Music Monday, July 24, 2023 – from20 and Henry Lau

Enjoy these two new tracks from two of my favorite solo artists, from20 and Henry Lau!

“Beat It” by from20

from20 is back with yet another amazing track. The synth-infused “Beat It” is a rousing and energetic anthem that has from20 singing personal lyrics about his journey as an all-around artist and creative mind on the rough road that the music industry can be. It’s a positive and encouraging song where from20’s confidence pairs perfectly with his obvious talent to result in a catchy and immediately repeatable track. Kim Rae Hwan, aka from20, always delivers with every track.

“Summer Sky” by Henry Lau

“Summer Sky” is a perfect title for Henry Lau’s latest single. The wonderful Summer track is an excellent mix of nostalgia and fun. The perfect soundtrack for your next summer adventure. The breezy melody and Henry’s always warm vocals come together an awesome vibe.

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