Recap: Ohsama Sentai King-Ohger, Episode 24 – King of the In-between VS King of the Abyss

Ohsama Sentai King-Ohger Episode 24 Recap

Gerojim disguises as a Sanagim and hears Desnarak confirming to Kamejim that he still intends to destroy Chikyuu. He’s already sent Zarigajim to the center of Chikyuu and that causes lava to shoot out of the ground and heat up all the kingdoms. Kamejim says that the Bugnarak are supposed to conquer worlds, not destroy them. But Desnarak says all will return to the abyss, which means he as king will rule over it all.

As Kamejim runs away, Jerami arrives and asks if Desnarak is responsible for the heat wave. Desnarak brags about it and Jerami takes it upon himself to set Desnarak straight. He henshins and they battle.

Ohsama Sentai King-Ohger Episode 24 Recap

Meanwhile above ground, the other kings are making unreasonable demands of Gira and Douga suggests they are taking advantage of his inexperience as a ruler in order to get things for their countries.

Just then, Boone comes running into the castle to ask Gira to come fishing. Douga reminds Gira that he is a king now, so Gira says he has no time for such activities any more. “What the hell,” a disappointed Boone says as he is escorted out of the castle.

Yanma suggests they have a summer festival in Shugoddam to help cheer the sweaty people up. Agreeing with the idea, Gira laughs maniacally.

Ohsama Sentai King-Ohger Episode 24 Recap

The other kings set up booths based on their country’s specialties. Yanma has a VR game, Kaguragi grills up some foods and Rita has snowcones. The Shugoddam booth has balloon fishing.

Hymeno arrives and the other kings give Gira some of their treats to help cheer him up. They say he doesn’t have to keep up the fake evil king persona. But Gira thinks he has to or people won’t listen to him since he is not experienced. The others say there are many types of kings.

Gira realizes that maybe he doesn’t want to be a tyrant king. He runs over to play with Kogane and Boone.

Ohsama Sentai King-Ohger Episode 24 Recap

Meanwhile, Jerami confronts Desnarak about his plan to embiggen himself inside Chikyuu’s core to destroy it from the inside out. Chikyuu will explode, as will everyone and everything on it.

Desnarak says Bugnarak are not afraid of death and will kill all lover life forms.

Jerami wants to talk, however. He asks why Desnarak hates humans so much that he’d blow the planet up. Desnarak instead asks if the Bugnarak are evil then. Jerami answers that the Bugnarak had tried to conquer mankind 2000 years ago.

Ohsama Sentai King-Ohger Episode 24 Recap

While Hymeno sets off fireworks above ground, Desnarak says there is no proof of the Bugnarak doing anything to humans back then. So them not knowing about exactly what’s happened in the past forces them to suffer for things they know nothing about.

Jerami says he would like to know what’s happened during history, but that won’t change the fact that it already happened. Unlike the present and future which can still be changed.

Desnarak replies that he must eradicate mankind in order to clear the Bugnarak’s name. Jerami says that doesn’t leave much room for humans and Bugnarak to co-exist. He wants to be the bridge between the two and to unite all of Chikyuu.

Desnarak mocks Jerami for having lost his chance at being king. Later, Jerami returns above ground and picks up the ball Boone has dropped. Boone points his small sword at Jerami. Gira comes running up and says Jerami is not a bad guy.

Ohsama Sentai King-Ohger Episode 24 Recap

Jerami asks Boone if he thinks Bugnarak are bad guys. Boone says yes because Gira told him so. It’s in the legend of the Ohsama Sentais.

Jerami realizes all this hatred is because of the words he used and the way he’s written down the legend of how the Ohsama Sentai King-Ohgers had defeated the Bugnarak in the past.

Just then, Zarigajim pops out of the ground and the Ohgers quickly henshin and hop into Extreme King-Ohger. Zarigajim jumps back into a hole and Jerami says they must stop him or else. Boone, who had hopped in by grabbing Gira’s cape, suggests they go fishing.

Gira has God Kumo act as bait so they are able to yank Zarigajim out of the hole. Zarigajim is no match for the Ohgers as they deliver a Shugods Finish at him.

Ohsama Sentai King-Ohger Episode 24 Recap

The Ohgers head to the hole Zarigajim popped out of. Desnarak appears and Gira uphenshins to king. They somewhat weaken Desnarak. But seeing him struggle, Jerami instead binds the Ohgers and explains that his full name is Jeramie Idmonarak Ne Brasieri.

Jerami says he has a distant connection to Desnarak, so he cannot easily forsake him. Instead, Jerami believes it is his responsibility to stop Desnarak’s plan to blow up the planet.

Jerami tries to stop Desnarak from continuing into the hole, saying there is still a chance for humans and Bugnarak to live peacefully. Jerami takes responsibility for why all this hatred and prejudice exists and says he is willing to burn with Desnarak until his vengeful rage dies down.

Ohsama Sentai King-Ohger Episode 24 Recap

Desnarak says it’s too late. In exchange for his own life, Desnarak will destroy this planet as well. He eats stuff and hurls himself into the hole after forcing Jerami to dehenshin. It’s time for Chikyuu to be engulfed in hellfire.

Episode Thoughts

The kids really are so annoying omg!

Anyway, I like how this episode was what a traditional filler episode might have looked like. A creative way to do the annual summer festival episode. At first, they paired the other Ohgers’ festival shenanigans and their attempts at getting Gira to stop laughing maniacally with Jerami confronting Desnarak. It was a great balance of lighthearted stuff and more serious, plot-related things.

Both sides came together later of course and that happened in a great way too. I certainly hope Gira stops his maniacal cackles, but I’ve assumed that’s just his character quirk for the year lol I’m actually glad that the plot where the other Ohgers “teach” Gira about just being himself instead of trying to be something he’s not didn’t take up its own episode. Pairing it with Jerami’s discovery/revelation helped to keep things much more interesting and exciting than it might have been otherwise.

I had to think about what significance Jerami saying his full name was. I was like, “Why is everyone surprised?” I thought everyone knew he was biracial. So I was confused by their reactions. Then when writing this recap, I realized it was because of the “Narak” part of his name and being Desnarak’s distant cousin. Lol

Anyway, the more interesting part was Jerami feeling responsible for this conflict. A really creative use of the “winner gets to write history” idea. What is the actual truth of that initial human-Bugnarak war? I think I’ve read other people propose that humans had done something to the Bugnarak and that’s why the Bugnarak are exacting their revenge now. Or perhaps I’m thinking of another, previous Sentai or Kamen Rider season, I’m not sure. lol

Anyway, I hope they do dig into that possibility more. Jerami uncovering the cause of the initial conflict and how he himself came to write such things. Or wait, was he alive back then? So he does know what happened, but just did not choose the right words. He skewed history and it has led Chikyuu down this path.

I dunno! I don’t know what’s going on lol I guess we need another expository Chikyuu history lesson from Jerami soon. Lol

But nonetheless, I very much enjoyed Jerami this episode and I liked the final scenes on the mountain. (Out of the studio!!!!) Hope next episode delivers and the “citizens are our country’s strength” stuff doesn’t come off as contrived. The 20 pilot preview scared me a little bit. lol

Out of Studio Locations of the Week

Some CGI of course.
Ohsama Sentai King-Ohger Episode 24 Recap
But at least they’re out of the studio!
Ohsama Sentai King-Ohger Episode 24 Recap

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