Recap: Ohsama Sentai King-Ohger, Episode 27 – Arrival of the Galactinsect King

Ohsama Sentai King-Ohger Episode 27 Recap

Two years after the proclamation of the Kingdom of Bugnarak, Chikyuu faces another crisis. Jeramie lies badly injured as Kamejim steps over him, announcing the king of the universe is arriving.

Over in Shugoddam, Gira is preparing for a peace conference between the six kingdoms. But strangely enough, the other four kingdoms are now being run by Sebastian, Shiokara, Kuroda and Morfonia. Though not very well.

Ohsama Sentai King-Ohger Episode 27 Recap

The four current kings make their way to Caucasuskabuto Castle and tell Gira they don’t seem to be cut out for the job. Plus, Jeramie is nowhere to be found. Gira says it is unavoidable considering what the former kings have done. But him saying that gets the new kings on their knees, apologizing for what’s happened. Gira says they don’t need to do that.

Just then, a darkness falls across Chikyuu as a swarm of SemiShugods engulf the planet. Douga says it is the second coming of the Kami no Ikari. Gira orders the other kings to quickly return to their kingdoms and protect their peoples.

Ohsama Sentai King-Ohger Episode 27 Recap

Gira heads out and tries to usher people to safety. But even Kuwagon is scared of what’s coming.

The SemiShugods begin to circle in the middle of the planet before revealing a fearsome figure who introduces himself as the Galactinsect King Dagded Dujardin.

Gira mispronounces his name, so Dagded snaps his fingers and has huge fiery balls fall from the sky. He threatens to finish “cleaning up” this planet if Gira gets his name wrong again.

Ohsama Sentai King-Ohger Episode 27 Recap

Meanwhile, Gerojim runs to the Gokkan prison where it turns out the four kings are currently detained. He begs them to help in the current situation, so they decide they might as well add prison escape to their list of crimes.

Dagded makes his way to the ground where he tosses an unconscious Jeramie to Gira and confronts Kamejim about his apparent lie that the Bugnarak had been eliminated. Kamejim gets himself out of the situation by pointing out Gira whom Dagded is excited to meet.

Ohsama Sentai King-Ohger Episode 27 Recap

Dagded whisks him away to strange place in order to explain what’s going on. Dagded introduces Gira to one of the planets he’s “cleaned up” and then zooms him through other planets where he’s done the same by essentially destroying them. And he was able to accomplish that by instigating race wars on those planets so they’d just end up wiping each other out.

Ohsama Sentai King-Ohger Episode 27 Recap

Dagded finally brings Gira to his tiny “room,” which is essentially the whole universe as they know it. No one even knows what is outside of the universe, so Gira being a little speck on a little planet like Chikyuu in this expanse couldn’t possibly comprehend any of this.

Ohsama Sentai King-Ohger Episode 27 Recap

Dagded offers an example of just how miniscule Chikyuu is when he flicks a tiny speck of dust at the planet which turn out to be huge asteroids in comparison.

Dagded would like to organize and clean this messy room of his and clear out the lousy planets and their lifeforms. But since it can be such a chore, he’s tried to make it fun by having different lifeforms fighting against each other to the death. The game is like the universe being able to clean itself of the trash.

Dagded returns Gira to Shugoddam and says the previous Shugoddamian kings all helped keep the universe tidy and he expects Gira to do the same by wiping out the Bugnarak.

Ohsama Sentai King-Ohger Episode 27 Recap

If humanity can continue to wipe out other species, Dagded will consider letting the humans live.

Gira is defiant. Dagded asks if he wants humanity to be cleaned up first then. Anyway, the other countries have already been tidied up. Dagded has four of the Five Galactinsect Jesters taking care of each one: Goma in N’Kosopa, Hirubiru in Ishabana, Minongan in Toufu and Kamejim in Gokkan.

Gira asks why Dagded would do all these things. The Galactinsect King says this is all fun. The universe is his gameboard and all living things are the game pieces that he alone can control.

Ohsama Sentai King-Ohger Episode 27 Recap

Jeramie is a bit worried Gira might actually bow down to Dagded, but Gira smiles and Jeramie is excited to see it.

Gira tells Dagded that he refuses both destruction and submission and will instead forge a different path. Gira declares he will be cleaning Dagded up because they are the Ohsama Sentai.

