Recap: Kamen Rider Geats, Episode 45 – Genesis VII: Where Wishes Go

Kamen Rider Geats Episode 45 Recap Review

Win happily welcomes Neon back to the green room and says it’s great to have more people on #TeamAce. Ace agrees, saying his creation powers grow stronger with every strong wish that gathers around him. Neon says they should find as many wishes and nakamas as possible then. And if they can get Tsumuri back, then they’ll be unstoppable.

Kamen Rider Geats Episode 45 Recap Review

Meanwhile, Jitto tells Tsumuri that he has invited some misery-seeking VIP viewers to watch the game that will feature Geats’ Bad End.

Kamen Rider Geats Episode 45 Recap Review

Elsewhere, Beroba gets over her big L from Neon by finding Sumida Kanato, formerly Kamen Rider Da-Paan. Kanato later finds Neon and her mother out shopping and seeing them happy makes him want to drive them to despair even more.

Neon tells her mother to get back as both she and Kanato henshin. They battle. But the VIP viewers give Kanato some gifts. He locks in a Beat Buckle and Neon is still able to overpower him. But he outsmarts her and while she is on top of him, he shoots Mama Kurama in the shoulder.

Beroba brings Kanato to GRHQ. Kanato says he and Keiwa are alike, but Keiwa says he does not wish for humanity’s extinction like Kanato does. Kanato says sacrificing people for his own family’s happiness is no better.

Kamen Rider Geats Episode 45 Recap Review

Kekera and Beroba say Keiwa is the star of the Apocalypse Game and they will leave the big fish Geats to him.

Back at the green room, Neon tells Ace and Michinaga about her mother who is fine now. Jitto leaves a message that Ace is next. Ace, Michinaga and Neon agree that they have to try and get Keiwa to open his eyes and snap out of his eyeliner phase.

They decide to visit Daichi who has just been discharged from the hospital. He says his Jyamato DNA definitely came in handy for his speedy recovery. They have him take them to the Tree of Knowledge. But Keiwa remaking the world turned his prized invention back to a regular ol’ tree. Michinaga fumes at Daichi, but Ace says not to bother.

Kamen Rider Geats Episode 45 Recap Review

Ace says Daichi knows he wouldn’t be happy even with the Tree since absorbing people’s happy memories also means having to feel the guilt of trampling all over them. So the only way Daichi will ever find peace is by atoning for his sins.

Daichi passively acknowledges that Sara-san can be resurrected if things go back to the way they were.

That night, while Win is sneaking into the mansion where Jitto is keeping Tsumuri, Ace, Neon and Michinaga meet on a rooftop. Ace says all they have to do is have faith in Keiwa.

Kamen Rider Geats Episode 45 Recap Review Kamen Rider Geats Episode 45 Recap Review

Ace and Keiwa meet downtown the next day. Keiwa says he knows that a world built upon sacrificing others won’t bring true happiness, but he has no choice if he wants his family back. Ace says a world where anyone can be happy is possible. Keiwa agrees and he will make it happen himself.

The two of them henshin and battle with two random new people in addition to the VIP fans watching with excitement. Keiwa gets some fan gifts. He first locks in a Monster Buckle. Neon and Michinaga approach Kanato as he also watches waiting to see who will ultimately decide what world they live in.

Kamen Rider Geats Episode 45 Recap Review

Back at the mansion, Jitto gloats to Tsumuri that Ace’s end is near. He catches a tear that falls down Tsumuri’s face and it turns into a crystal pearl. He wants her to come with to watch Ace’s demise. He releases her from the chains. But Win pops up and jumps on Jitto, allowing Tsumuri to escape.

Jitto whacks Win on the head with his cane.

Back downtown, Keiwa locks in a Boost Buckle which breaks through anything Ace has to counter him. Keiwa says he will make his ideal world happen and is able to deliver a blow that forces Ace to dehenshin. But Keiwa knows Ace just gave up and wants to know why he would do such a thing if he was sure of his resolve.

Kamen Rider Geats Episode 45 Recap Review

Ace says he didn’t give up. He just understands he cannot change Keiwa by force.

Just then, Tsumuri arrives and says there is no reason for the two of them to be fighting. Ace wants a world of happiness and that includes Keiwa too. Nothing would be solved by them continuing to fight.

Keiwa says he wants to believe. Ace says to just keep wishing as having a firm belief that things will work out will result in things working out in the end. That includes bringing Sara-san back. Tsumuri agrees with her Ace-sama. All that’s left is for Keiwa to believe.

Keiwa says he does not have the strength to do that. “Please give me something to believe in!” If Ace really is the God of Creation, Keiwa wants to see how he can change the world then.

