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Music Monday Presents Filipino Friday, October 28, 2022 – ALAMAT’s “Pasulong”

Hearing and seeing ALAMAT effortlessly blend together distinct Filipino qualities into modern pop music was such a great experience for me. Being Cagayano-Kalinga-American, hearing Ilocano in pop music that I’d normally hear being performed in English or Korean was amazing. And all of this is probably the reason why ALAMAT has become my P-pop bias!

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Music Monday Presents Thursday Tunes! – August 25, 2022 – ALAMAT and CIX

Hello! So starting next week, my DryedMangoez Music Monday thoughts will temporarily move to Thursdays. With The Amazing Race Australia premiering this Monday, my Sundays and Mondays and however many days Network 10 decides to air TARAu will keep me busier than usual. All in addition to other real life stuffs too.

So! For as long as The Amazing Race Australia will be on the air (and who knows how long it’ll be what with their 98+ Legs), Music Monday will Temporarily become Thursday Tunes!

Looking forward to some more great music to listen to, but on Thursdays for a while. Hee.

And what better way to kick off Thursday Tunes than with these two striking new tracks from CIX and, yes, ALAMAT!

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