Recap: Kamen Rider Gotchard, Episode 8 – Great Bond

Kamen Rider Gotchard Episode 8 Recap

Atropos taunts Rinne with the idea that Papa Kudo is alive. But she will only say more if Rinne plays with her. Rinne warns Atropos to stop mocking her. But Atropos crouches down, pretending to be bullied, then uses her ring to force the other people in the café to stand at attention. She brags that she can easily manipulate people.

Rinne points her Chemy Riser at Atropos, warning her not to involve civilians. Atropos leaves and everyone is back to normal. Renge comes out to ask if something’s happened, but Rinne says no.

Kamen Rider Gotchard Episode 8 Recap

Meanwhile, as Houtarou falls back to Earth, he quickly locks in Ganvhale and Spicle to Gotchanko to Spiclewhale. As a big whale bike, he sucks Riku in and whisks him to safety. But Riku is only worried about Saboneedle whom he has named Sabosuke.

Riku tells Houtarou about meeting and becoming friends with Sabosuke. With him spending all his time studying, he wasn’t able to make friends. But once his Papa found out that this friendship with Sabosuke was affecting his studies, Riku had no choice but to get rid of his only friend. Riku felt guilty about not keeping his promise to his father.

But now Riku is worried about the shy Sabosuke. Houtarou decides to use his SmaPhone to help them track down SaboNeedle.

Kamen Rider Gotchard Episode 8 Recap

Back at the Academy, the others talk about how Houtarou is still out and about with the Chemy. Spanner says it’s becoming a joke now and tells Rinne that she should stop siding with him.

Houtarou and Riku find Sabosuke at the park where they love to play at. Riku sees Sabosuke’s pot is cracked and he apologizes for trying to dump him. From now on, Riku wants to stand by Sabosuke as a great friend. Houtarou is happy that Riku finally expresses his true feelings and says he can trust him. Houtarou explains that he is striving for a world where people and Chemies can live in peace.

Suddenly, Riku’s Papa appears. At the Academy, Sabimaru explains that Riku’s Papa is the head of a major AI company. Isaac suggests they look at Chemy signals and CCTVs in the area to find Houtarou.

Kamen Rider Gotchard Episode 8 Recap

Spanner is intrigued to see Sabimaru and Isaac in action together after hearing so much about them. Renge says the three of them make a great team.

Anyway, Papa Sunayama scolds Riku for not throwing the cactus away. Houtarou tries to support Riku, but instead it only angers Papa Sunayama even more that he transforms into the Malgam.

Renge and Sabimaru hurry out to help and potentially catch the Chemy themselves. Spanner wants no involvement in such trivial matters. Rinne does not want to break the rules, but she will also not stand to see people being toyed with.

The Malgam targets Houtarou for ruining how he raises his son. Riku, however, insists that Houtarou and Sabosuke are his friends. Papa Malgam decides it’s time to slash at his own son to get him to wake up. But Sabosuke jumps to his friend’s defense, shooting his thorns at the Malgam instead.

Kamen Rider Gotchard Episode 8 Recap

Houtarou pops up and catches SaboNeedle back in a card. He says that he understands Papa Malgam only wants what’s best for his son. But he must also not ignore the friendship his son has formed. Houtarou henshins and they battle.

Lachesis appears and transforms using the HappyClover Card. She ties vines around Houtarou’s legs. But Spanner arrives to deal with her. He demands to tell him what the Sisters are planning, but Lachesis doesn’t say and leaves.

Rinne and the nottwins arrive as well and Rinne tosses DokkiriMajin and Spanner’s GutsShovel for Houtarou to use to break free of the vines. He Gotchankos and easily cuts the vines off. He refocuses his efforts on the Malgam and manages to have him fall down to the ground.

Houtarou enlists the help of Sabosuke and HawkStar and he Gotchankos to NeedleHawk. Riku asks Houtarou to save his father. And Houtarou delivers a Fever finisher to release Papa Sunayama and the Chemy from the defeated Malgam.

Houtarou catches Greatonbo in a Card.

Kamen Rider Gotchard Episode 8 Recap

Papa Sunayama apologizes to Riku.

Minato-sensei tells Houtarou that in trying to reunite Riku and the Chemy, he has damaged the father and son’s relationship. And that is the natural order that Chemies disrupt.

Before Houtarou can try to argue his point, Renge points out that a flower has bloomed on SaboNeedle. Isaac explains that SaboNeedle’s thorns can become flowers on rare occasions.

Kamen Rider Gotchard Episode 8 Recap

Sabosuke takes the flower and wants to give it to Riku. Riku takes it as a symbol of their wonderful friendship.

Papa Sunayama apologizes again to his son for all the pressure he’s put him under. Riku says he understands that his Papa only wants what’s best for him and promises to continue studying hard. But he also asks to allow him to rest and have fun from time to time. He adds that he also wants his father do the same. Papa Sunayama understands.

