Music Monday, October 9, 2023 – EPEX and ONF

Music Monday, October 9, 2023 – EPEX and ONF

Two amazing comebacks from EPEX and ONF!

“Full Metal Jacket” by EPEX

One thing you can be sure of with EPEX is that they will release catchy songs. Whether they’re bright pop tracks or powerful, charismatic dance tracks. Earlier this year, the group released the bright “Sunshower.” And now they’re back with the powerful “Full Metal Jacket.” Powered by an explosive guitar sound and heavy bassline, the group delivers an energetic track that is both memorable and meaningful, expressing the dangers and tragic reality of school violence.

The other three tracks on the album Prelude of Anxiety Chapter 2 – Can We Surrender also compliment the title track very well. “Hit the Wall” is especially fun and matches the vibe and energy of “Full Metal Jacket” perfectly.

“Love Effect” by ONF

One thing you can be sure of with ONF is that each of their releases will have their signature, unique sound and style. Their first comeback after the members have completed their military service, Love Effect certainly has that. The title track of the same name is a refreshing pop dance track with the members expressing a sweet confession. The other songs on the album are a nice mix of songs with my next favorites being “Be Here Now” and “Arrival.” So great to have ONF back!

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