Kamen Rider Geats Episode 45 Recap Review

Keiwa is about to slash at Ace. But Tsumuri says they all do have the same wish. She runs at them and a bright light seemingly transfer the white hair power from Tsumuri to Ace.

Kamen Rider Geats Episode 45 Recap Review

No one knows what’s happening. Except for Ace who henshins to Geats IX and begins to remake the world. Neon tells Kanato that she knows he will find happiness in this new world.

Ace tells Keiwa to continue having faith in a happy world.

Kamen Rider Geats Episode 45 Recap Review

Episode Thoughts

I don’t know why, but I found myself giggling many times during this episode. Like some of the stuff this episode was quite funny instead of being great, exciting or emotional drama. I think it stems mostly from having most of things happening now seem so random and contrived.

“Give me something to believe in!”

Like, yeah it’s a syrupy sweet line. But it absolutely could’ve worked if other things fell into the right place before that moment. Instead, it seems like we’ve rushed through Keiwa’s eyeliner phase and back to Ace doing ace things again. Which, honestly, I think is one of the reasons I grew tired or bored with the middle part of the season. The show simply made Ace’s whole personality be the fact that he’s an ace, rather than fleshing out all the mommy issues or family-seeking issues or quest for revenge that popped up later in the season than they should have.

Great choreography though during Ace and Keiwa’s battle. That might have been my favorite part of the episode. Very nice action.

But I dunno. I can accept the season’s main theme is basically everyone’s happiness is different. Everyone looks for happiness from different places, sometimes regardless of how it affects others. Okay sure. But again, the season was just messy most of the time that none of it feels all that impactful. I just have to settle for wonderfully choreographed action scenes and whatever random amusement I can grab on to for these last five episodes.

Like What in the Mabushina Crystalia magical diamond tears moment was that with Jitto and Tusmuri? Lol. It really was amusing.

I was funny to see Kanato pop back up.

After Episode 4, I said:
It’s pretty obvious Kanato was next to be eliminated. (Morio is probably next after him.) But I really do wonder how things will go when/if all the “dead” players come back to life at the start of the new world. That will be interesting.

Welp, it took 40 episodes for Kanato to come back. Lol. I really had very high expectations at the beginning of the season. I think it would’ve been better to have Kanato come back sooner and wreak havoc. Or introduce someone like Daichi earlier in order to better develop his character. Heck, Kanato and Daichi feel like two halves of a full character, tbh. lol What is the point of bringing him back now?

Unless it’s part of the movie promo like those two new characters were. Then I don’t really care. When I won’t be able to watch movie for months, and especially after the season is over, then I don’t need to care about it now and it just adds more things to sideeye about. lol Though that’s on me for not living in Japan of course lol

Anyway, we’ll see what white-haired Ace will bring about now. Hope next week’s “Farewell Mitchi” title quote comes from Beroba as she gets sucked back to the future where she belongs lol

2 thoughts on “Recap: Kamen Rider Geats, Episode 45 – Genesis VII: Where Wishes Go

  1. This show… ever the enigma. I completely agree with your comment about Kanato and Daichi being two halves of a full character. I continue to believe that it should have been Kanato that returned in episode 21 to be a part of the Jyamato team instead of Daichi, while the latter should have been nothing more than a one-off from the Desastar arc. Heck, even throw in Morio as an extra member for some comic relief lol. I could easily have seen Kanato filling Daichi’s role in the plot. In addition to being Neon’s enemy, Kanato could have easily filled Daichi’s role as Keiwa’s rival due to their basically opposite beliefs and motivations: Keiwa (initially) wanting to protect everyone’s happiness and Kanato not caring about anyone’s happiness but his own and being willing to drag everyone else down with him if he can’t have it. Also, in this imagined scenario, Kanato being the psychotic Jyamato gardener wouldn’t have felt like a drastic personality shift for him like it felt with Daichi going from smug and stoic to maniacal and maddened. Speaking of Daichi, it feels kinda weird that the show seems to be letting him off the hook so easily even after he basically killed Sara with a psychotic smile on his face to hurt Keiwa. But then again, this show’s head writer does seem to have a track record with redeeming monstrous and reprehensible villains with an odd and out-of-left-field redemption arc that feels unearned. Gai Amatsu, anyone? Lol.

    1. They definitely could’ve combined some of the many characters we got throughout the season.
      Interesting about Gai though because even through the post-season specials, I don’t know that Gai has been redeemed at all. Still an outcast who has had to experience the madness that is Dam Kuroto lol
      But also how I know Zero-One had to speed through and drop a lot of things due to the COVID disruption. So there’s no reason the same thing needs to happen here Geats with plenty of time to tell the story, yet this is what we have gotten lol

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