Music Monday, July 17, 2023 – BILIB, ZEROBASEONE, Sandara Park, NINE to SIX

Four great debuts! Featuring BILIB, ZEROBASEONE, Sandara Park, NINE to SIX

“Kabanata” by BILIB

Very awesome to have P-pop continue to grow. And rookie group BILIB is definitely doing their part with their debut track “Kabanata.” It is an immediately impactful performance with a familiar, but effective message. The positive, uplifting lyrics pair well with the energetic and charismatic performance that definitely has you wanting to know more about this new group. A great debut.


Boys Planet winners ZEROBASEONE make their big debut with album Youth in the Shade and title track “In Bloom”. It is a dreamy pop-dance track that is a refreshing listen, especially for a new group. The rest of the album has a nice mix of tracks and is a solid debut that has already set new records.

“Festival” by Sandara Park

The ageless Sandara Park finally makes her Korean solo debut with a bright album and title track perfectly exemplifying her bubbly and welcoming personality. Welcome to Sandara Park is a great collection of five songs, each with a different sound, but of similar vibes. And title track “Festival” is a charming track that is an endearing entry point for new and old fans alike. It’s really an awesome experience to see how far Sandara has come from her time on Star Circle Quest in the Philippines to now a legitimate international star. And Welcome to Sandara Park shows that she’s still got plenty up her sleeve.

“Don’t Call Me” by NINE to SIX

I might be a bit late to the party, but I’m happy to finally be here. I finally checked out Good To You from DKZ’s Jonghyeong and Mingyu as NINE to SIX. And what a great release from them. Title track “Don’t Call Me” and the other two tracks “Nod” and “Digital Love” are definitely different from DKZ’s releases. And that makes this a wonderful showcase for Jonghyeong and Mingyu to show off their individual talents. Especially for Jonghyeong who I’ve of course followed even before DONGKIZ’s debut when he and the rest of the original members of the group were part of popular dance covers on YouTube. It’s a great step forward for him and Mingyu. And definitely a great album that I know will probably be on repeat for me.

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