O.

Kaguya says that he is no longer how he was before.

Anyway, it’s time for Houtarou’s gorgeous massage. But Butler gets an alert to Hundred popping up in town. Houtarou is eager to head out. But Kaguya says the massage comes first. The Hundred are just moths to his gorgeous flame. Houtarou can’t believe Kaguya would call himself a hero of justice and then act in this way.

Kamen Rider Gotchard VS Kamen Rider Legend Recap

Kaguya says gorgeousness is justice to him. Houtarou is disappointed as he thought Kaguya was a cool guy. He pulls Butler and has him take him to the Hundred downtown.

Kaguya sighs that Houtarou is quite a headache.

As they arrive downtown, Houtarou asks Butler how he can stand Kaguya. Butler says Kaguya is like no one he’s ever met before and tells Houtarou his story.

Kamen Rider Gotchard VS Kamen Rider Legend Recap

Kaguya was a child when Hundred first attacked. While trapped under rubble, his grandfather told him to steel his heart and to use his brilliance to make this a warm and affluent world. Kaguya promised.

Just as Hundred forces arrive to finish them off, Kamen Rider Decade appeared. And Kaguya watched in awe as Decade effortlessly fought them off. For Kaguya, to kirakira is to fight. And the more Kamen Rider Legend kirakiras, the more Hundred are drawn to him. In fact, since Legend has appeared, collateral damage has been kept to a minimum.

Kamen Rider Gotchard VS Kamen Rider Legend Recap

Butler gives Houtarou a ring just as the boss of the Hundred arrives. He says they have no beef with Houtarou and suggests he just go back to his own world unless he wants to be destroyed here as well. Houtarou stands firm.

Just then, Kaguya gorgeously comes walking toward them.

Kamen Rider Gotchard VS Kamen Rider Legend Recap

Kaguya says the hero always makes a gorgeously late appearance. The Hundred Boss asks Kaguya to join their team, especially since by completing the Aurora Curtain System, they now have the same power. Together, they can create grand worlds.

Kaguya says he does not understand. He does not long for worlds, but the world longs for him. The unpolished gems of this world are what helps him shine. And he will not leave it. For the worlds shall come to him!

Kamen Rider Gotchard VS Kamen Rider Legend Recap

The Hundred Boss says they will bring ruin to this world then.

Kaguya hands Houtarou his Driver back, much to his surprise. But Kaguya says he’s not returning it, but just changing where he keeps his collection. Houtarou smiles and bumps his Driver with Kaguya who smiles back.

Kamen Rider Gotchard VS Kamen Rider Legend Recap

Houtarou and Kaguya henshin as does the Hundred Boss to Kamen Rider Barlckxs.

Kaguya tosses some Rider Cards for Houtarou to use. Houtarou first locks in Double and OOO and uphenshins to CycloneTatoba and later uses Fourze and Build to become FullfullRocket. Butler comes in to describe each Rider’s power.

As Houtarou takes on Kasshines, Kaguya and Hundred Boss battle. Kaguya summons Decade power and delivers a gorgeous finisher at the rest of the Kasshines. Houtarou and Kaguya then team up to deliver Kicks at Hundred Boss who is forced to dehenshin.

Kamen Rider Gotchard VS Kamen Rider Legend Recap

The Hundred Boss says this is not the end and vows to uncover the secret to Kaguya’s kirakira.

Houtarou says Kaguya is pretty cool for having Gotcha’d Kamen Rider powers from other worlds. Kaguya mentions that he actually never asked for Houtarou’s name. Houtarou is shocked he doesn’t know. But he begins to glitch.

Butler comes to say the Aurora Curtain System is overheating and Houtarou must return. Butler returns Houtarou’s spoon to him.

Kaguya says it’s a shame to let go of his possessions. But before he can continue, Houtarou introduces himself and offers his hand for shake. Unfortunately, Houtarou disappears before Kaguya can take it.

Kamen Rider Gotchard VS Kamen Rider Legend Recap

Kaguya picks up the ring Houtarou had worn.

Back in Gotchard world, Ryo is shocked to find Houtarou has disappeared. But Houtarou pops back up again just in time, though he doesn’t have much memory of what’s happened. Ryo gives Houtarou’s food a try, but it tastes weird of course.

Back at the tower, Kaguya asks Butler to quickly fix the Aurora Curtain System. Kaguya looks out his window and promises to Houtarou that he will take back what belongs to him.

Kamen Rider Gotchard VS Kamen Rider Legend Recap

Episode Thoughts

First of all, 13 minutes?! WTF?! I want moar!!!!!!!!!!

Hehe. But really though, this was a fun special. I really like Kaguya and would love to see a full movie or heck, even a series with him. He’s a great successor to Tsubasa and having them actually face off in the future would be fun and exciting I think. Seiichiro Nagata did great in the role.

Love that peek at little Kaguya and would love to see a full backstory as well. An emotional moment with his grandfather and a great, if familiar hero origin story.

Cute bromance between Houtarou and Kaguya. The new Tsubasa and Daiki! Loljk

Completely different personalities, but a fun dynamic. I think Houtarou was able to chip away at whatever shield Kaguya put up without dimming his shining shimmering gorgeousness of course. And that actually fits well with the effect Houtarou seems to be having with the people and new friends he’s met in-series as well. Meanwhile, Houtarou getting a bit of gorgeous from Kaguya is nice too.

I took offense to Kaguya saying Houtarou was not as gorgeous as Saber or Geats though. Ummm… Gotchard has been so much better than Saber or Geats and it’s only been 12 episodes lol

It was also great to see Robin Furuya. With the many many things I was disappointed about with Saber, Robin Furuya was not one of those things. He was actually one of the few bright spots of the season. And if Legend were to get a full movie or story, he’d make for a great antagonist.

Overall, I hope this won’t be the last time we see the gorgeous Kamen Rider Legend. And it’s also a positive sign that this special also reflects well on Gotchard, the series too.

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