Recap: Voltes V: Legacy, Episode 51 – “Ewe! Linunok mo ‘no?!”

Recap: Voltes V: Legacy, Episode 51 – Spin Fly Technique

Voltes V Legacy Episode 51 Recap

The Voltes team returns to CBF, exhausted and frustrated with Dr. Hook’s methods. But they arrive to the sight of their belongings being taken away from their rooms. Dr. Hook says he’s just been cleaning out their trash and that they should not keep anything that is not work-related. Mark points out his rodeo trophies are being taken too and Dr. Hook says it’s things like that which only feed their huge egos. All these nonsense items are just distractions.

After Dr. Hook walks away, Steve says he’s had enough and he quits. He has had enough of Dr. Hook and will instead move over to EDF and work under Commander General Robinson where they can do what they want. Big Bert, Jamie and Mark agree. Little Jon reminds them of their mission to protect Earth and Steve says Dr. Hook can just find other people to take their place.

They all miss Dr. Smith and believe they wouldn’t have to suffer like this if he was still here. Steve says they will continue Dr. Smith’s mission, just not as Voltes pilots.

Voltes V Legacy Episode 51 Recap

Back on Boazan, Hrothned is riling up his rebels by introducing General Watson who has decided to join their cause. Showing them he has cut off his horns, General Watson says he’s seen Zambojil’s cruelty and now realizes Boazan’s peace and freedom lie with the rebels.

Hrothned says they will escape to planet Erthu for now where they will build temporary kutas to hide from Zambojil’s berdugo soldiers. Then they can take back their planet.

Next day, Zardoz orders Draco to unleash the Beastfighter Zairus again.

Voltes V Legacy Episode 51 Recap

CBF alarms sound and the Voltes team heads to the command center. Dr. Hook points out that this is the same Beastfighter the Voltes team called a coward who ran away because it was scared. But now it’s returned stronger than ever AND with the knowledge of their weakness, most likely.

Steve says not to worry because they will do their best in their final battle for CBF. Mark announces that they will quit after this battle and Dr. Hook will need to find new Voltes pilots.

Dr. Hook scoffs at the indignation as the Voltes team hops into their machines. They again act very cocky against the Beastfighter. They immediately decide to Volt In, but the Beastfighter easily slams into each Volt Machine, breaking their formation needed to combine.

Voltes V Legacy Episode 51 Recap

None of the Voltes team’s attacks leave a scratch on the Beastfighter whose armor seems impenetrable. Dr. Hook orders the team to use the Spin Fly Technique, but Steve refuses and says they could get hurt. Dr. Hook tries to explain further, but Steve hangs up on him.

A cocky Steve tells the team to Volt In, but again the Beastfighter slams into them, breaking their formation.

Dr. Hook orders a comms system override in order for the Voltes team to hear exactly what he has to say. Perhaps now they will listen to him before it’s too late for Earth. Steve decides to go along with Dr. Hook’s order after all.

Dr. Hook tells Steve to activate his Claw Cutters and the others to spin at maximum speed in formation behind Steve. The Voltes team does exactly what Dr. Hook has ordered all this time and it actually works.

Much to Zardoz and Friends’ surprise, the technique shields the Voltes team from the Beastfighter. And the Spin Fly-powered Claw Cutters are able to break through the Beastfighter’s previously impenetrable armor. The Beastfighter goes crashing down to the ground and the Voltes break out of their Spin Fly formation.

Voltes V Legacy Episode 51 Recap

Now the Voltes team is able to Volt In and battle the grounded Beastfighter. None of the arsenal seems to work against it. But once they whip out the Laser Sword, they are able to slice it in half and defeat it for good.

“Good job Dr. Hook!”

The Voltes team celebrate another win.

Voltes V Legacy Episode 51 Recap

Zardoz and Friends cannot believe they have been defeated again.

Episode Thoughts

Kung ayaw niyo, edi wag! You are replaceable. Selfish, arrogant people.

lol just kidding. Not really. Maybe.

But seriously, these “kids” (and they’re not kids, they’ve undergone military training, for goodness sakes) need a swift kick in the ass that Dr. Hook is ready and willing to give them. They need to wake the hell up. They keep talking about how much they miss Dr. Smith. Welp, it’s actually kind of their fault that he’s dead. If they were focused on their responsibilities instead of irrelevant nonsense or if they focused on improving themselves and actually grow up, then maybe they wouldn’t be so gullible. So much so that they and people around them are put in danger. Or worse, DIE.

Such spoiled PK brats to the end. Tsk tsk.

Looking forward to seeing the Voltes team get more of the comeuppance that they very much deserve!

Kinda wish Zardoz and Co. scored a win though in order to beat the Voltes team down even more. But oh well.

Hope the show doesn’t quickly resolve the tension with Dr. Hook. But knowing the show’s pacing, they’ll probably all be hugs and kisses by the end of the week lol

Voltes V: Legacy Episode 51 is available on GMA Network’s official YouTube channel:
However, it is restricted to the Philippines only. Hopefully it will be made available worldwide soon!

I’ve seen people talk about how people worldwide should subscribe to GMA Pinoy TV in order to watch the series. I’d recommend that if you are interested in watching lots of Filipino programming. But if you only want to watch Voltes V: Legacy, I don’t think it’d be a good investment. Especially since you can’t watch the series on demand anyway. GMA Pinoy TV is a linear, premium TV channel on most cable and satellite systems.

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