Recap: Voltes V: Legacy, Episode 40 – “Wag kang feeling!”

Recap: Voltes V: Legacy, Episode 40 – Mysterious Man

Voltes V Legacy Episode 40 Recap

Laser sword activated. Voltes V wins. Much to the surprise of Zardoz and Co. Zardoz unleashes his anger by killing an alipin.

Back at CBF, the Voltes team head back to their quarters to rest for the night. Both Steve and Mark want to talk to Jamie. Steve first says that Mark can go first. But Mark says he’ll leave and Jamie can talk to Steve first.

Voltes V Legacy Episode 40 Recap Voltes V Legacy Episode 40 Recap

After Mark leaves, Steve asks Jamie if she meant what she said earlier when she said she loved him. He says they really can’t entertain feelings like that while the world is under siege. Steve tells Jamie not to fall in love with him for her and everyone else’s sake.

Steve turns to go into his room, but Jamie says Mark was right. “Feeling mo talaga!” She tells him that she doesn’t love him that way, but just as a friend and teammate. “So wag kang feeling, Steve Armstrong. Kasi hindi ako isang tangang mafa-fall sa isang mayabang katulad mo!”

“I hate you Steve Armstrong!”

Voltes V Legacy Episode 40 Recap

Jamie heads into her room and lets out her frustration on the punching bag before falling on her bed to cry.

Down in the ocean, Zardoz does not blame Zuhl for yet another failure. He knows the Erthuians have prepared for them, but he has his own plan.

Next day, Little Jon finds an unconscious man on the beach. He is brought back to CBF and is checked out in the medical bay. Zandra is shocked that Zardoz has been able to infiltrate the camp.

Little Jon thinks the patient looks like he’s a nice man and wants to make sure he is okay so he stays with him until he wakes up. NotZardoz thanks Little Jon for saving his life. Little Jon puts his hand out, but has to teach NotZardoz how to handshake. Little Jon says his mother taught him to always take someone’s hand as a sign of friendship.

Voltes V Legacy Episode 40 Recap

But suddenly, Steve and Big Bert come storming into the medical bay, upset with Little Jon. They glare at the patient in bed.

Meanwhile, Mark visits Jamie in her room to ask if she’ll come with to see the patient Little Jon brought in. He wants to make sure it’s not another kalaban. Jamie and her friend follow him.

Steve sternly asks how NotZardoz made it here to the camp. NotZardoz explains that he had been on a boat in the water when a huge wave took him out. He thought he’d die just floating in the ocean.

Big Bert says it’s good that he’s fine now and he introduces himself and his brothers. Steve asks what his name is and Zardoz says his name is Manuel. Big Bert teases Manuel about his “boomer” way of speaking. Little Jon is excited to have a new friend.

Dr. Smith arrives and introduces himself to Manuel. He asks where Manuel is from and he takes a couple of moments before he answers that he is from Iba, Zambales.

Voltes V Legacy Episode 40 Recap

Dr. Smith explains that Manuel will need to undergo some protocols just to ensure that he is a tao and not a Boazanian alien. Dr. Alvarez comes in and begins the bioscan. But Zardoz activates something in his watch.

Episode Thoughts

Probably the strongest episode of the week, relatively speaking. Not as much annoying stuff. A good balance of action and drama. And an actual interesting development like Zarduel infiltrating CBF.

First of all, I was definitely annoyed yesterday with the Jamie/Steve nonsense. But I’m definitely happy today! Lolol Always enjoy any opportunity to call Steve out on his yabang-ness. Well-deserved embarrassment for Mr. PK himself. And Jamie will get over it. She’s a big girl. A strong woman. Lol

The Voltes V battle was fine. Again, the way they break up episodes can take away some excitement. But the visuals save the day of course.

But the most interesting was definitely Zarduel’s plan. Especially having Little Jon be the one to find his big half-kuya and wanting to be friends. It’s a nice character moment for Little Jon. And I’d love to see him eventually play a role in possibly softening Zardoz or bridging that gap between the siblings. It would be wonderful.

I hope this “arc” lasts a few episodes and will not immediately get resolved next episode. Have Zarduel at CBF for a while. Milk the opportunity for all its story worth. Let’s get some interesting new dynamic here!

So overall, the best episode of the week. Hopefully the show can pick things back up next week.

Voltes V: Legacy Episode 40 is available on GMA Network’s official YouTube channel:
However, it is restricted to the Philippines only. Hopefully it will be made available worldwide soon!

I’ve seen people talk about how people worldwide should subscribe to GMA Pinoy TV in order to watch the series. I’d recommend that if you are interested in watching lots of Filipino programming. But if you only want to watch Voltes V: Legacy, I don’t think it’d be a good investment. Especially since you can’t watch the series on demand anyway. GMA Pinoy TV is a linear, premium TV channel on most cable and satellite systems.

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