Riku puts the flower near his heart and tells Sabosuke to take care.

Kamen Rider Gotchard Episode 8 Recap

Riku entrusts Sabosuke to his Houtarou-niichan. And Houtarou assures him that Sabosuke will be safe with them.

Minato-sensei says he will deduct points from Houtarou for what’s happened. But since they were able to recover new Chemys, he’ll turn a blind eye to SaboNeedle’s flower.

Minato-sensei modifies the father and son’s memories before leaving.

Kamen Rider Gotchard Episode 8 Recap

Riku asks Houtarou if they can continue playing kick the can from earlier. He also asks his Papa and the rest of the AA4 to play as well.

Kamen Rider Gotchard Episode 8 Recap

Back at the Academy, Rinne returns the GutsShovel Card to Spanner and thanks him. But he says not to get it twisted, he merely wanted to take care of the Sister. Next time, he will charge her bigtime for such a gesture.

Houtarou apologizes to Sabosuke and promises to bring about a world where he and Riku can play together once again.

Kamen Rider Gotchard Episode 8 Recap

Meanwhile, the Sisters move forward with their plans.

Episode Thoughts

Another good episode! (I hope I can say that every week all year! Hehe)

Of course we get a nice resolution between Riku and Papa Sunayama. Balancing work and play is certainly a very familiar idea and often-used story on both toku shows. But Gotchard did well with using it here as another example of the potential of humans and Chemies.

I honestly was annoyed with everyone being so uptight about what Houtarou was doing. Especially when it obviously produced a wonderful result anyway.

So Houtarou has to be punished and draw the stuffy Academy’s ire because he helped a father and son understand each other better? The Academy would rather have Papa Sunayama continue to pressure and mentally and physically exhaust his young son? A Chemy sprouting a flower from its thorns is so disruptive to the natural order? I don’t get it. lol

Last week was a nice showcase for all the characters. But this one was back to Houtarou and his character and ideals. And how, speaking of disruption, he may bring about change.

I suppose Houtarou will slowly chip away at the Academy and the Alchemy world’s existing conventions. He’s not of the Alchemy world of course. (Though I’m sure we’ll find out about an important connection between them later on in the season.) So the clash between Houtarou’s noble and sincere gestures and the Academy/Alchemy world’s very strict rules and views is a very interesting dynamic to continue to touch upon as the season moves along.

And naturally, that development will help bring about a better relationship between humans and Chemys. The great, peaceful Gotcha! world Houtarou is striving to achieve!

Good action. Nice tidbits with Spanner and Lachesis. And also with Rinne and Atropos.

Overall, another great, enjoyable episode of Gotchard! I’m really looking forward to watching a new episode every week.

4 thoughts on “Recap: Kamen Rider Gotchard, Episode 8 – Great Bond

  1. After this week and 2 weeks before episode I think in future we will see spanner and lachesis rivalrity and who knows astropos and rinne’s too

  2. Another solid set of episodes. I’m liking the slower pace so far. It’ll make it all the more impactful when the plot starts to heat up around episode 11 or 12 most likely.

    The show’s been doing a good job of utilizing the MOTW episodes thus far as a tool to showcase what Houtarou’s ultimate dream of human-Chemy coexistence could look like, whether it was this two-parter or the wrestling episode.

    I liked Rinne’s interaction with Atropos this episode. It gave some interesting information about the mystery surrounding Rinne’s father without revealing too much at once. I’m looking forward to what the explanation will be of how Atropos is the oldest of the Sisters while simultaneously looking like a child. It’ll probably be something related to alchemy I’d assume. Philosopher’s Stone? Homunculus? Who knows right now lol?

    Hell, I’m not even sure if the Sisters actually ARE sisters given that neither Clotho nor Lachesis address Atropos with honorifics.

    I also liked how this episode neatly and subtly set up an additional mystery of who is providing the Sisters with Ride Chemy Cards to contain Chemies. My personal theory/hope at the moment is that it’s a 4th villainous figure either directly allied with the Sisters or part of their own faction. Maybe a rogue alchemist who became disillusioned with the academy’s insistence on maintaining the “natural order” and either allied with the Sisters to fight against that idea or has their own separate goals related to that. That sort of antagonist would create a nice Evil Counterpart to Houtarou’s also increasing discomfort with the “natural order” regarding how it forbids human-Chemy interactions.

    1. I really like how they’ve used the MOTW to really build up Houtarou’s character and also help with a bit of world building as well.

      I didn’t know Atropos is supposed to be oldest! Interesting!

      That’s a great idea about having Houtarou and a potential antagonist wanting to shake up the Academy’s natural order, but for different reasons. If the show goes down that path, I’m sure that’s when things will get really serious.

      But so far, it’s been a fun set of episodes that really do a lot to help build up the world of Gotchard.

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