Music Monday, September 4, 2023 – Baekho, B.I.G, BDC, ONEWE

Music Monday, September 4, 2023 – Baekho, B.I.G, BDC, ONEWE

Some wonderful tracks from Baekho, B.I.G, BDC and ONEWE

“Elevator” by Baekho

Baekho begins his special digital single project the [bæd] time with a remake of Park Jin Young’s popular 1995 song “Elevator.” Even if you’ve never listened to or watched a performance of Park Jin Young’s original, you can certainly see and hear his sound and style in this song. But of course, Baekho is able to deliver a performance of the track that makes it his own. Adding his own personal musicality and charisma to the performance helps to accentuate the modern touches to what is still a groovy, retro-feeling dance track.

“Want” by B.I.G

While member Gunmin is currently fulfilling his military duties, the other members of B.I.G, Heedo, J-Hoon and Jinseok, release a wonderful R&B ballad “Want.” Composed by Hyesong and talented multi-hyphenate from20 and with lyrics by the B.I.G members themselves, the song is a pensive, bittersweet call to a lover that has drifted away. The members’ vocals perfectly suit the emotions and the mood the song’s lyrics are conveying. And the simple, but thoughtful melody brings it all together.

“Rest” by BDC

Trio BDC mark the end of one chapter of their careers with the release of digital single “Rest.” The song is the last from the group under Brand New Music after four years with the company. And the group’s always wonderful vocals deliver the song’s meaningful lyrics that acknowledge the memories made in those four years while also looking forward to a new beginning. Here’s hoping this isn’t the last we’ll be hearing from BDC as a group!

“Salty Boy” by ONEWE

“Omnipresent” by ONEWE

ONEWE release a special unit album XOXO with two great tracks. “Salty Boy” from Giuk and Dongmyeong is a refreshing and chic sound whose touches of punk and pop-rock make for an interestingly nostalgic feel. Meanwhile, “Omnipresent” from Giuk and Harin is perfectly titled. The dreamy pop-rock track has no problem immediately setting the mood. Giuk gets the opportunity for a raspy rock performance with Harin’s drumming offering up an ear-catching compliment to those vocals.

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