The Amazing Race Philippines: DryedMangoez Edition 23 Season Preview

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Last year, The Amazing Race Philippines: DryedMangoez Edition Season 22 marked the first season to “film” post-COVID. While COVID was still very much present in the world, TARPHDME22 took necessary precautions to keep everyone involved with the show safe and healthy.

Those precautions introduced some new facets to the Race, including chartered planes from our air travel partners Philippine Airlines and Cebu Pacific. Those flights allowed teams to safely travel to some new and familiar countries. While land travel partner Kia made it possible for teams to Race through these new and familiar destinations.

The Amazing Race Philippines: DryedMangoez Edition Season 23 was “filmed” in January and February 2023. And at that time, more and more parts of the world were opening up and welcoming the rest of the world to their beautiful countries. Philippine Airlines, Cebu Pacific and Kia again return to TARPHDME23 to help teams safely Race around the world once more.

TARPHDME22 was also the first Amazing Race in the world to feature nine consecutive elimination Legs, with the Non-Elimination Legs being placed at the start and end of the Race. And to the teams’ full knowledge as well, raising the tension and competition throughout the Legs.

This season, teams will be Racing on more Legs than ever with the introduction of the first ever CashKarera Leg. This special Non-Elimination Leg will offer teams even more opportunity to win prizes while also putting themselves in the best position to survive the next Legs.

The Trigger Point, and thus the U-Turn and Yield, went on hiatus in order to minimize teams’ and locals’ potential exposure to COVID-19. But with more of the world opened up and vaccinated, the Trigger Point makes its return. But this time, with a brand new twist that will force the teams to rethink their potential U-Turn or Yield strategies!

This biggest TARPHDME season ever means even more tasks and challenges. That includes a record-breaking number of Road Blocks. Which, again, will require teams to be even more strategic with their decisions during the Race.

Teams will have many new and exciting experiences on this supersized season. It will surely be a memorable Race. So hopefully, teams will be able to remember every experience if they have the right mix of luck and skill to reach the Final Leg!

So sit back, relax and enjoy another brand-new season of your favorite not-real Amazing Race series in the world! TARPHDME23 is here!

Here is a tease of this season’s supersized route!

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