Recap: Kamen Rider Geats, Episode 46 – Genesis VIII: Farewell, Micchi

Kamen Rider Geats Episode 46 Recap Review

Win welcomes Tsumuri-chan back as she awakens in the new world. He says she is back to normal thanks to Ace. But Ace and Keiwa have since vanished to the goddess god room.

Ace says the world has reverted back to the way it was thanks to their strong desires. But in exchange, Ace is now chained up and on his way to become a full God of Creation like his mother.

Michinaga and Neon meet downtown as they survey everything being back to its pre-Keiwa state. The VIPs, however, are angry that they aren’t getting their Bad End. So Jitto responds by manifesting another Tsumuri using the tear crystal he swiped from her last week. This new Tsumuri is the new Goddess of Destruction.

Jitto announces to the world that the Bad End Game will begin. Ace tells Keiwa it is up to them to put a stop to it.

Kamen Rider Geats Episode 46 Recap Review

Meanwhile, Daichi heads back to his magic tree to find it has returned. But Beroba and Kekera come to demand he hand it over to them for their personal use. The two henshin and attempt to kill Daichi. But Neon and Michinaga come to protect him and whisk him to the safety of the green room.

Win and the real Tsumuri listen by behind a curtain as Michinaga and Neon say they saved Daichi because he’s the only one who knows how to bring Sara-san back. Daichi says he can’t do anything now that Beroba has his magic tree.

Kamen Rider Geats Episode 46 Recap Review

Speaking of, Beroba brings DestructionTsumuri to the tree and wishes to create a Super Jyamato using all the humans stuck in it as fertilizer. DestructionTsumuri asks for some of Beroba’s glowing power and uses it to make the desire come true.

Daichi tells Neon and Michinaga that he will help them with Sara as long as they get his tree back. But it is basically suicide to go up against both Kekera and Beroba and their Premium Cards. Michinaga says it does not matter, he will defeat them anyway. Neon tries to stop him from going alone, but he says Sara’s death is his fault and he must take care of this himself. He tells Neon to keep an eye on Daichi while he’s gone.

Kamen Rider Geats Episode 46 Recap Review

As he walks to the tree, Michinaga thinks of what he did to Sara, and in turn Keiwa. He is resolved to end this no matter what happens to him.

Ace tells Keiwa that everyone is doing what they can to save Sara-san and in their own way, are doing what they can to make the world a happier place. But he worries about Michinaga putting his life on the line, putting his own happiness aside just to save Sara-san.

Ace says if they truly want a world where everyone can be happy, they can hate the sins, but not the people themselves.

Michinaga arrives at the magic tree and confronts Beroba. She says this hero act does not suit him. But Michinaga says he’s just here to take care of those who need to be crushed, like her. Beroba henshins to a big robo version of herself while Michinaga henshins himself.

Kamen Rider Geats Episode 46 Recap Review

Daichi comments how Michinaga is very pitiful, always choosing his own misery in order to make the world itself a little less miserable for others. Neon says he won’t be miserable since that’s not the world Ace is working toward.

Still chained up, Ace promises his mother that he will make his ideal world a reality.

Beroba says Michinaga is quite full of himself for trying to atone for his sins like this. Beroba says she just realized what would throw Michinaga into despair the most. That is for him to die a pointless death without even accomplishing any of his own desire.

But Michinaga says he will crush her even if it costs him his life. As Beroba delivers a finisher at him, Michinaga is able to counter with a Hyper Zombie Victory attack that forces Beroba out of her robo henshin.

Kamen Rider Geats Episode 46 Recap Review

Beroba comes crashing down to the ground, shocked that Michinaga still had his Kamen Rider finisher power within him. She says this is the first time she has truly felt aroused by him like this. Michinaga doesn’t care.

Before Beroba fades away, she vows to be found in the same grave as him one day. Michinaga tells her to wallow in her own despair if that turns her on so much.

Kekera and DestructionTsumuri come walking up. DestructionTsumuri says Beroba’s defeat renders her desire null and void. Kekera is about to kill Michinaga for ruining their plan. But Keiwa comes leaping in to kick Kekera out of the way.

Kamen Rider Geats Episode 46 Recap Review

Keiwa goes to Michinaga on the ground and thanks him for going so far to help Sara-san. Michinga says he brought this fate on himself and apologizes to Keiwa. But Keiwa also apologizes for not believing in him.

Kamen Rider Geats Episode 46 Recap Review

Kekera asks where the sorrowful warrior behind a mask has gone, but Keiwa says it was Kekera who pushed that delusion onto him and he is done with being toyed with in that way.