The other four rightful kings return to their kingdoms and the six Ohgers roll call before henshining to take on the Galactinsects. Gira and Jeramie both take on Dagded who doesn’t even sweat the battle. The other Galactinsects also manage to slip away from the other Ohgers’ attacks, no problem.

Ohsama Sentai King-Ohger Episode 27 Recap

The Jesters join Dagded who says having this resistance will make this game more fun.

As for the other kings’ crimes:
-Yanma is guilty of monopolizing Chikyuu’s power output to develop a supercomputer.
-Himeno is guilty of causing a fire in neighboring countries after launching a 1000 megaton firework.
-Kaguragi was arrested after his underground tiller system was shown to have been weaponized.
-Rita is serving time in prison as a means of using up her mandatory vacation time.

Episode Thoughts

I think this episode mainly exists as a showcase for the talented visual effects artists and directors at Toei! hehe It was a visual effects extravaganza! And it was very stunning. Definitely the best use of CGI environments this season so far. Amazing work from them.

Ohsama Sentai King-Ohger Episode 27 Recap
Ohsama Sentai King-Ohger Episode 27 Recap
Ohsama Sentai King-Ohger Episode 27 Recap
Ohsama Sentai King-Ohger Episode 27 Recap

But really, that amazing work really went a long way to establish how surreal this episode felt. Dagded’s tour of his “room” for Gira was a visual treat and very much helped with world building for this new chapter of King-Ohger.

Though it did also feel like another exposition dump, which King-Ohger likes to do in order to keep up the brisk pace, it nonetheless quickly and effectively introduced the Galactinsects.

Dagded’s cheery delivery of his evil deeds is the right amount of unsettling. It gives the Ohgers’ fight a good and strong motivation. I mean, Dagded instigates race wars for fun so everyone kills each other. Yikes! lol

So it should be interesting and exciting to watch the Ohgers deal with him and his minions.

I wouldn’t mind seeing Kamejim emerge as the final boss though. It would be a fun way to bridge both the first “arc” of the season and this one, similar to Goseiger‘s (in hindsight) masterful handling of a similar dynamic.

Anyway, that’s still far off in the future. A lot is still going to happen in the 20+ episodes left of the season, especially with the way the season is so fast-paced. So it’s a whole new ride to hop on for and it should be very exciting.

7 thoughts on “Recap: Ohsama Sentai King-Ohger, Episode 27 – Arrival of the Galactinsect King

  1. I’m liking the direction that the second half of the season is going so far. The Galactinsects seem like good villains so far, the type of larger-than-life sort of entities that are a perfect fit for the role of puppet masters pulling the strings behind the Human-Bugnarok conflict. I wouldn’t be surprised if one of the main generals turned out to be the primary mastermind behind the Fury of the Gods incident. Whoever that turns out to be, if true, would obviously end up being the most personal villain for the King-Ohgers.

    I’m also interested to see how the Galactinsects play a role in whatever Racules’s story arc is when he eventually returns. Given Dagded’s casual mention to Gira of how previous Shugoddamian kings were forced to play along with the Galactinsects’ game as well, it’s obvious that they had a crucial role in corrupting Racules and turning him into a power-hungry tyrant, likely through Kamejim as their mole.

    And frankly, the Galactinsects have the opportunity to be superior versions of the underwhelming Deathgalien from Zyuohger. What with the whole destroying planets and inflicting suffering for sport shtick. I already like Dagded more than Genis. Whereas Genis was boring and stoic and kept his ass sitting on his throne up until the final two episodes, Dagded is quite entertaining so far and acts exactly like how you would expect someone who destroys planets for sport would act: As a psychotic child who lashes out at the slightest insult and views living beings as toys that he discards when he’s done playing with them.

  2. Yeah, at this point I feel pretty confident in saying that King-Ohger is doing the modern Power Rangers thing of two short seasons, just in one season. Interesting to see how things go with the very raised stakes.

  3. I think in this half they will explore fury of gods plot more and tried to focus on it most and raculas return but I am wondering if the events are 2 years after means 2025?(the same year when toqger returns happen)man I want my toqgers to make a cameo now although I know it’s hard to happen since most of the toqger actors are well settled and busy in their career

      1. Yeah because juuru is right 2.0 with his imagination powers and spark (right’s hidden power)and they also turned sayo into a kid lol

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