Music Monday, November 13, 2023 – A.C.E, ZEROBASEONE, OMEGA X, Stray Kids, WHIB

A song of the year candidate, strong comebacks and a debut from A.C.E, ZEROBASEONE, OMEGA X, Stray Kids, WHIB

“Effortless” by A.C.E

I don’t know what is in the music water in Korea, but artists are churning out last-minute song of the year candidates! That is exactly what A.C.E’s “Effortless” is. And both English and Korean versions at that! This pre-release track by the group ahead of their first album post-military service (save for Chan who is still serving) is an amazing vibe of a track. The group’s vocals compliment the song’s powerful beat and together make it the perfect song to add to your Night Drive playlist. If this is indicative of the rest of the album, it is surely going to be an excellent release. But that’s to be expected from this talented group.


ZEROBASEONE make their first comeback with the intense and powerful title track “Crush”. The track’s personal lyrics make for a charismatic performance from the group with its chorus especially catchy. The rest of the album Melting Point is great as well. The four other tracks are a nice diverse mix of pop and dance tracks. Certainly a great follow-up to their strong debut.

“Junk Food” by OMEGA X

OMEGA X is back with album iykyk. And if you know OMEGA X, then you know you’re in for a charismatic and powerful performance. That’s definitely what they deliver with title track “Junk Food,” a techno-infused hip-hop dance track. What’s interesting about the track is it is very busy and actually evokes a “chaotic” energy (as described by the album notes), but in a captivating way. It’s hard not to take notice of the track and be engulfed in that interesting atmosphere. The rest of the album is solid as well and much more mellow if you’d like a bit of a breather after the title track.

“LALALALA” by Stray Kids

Stray Kids have definitely settled on a specific sound in their recent releases and “LALALALA” (aka “Rock (樂)”) definitely follows suit. An interesting mix of genres come together for the song featuring the familiar encouraging and determined lyrics that the group has also come to be known for. The rest of the album Rock-Star has a mix of more hip-hop and rock-infused dance tracks as well as several pop songs as well.

“Bang!” by WHIB

Rookie group WHIB make a strong debut with title track “Bang!” The alternative pop dance track has a refreshing sound that definitely makes you take notice of the group. An addictive hook adds to interesting track that gives the group a strong showcase and introduction for themselves. The B-side track of this debut single, “Dizzy,” is similarly ear-catching and also has a refreshing sound, especially with its chorus. An overall strong debut.

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