Recap: Ohsama Sentai King-Ohger, Episode 21 – Pushing Forward on the Royal Road

Ohsama Sentai King-Ohger Episode 21 Recap

After the Ohgers have some fun filming TikToks together, they have a meeting at the Shugoddam palace. Gira is still trying to wrap his head around the fact that he is now the king. Rita reminds him that’s what he’s always wanted and he won the throne fair and square.

Ohsama Sentai King-Ohger Episode 21 Recap

Yanma says Gira can hand the throne over to him if he’s too scared. Jerami tells Gira he has to show he is worthy of the throne.

Ohsama Sentai King-Ohger Episode 21 Recap

Jerami tells the story of 2000 years ago when the five heroes who saved Chikyuu could not decide on who would rule over it and continually fought. Shugoddam’s eventual first king Lionel Husty challenged the four other kings to duels in their respective specialties. Lionel Husty won each duel and split Chikyuu into five kingdoms, one for each of the heroes. If he had lost, Lionel would agree to do whatever they asked of him.

The four Ohgers like that idea and want to do it right now.

Ohsama Sentai King-Ohger Episode 21 Recap

Meanwhile in N’Kosopa, Shiokara is interviewing Douga who is applying for a job at the palace in disguise after having run away from Shugoddam. Douga says N’Kosopa is a wonderful, technologically advanced country and relates its and President Yanma’s history. But after a speed test in typing, Douga blows the computer up and Shiokara rejects his application.

Back in Shugoddam, Yanma has a quiz for Gira and has him wear a modified lie detector helmet that will zap him for wrong answers instead. The question is what Shugod did Yanma modify to be controlled. Gira answers God Tombo. But that’s wrong. Yanma modified all of them and is the reason any of them can use them at all.

Gira counters that fact by saying it was he who convinced God Kuwagata and Kabuto to join them in order to form Extreme King Ohger.

But Rita declares Yanma the winner and he hands over his list of demands.

Ohsama Sentai King-Ohger Episode 21 Recap

Douga moves on to apply for a job in Ishabana. After a recap of what Ishabana is, Hymeno presents her duel to Gira. And that is in piano playing. But Hymeno sabotages Gira before he even starts and Rita declares her the winner.

Douga fails his interview with Sebastian and he moves on to Toufu. He proceeds to recap the Toufu arc of the first 20 episodes.

Back in Shugoddam, Gira and Kaguragi take part in a three-minute cooking battle. Gira rushes to choose to cook on his own. But Kaguragi has his stealthy kuroko do the job for him. Rita declares Kaguragi the winner.

Ohsama Sentai King-Ohger Episode 21 Recap

Morfonia arrests Douga and takes him to Gokkan while Rita offers up a staring contest with Gira. As they start, Rita reveals her face to Gira and he laughs uncontrollably. The other Ohgers wonder what was so funny.

Douga recaps the Gokkan arc of King-Ohger to Morfonia and she hires him. But he doesn’t want to anymore because it’s too cold. He instead returns to Shugoddam and begs Gira for his job back. Gira knows what it’s like for a fugitive and he accepts him.

Ohsama Sentai King-Ohger Episode 21 Recap

Gira hopes Douga can help him with his king duties. And he first asks Douga his opinion on the other Ohgers’ demands. Yanma demands total control over all Shugods, Hymeno demands all humans wear Ishabanian clothes, Kaguragi wants to develop land in Shugoddam for agriculture and Rita demands advance episodes of Together with Moffun.

Douga says with these demands, Gira would be king in name only at this rate.

Gira recaps the last episode and says they are all so conceited it’s scary, but together they are an unstoppable team. Douga warns that if he is too lax, they might look down on him and eventually take the country. But they are all kings who do everything in their power to protect and serve the peoples of their countries.

Douga asks Gira what he wants to accomplish as king. Before Gira can answer, a loud rumbling rocks the palace. The Bugnarak are outside attacking the main square. Gira goes to face them and cackles while declaring he is indeed the new king.

Ohsama Sentai King-Ohger Episode 21 Recap

Gira henshins and quickly takes care of the Sanagims before taking on the Bugnarak general while also protecting Boone who was left out in the open.

Gira says he wants to ensure the dreams of children can come true.

The other Ohgers arrive and join Gira.

Ohsama Sentai King-Ohger Episode 21 Recap

Episode Thoughts

I mean, I know King-Ohger is fast-paced. More than other seasons. But a clip show at Episode 21?! That’s crazy! lol

I assume this was movie filming week, so recap episode it is.

It was an alright episode. A quick rundown Cliffs Notes version of what each kingdom is and providing examples for the main point of the episode. And that is how each king is selfish, arrogant and conceited. But all for the good of their own peoples.

Nothing new except maybe for the Lionel Husty and original heroes stuff. But I almost feel like they already mentioned it earlier in the season. Or even if not, it doesn’t seem like it would play a big part in story in the future. But I dunno.

Anyway, I appreciate the breather week. I’ve been saying how much I wanted one, so this episode delivered that. hehe

2 thoughts on “Recap: Ohsama Sentai King-Ohger, Episode 21 – Pushing Forward on the Royal Road

  1. Unlike my mixed feelings with Geats, I am loving every minute of this show. This season has just been rather… unique to me in a very good way. The plot’s intriguing, there’s a good balance of comedy and seriousness, and every character stands out in their own way. That being said, I do totally get your concerns about this season being rather fast-paced, especially after what happened with Revice. Though as I mentioned before, I think the primary reasons why Revice fell off a cliff was its trying to cram in and do so many plot elements at once. That, and getting rid of the monstrous, fun, and love-to-hate Olteca too early to focus on duller villains like Akaishi and Gifu. At the moment though, I don’t see the same fate befalling King-Ohger because ironically, despite being faster-paced than other Sentai seasons, it’s taking its time with its major plot developments. There’s three intriguing mysteries off the top of my head that the season’s hardly explored yet:
    1. What happened in the past that led to Gira winding up in an orphanage? Racules was likely lying when he gave an “explanation” in episode 6, and the truth is likely more complex. And it’s possible, depending on at which point he started his impersonation, that Kamejim-as-Boshimar may have played a role in what really happened.
    2. Who or what caused the conflict between humanity and the Bugnarok in the first place? Given that Jerami alluded to this mystery when he mentioned the lack of recorded history regarding the conflict’s beginning, it’s likely to be a major revelation. I’m hoping that the Bugnarok’s reasoning for their hatred and anger toward humanity is rather personal, particularly on Desnarok’s part.
    3. Most importantly, who is the person under the hood that caused the Fury of the Gods incident? I find it impressive that the series has barely dropped any hints or indications of who the perpetrator may be, so it really is a guessing game at this point. The only real clue we have is that the Bugnarok, or at least Kamejim, likely know exactly who it was that did it, given that their scheme in episode 16 was to silence someone who they thought knew information about the incident.

    So me personally, I think there’s plenty of story left to fill the season and keep the plot compelling.
    And even the fast-paced developments like Gira getting his upgraded form quite earlier than we all expected made sense considering how Daigorg’s evidently even more powerful than Desnarok and made even Jerami look like a chump.
    I hope I don’t regret my lack of worry. Lol.

    1. Yes, the season has been moving along well so far. But with my many previous experiences of being so high for a season at the start only to get disappointed later, I always try to calm myself down so as to avoid bigger disappointment than necessary later.

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