Music Monday, November 27, 2023 – Fantasy Boys, Bang Yedam, Rocky, J.Y. Park, The Boyz

Check out these new tracks from Fantasy Boys, Bang Yedam, Rocky, J.Y. Park, The Boyz.

“Get It On” by Fantasy Boys

“Potential” by Fantasy Boys

I didn’t follow their survival show, but I did check out Fantasy Boys’ debut track “New Tomorrow” when it was first released. And honestly, I thought it was alright. But the awkward music video really affected how I received the song. Now that the group is making their first comeback, I came in hoping I might like this release better. And I do! I very much enjoy both new tracks from this single. Title track “Potential” is an excellent R&B track that is such a different vibe from their debut. A charismatic, moody, yet flirtatious track that I definitely did not expect from them. But definitely enjoy. “Get It On,” meanwhile, is a catchy dance track with an encouraging message. The youthful vibe suits the group. And together, this makes for a very strong comeback for them. Very happy to see and hear it!

“Only One” by Bang Yedam

I didn’t really follow TREASURE too much, though I would always check out their new releases if they pop up. So I don’t know much about Bang Yedam. And was also pleasantly surprised that he signed with the same company as KINGDOM. Title track “Only One” is certainly a great track to be introduced to him with. A wonderfully casual R&B track that leaves you with a positive feeling afterward. The other tracks on the album are a nice mix of pop, rock and R&B tracks, showing off his versatile talent. Looking forward to what he has in store for the future. And also having some Yedam-KINGDOM interactions as well!

“Lucky Rocky” by Rocky

Rocky makes his solo debut with the funky “Lucky Rocky”. It’s a playful and addictive melody that has Rocky re-introducing himself in a charismatic way, reminding people of his performance skills and now stepping into the spotlight on his own. The rest of the album ROCKYST has a mix of rock and pop tracks and is a good showcase for him as a soloist.

“Changed Man” by J.Y. Park

You’re always in for a fun time when the J.Y. Park releases a new track. For “Changed Man,” he teams up with the legend Kim Wan Sun for a perfectly nostalgic retro dance track. Though it would’ve been much better if Kim Wan Sun actually had lines in the track itself, she provides a necessary piece of the complete performance and concept for the track. The music video story could easily be a movie or K-drama plot line and it would work very well, even with JYP and Kim Wan Sun in the lead roles. But overall, it’s a fun track and even more enjoyable performance by two certified stars of Korean entertainment.

“Watch It” by The Boyz

I like The Boyz’s latest title track “Watch It”. I haven’t been excited about their recent releases lately. But the bass-powered dance track has an addictive chorus that pulls you in. My favorite part of the track is the pre-chorus though. But as a whole, the track allows the group to do what they do best and that is deliver a charismatic performance with plenty of swag. The rest of the album Phantasy Pt.2 Sixth Sense is of similar vibes and makes for a good group of songs.

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