Recap: Voltes V: Legacy, Episode 57 – “Ugok! Idiot. Stupid. Bobo.”

Recap: Voltes V: Legacy, Episode 57 – Deadly Consequence

Voltes V Legacy Episode 57 Recap

Zuhl offers to bring them all to Zardoz’s secret castle lair. Mark warns them not to trust this “ugok.” Zuhl has no idea what “ugok” means so Mark explains…

“Ugok! Idiot. Stupid. Bobo!”

Anyway, despite Mark’s warning, Dr. Hook allows the Voltes team to go investigate whatever location Zuhl gives them. But all five must go so they can Volt In if necessary. They warn Zuhl that he’ll get chopped up into a tiny million little pieces [/Dennis Reynolds] if they don’t return alive.

Jamie tells everyone to lay off Zuhl for now and she has him taken in for a debriefing.

Dr. Hook tells Steve they will set a trap to find out what’s true or not. The Voltes team head to the secluded island on a reconnaissance mission in order to get the information needed to properly plan the right attack on the secret Erthuian castle.

They find the Portalis and Jamie uses what Zuhl taught her to press the right buttons. They teleport to where Zardoz is waiting according to the plan he had set out involving Zuhl getting himself captured. It was a trap all along.

The Voltes team realize the Kuya Manuel they loved is actually Prince Zardoz. They can’t believe it. Little Jon pleads with Kuya Manuel and insists they were sincere to him. He says Zardoz can still be their nice kuya.

But Zardoz does not care. He proclaims that everyone will die, especially those they left behind at EDF care of Zuhl.

Zardoz breaks the news to the Voltes team that this isn’t even their actual castle. Just a fake sound stage that will serve as their graves.

Voltes V Legacy Episode 57 Recap

Steve tries to talk Zardoz into letting Little Jon go and just fighting the four adults. Zardoz is fine with allowing the musmos escape. Steve and Big Bert bid farewell to their little brother and he and Octo-1 head back through the Portalis.

Steve, Mark, Jamie and Big Bert fight off some soldiers before Zardoz steps forward to take them on himself.

Voltes V Legacy Episode 57 Recap

Episode Thoughts

Wow! Story actually spanning more than one episode? Nice! A refreshing change of pace. Lolol

Mark with the quote of the series so far! “Ugok! Idiot. Stupid. Bobo.” Lol Love that!

So we wait another episode at least before Dr. Hook’s big plan is revealed. I really thought they’d either reveal it here or even in the preview lol But they didn’t, which is great.

I kind of sabotaged the show for myself though with the full expectation of everything getting wrapped up in this episode. lol I’m at a point where I’m setting myself up for being underwhelmed or disappointed, tbh. So even if the show actually does something cool or interesting, I’ll already have ruined it for myself. Oops!

Anyway, I love the original Japanese OST getting some play on the show too. Really wonderful.

Voltes V: Legacy Episode 57 is supposed to be available on GMA Network’s official YouTube channel.

But they have been very late posting the episodes these last two days. So nothing yet as of this posting.

ETA: It’s up now. But still restricted to the Philippines only, of course lol

I’ve seen people talk about how people worldwide should subscribe to GMA Pinoy TV in order to watch the series. I’d recommend that if you are interested in watching lots of Filipino programming. But if you only want to watch Voltes V: Legacy, I don’t think it’d be a good investment. Especially since you can’t watch the series on demand anyway. GMA Pinoy TV is a linear, premium TV channel on most cable and satellite systems.

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