Kekera yells at Keiwa not to get smart with him all of a sudden. He warns Keiwa to prepare for the very Bad End he has coming to him.

Kamen Rider Geats Episode 46 Recap Review

Later, Daichi hands Keiwa the magic potion that when poured onto the tree, pops Sara-san out and back to life. Keiwa catches his big sister in his arms and Neon and Michinaga smile as the Sakurai siblings are back together, safe and sound.

Kamen Rider Geats Episode 46 Recap Review

Neon says Ace has helped grant someone happiness once again. Ace watches from the god room and he notices the chain of thorns slowly disappear with every happy smile that appears.

Kamen Rider Geats Episode 46 Recap Review

Episode Thoughts

I wonder how this season would’ve gone if it had continued to simply be a Sunday morning version of Squid Game instead, like it very much appeared to be in the beginning. I feel like the big chunk in the middle of the season lost that aspect and then it picked back up just recently.

For me, it really does feel like they were coming up with the story as they went. And now in these final episodes, they’re just cobbling together what they ended up throwing onto the wall and figuring out how best to glue everything together. I dunno.

Anyway, again, I’ll just take things at face value as we near the end. And with that philosophy, I quite enjoyed this Michinaga episode. If it was just taking it from a lone wolf kind of situation, seeing Michinaga go at it alone and being triumphant against his ultimate antagonist, then it was great.

It was certainly satisfying to see Beroba sprawled out like that. Not so much because she was a great villain that you long to see defeated. But more on “Yay, she’s finally done.” Lol I could see again what the show wanted to do with Michinaga-Beroba. So setting aside my resolve to not care about the road getting to this point, I still can’t help but think about the What ifs.

The dynamic they seemed to draw upon for Michinaga and Beroba was wobbly at best. I don’t think that story fully materialized. Or at least, they definitely didn’t maximize the potential for that idea. Michinaga getting in over his head with this lady from the future, thinking he could just use her for his own gain, but instead getting tied to strings she controlled; that would’ve been a great story for him.

Especially in how his character is basically someone who was resolved to do anything to not only avenge his best bro, but bring down the organization that caused the loss of that best bro and other people in Japan as well.

That in turn would’ve helped realize the idea of Michinaga and Keiwa going in opposite directions. With the best climax for that being the two of them coming back to meet in the middle and I guess, doing their part to further godAce’s endgame too.

We got some of that here, but the show just rushed through Keiwa’s eyeliner era and Michinaga’s pseudo-face turn. So it merely feels contrived in the grander scheme of things.

But we turn back around to just accepting what we get. And Michinaga sending Beroba packing and him and Keiwa basically coming back together is fine and nice to see. And yes, Beroba clinging to life like that was very satisfying.

Meanwhile, I certainly hope Keiwa and Kekera get a similarly satisfying end (relatively speaking) also. Kekera also had some wasted potential, even when it became clear that he’d end up being on the bad side too. Similarly to Michinaga and Beroba, the needed dynamic between Keiwa and Kekera wasn’t fully realized. So Kekera is simply a douchebag rather than a juicy, evil and manipulative villain you love to hate.

When that scene with Beroba, Kekera and Daichi started, I was afraid it would go one for too long. Thank goodness it didn’t because with these three characters, it would’ve been the most pointless few minutes of Geats all year for me. Lol I don’t know if I can remember another time where I could care less about any of the characters on the screen lol

Meanwhile lol also at the “Goddess of Destruction”. Where the hell did she come from? So that means all we need is a lot of Crystalia tears from Tsumuri and all their problems are solved? lol

And I was all “WTF” when Neon at the end basically said this happy ending is all thanks to Ace. I was like “What the hell does Ace have to do with Michinaga defeating Beroba and Daichi providing the magic potion to pop Sara-san out of the tree?” Then I remembered, Oh yeah. He’s the God of Creation now. So he can do anything and everything, including creating this perfect world where everything falls into place lol

Anyway, it’s almost hard to believe there’s only four episodes left. What shenanigans do they have in store of us in the home stretch?

3 thoughts on “Recap: Kamen Rider Geats, Episode 46 – Genesis VIII: Farewell, Micchi

  1. Well its nice that someone gets a well thought out redemption arc.
    Also finally actually trying to clean up the board.
    But ye, this ending is mega rushed. Would have had more breathing space had we not had Dark Keiwa, which I definitely feel was not resolved in an acceptable manner, but oh well.

  2. Should’ve pushed for a Keiwa-Michinaga bromance instead of Michinaga-Ace. Would’ve made their reconciliation scene much more dramatic.

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