Recap: Kamen Rider Gotchard VS Kamen Rider Legend, Episode 1

Kamen Rider Gotchard VS Kamen Rider Legend Recap

A mysterious man in possession of a Driver and a Kamen Rider Legend Card watches footage of Houtarou, excited to see a new Kamen Rider. “I want him,” he declares.

Meanwhile at Restaurant Ichinose, Houtarou serves Ryo his brand new Gotcha Meal: Sparkling Chopped Salad on Rice Kajiki Special. Ryo wants to tell Houtarou about a mysterious organization kidnapping people and performing modification surgery on them. But Houtarou just wants Ryo to taste his food first.

Kamen Rider Gotchard VS Kamen Rider Legend Recap

Houtarou takes a spoonful to feed Ryo, but he suddenly finds himself trapped in some sort of cage in a fancy room. A strange man who looks exactly like Ryo welcomes him after eating the spoonful.

But the man says he is not Kajiki, but Butler. He is the loyal butler of “[his] lord”. Houtarou has no idea what the hell is going on.

Kamen Rider Gotchard VS Kamen Rider Legend Recap

But the mysterious man from earlier emerges from an outside bathtub. He steps out, fully nude and has servants put on his robe as he too welcomes Houtarou as Kamen Rider Gotchard to his home.

The man introduces himself as Houou Kaguya Quartz and says Houtarou frankly lacks gorgeous. Butler hands Houtarou special glasses in order to explain. They are currently in a world parallel to Houtarou’s. People are able to live in comfort thanks to the Aurora Curtain System which allows them to travel between worlds. However, an organization from another world called The Hundred appeared and wreaked havoc.

Kamen Rider Gotchard VS Kamen Rider Legend Recap

That is when Houou Kaguya Quartz appeared as a light in the darkness. And that light is symbolized by Houou Tower which also represents Kaguya-sama’s destiny to make the world shining and dazzling and gorgeous.

Houtarou can’t believe it. But Kaguya-sama says he cannot lie since a clear gem hides nothing. Kaguya removes a cloth from the table revealing Cards containing the powers of Kamen Riders from other universes. Kaguya uses these Cards to fight The Hundred.

Kaguya-sama says all Kamen Riders are gorgeous, but Houtarou lacks it which is why he brought him here.

Kamen Rider Gotchard VS Kamen Rider Legend Recap

Just then, they are alerted to The Hundred infiltrating the tower. Kaguya-sama snaps his fingers and Houtarou is released from the cage. He follows Kaguya and Butler to meet The Hundred soldiers at the foot of the tower.

Kaguya whips out his own Legend Driver and henshins to Kamen Rider Legend.

Kamen Rider Gotchard VS Kamen Rider Legend Recap

Houtarou watches in amazement as Kaguya summons the powers of Gaim, Hibiki, Kaixa of 555 and Kiva and easily takes care of The Hundred soldiers.

Kaguya turns to Houtarou and says it is his turn. Kaguya straps Houtarou’s Driver on his waist. But Houtarou takes his Hopper1 and SteamLiner Card to insert himself.

Houtarou henshins and takes on The Hundred as well. Kaguya-sama says he looks pretty good, but could use more gorgeous. He hands the Kuuga and Faiz Cards to Bulter who then inserts them into Houtarou’s Driver.

Kamen Rider Gotchard VS Kamen Rider Legend Recap

Houtarou uphenshins to ExceedMighty and he feels the dream and adventure power rush through him. Kaguya-sama likes what he sees from Houtarou. Houtarou delivers a Fever Finisher to take care of three of the Hundred soldiers. But the big burst of energy forces him to dehenshin.

Kaguya-sama steps in and uphenshins using the Den-O Card to take care of the remaining Hundred infiltrator.

Kamen Rider Gotchard VS Kamen Rider Legend Recap

Houtarou excitedly comes running up to Kaguya, but Kaguya takes Houtarou’s Driver and says it is his now.

Meanwhile, another mysterious man in black watches from a rooftop and declares that The Hundred will take over all worlds.

Kamen Rider Gotchard VS Kamen Rider Legend Recap

Episode Thoughts

Gorgeous! What a fun little first episode of this two-part special. It could make for a nice movie too. And even without seeing Episode 2 yet, Kaguya-sama and Kamen Rider Legend so far seems like a nice spiritual successor to Tsubasa and Decade. Though of course no one can replace him! hehe

Really great to see Robin Furuya again. His talents were sorely wasted on Saber. So it’ll be great to see him in action here, even for a short time. Seiichiro Nagata makes a really impactful first impression as Kaguya. So if this special leads to more content, then that would be great as well. I mean, they have to be setting the stage for something with this short pair of episodes, yes?

Anyway, also fun seeing Amon Kabe playing Butler too.

Still, it was a very interesting, though short episode. The Cards of course fit well with Gotchard. Don’t know yet if the story of this special itself will play any part in Gotchard the series. But either way, it’s a nice little adventure for Houtarou.

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    1. I actually haven’t watched any of the post-season content for Saber other than Kamen Rider Beyond Generations which I actually enjoyed. But I’ll check it out one of these days. =D

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