Music Monday, August 14, 2023 – ALAMAT’s “Walang Hanggan” – Is this my new favorite of the year?!

Did I just encounter my brand-new favorite song of 2023 so far? I think so! And it comes from a group I know to expect some great things from. Of course, that group is ALAMAT. And the song is their latest release “Walang Hanggan.”

The new track is absolutely breathtaking. From the very first plucks of the bandurria strings at the start to the R&B beat and melody all the way to the violin-backed climax; the six members of ALAMAT lead you through a poignant reflection. The group’s vocals perfectly capture the relatable lyrics and convey a heartfelt sincerity that give the song an extra affecting layer of emotion.

I’ve talked about the way ALAMAT has been able to blend modern and contemporary music with traditional Filipino sound that results in such a unique and immediately captivating experience. And “Walang Hanggan” definitely encapsulates that while allowing for the group to continue taking steps forward with their music.

It’s hard not to get emotional yourself while listening to the song. And even more so when watching the equally stunning music video. The members show off their acting skills as each of them brings to life situations that convey the song’s message in different ways. The feelings of overcoming pain and struggles, dealing with love and loss; the music video certainly adds yet another layer to the “Walang Hanggan” experience.

The music video might be my favorite MV from ALAMAT yet. And that just goes along with the song possibly becoming my favorite from them yet too.

And I say “yet” because I know there is still so much yet to come from this immensely talented group.

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