The Amazing Race Philippines: DryedMangoez Edition 23, Leg 11 – Colombia

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Leg 23.11 – “Sana sasabog sa atin!”


The 11th Leg of the race begins as teams hop onto the Philippine Airlines Airbus A350 to fly to Colombia! Teams will fly into Jose Maria Cordova International Airport and then be taken to the Pit Start at El Penon de Guatape.


The final six teams will begin the Leg at 11am and must first climb to the top of El Penon to retrieve the next clue.


That clue reveals that this is a Road Block Decision Point! Teams must decide NOW who will perform the two Road Blocks they will encounter on this Leg:
-Kanino sasabog ang swerte?
-Kaninong sabong ang suswertehin?


After deciding on the Road Block performers, teams must grab a taxi and find the zocalos in Guatape. Teams must search the colorful neighborhood for this wall of black and white tiles.


Here, teams must choose one scene and correctly paint it according to a photo that will be sent to their Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultras. Once their painting is approved, teams will be given a large tile to keep until further notice.


Teams must now make their way to Plaza Botero in Medellin where they will encounter a Roundabout! Teams can complete these two tasks in any order they wish.


For one task, teams must recreate one of Fernando Botero’s sculptures using large round shapes. Teams must figure out how to piece together the intricate puzzle.


For the other task, teams must sell 25 ice cream bars at 50 centavos each to receive the next clue.


Once teams have completed both tasks, they can make their way to the Jardin Botanico de Medellin where they will find the first Road Block: Kaninong sabong ang suswertehin?


For this Road Block, teams will correctly create a traditional Colombian flower arrangement known as a silleta for the Festival of Flowers. Teams will recreate the design of the tile they received in Guatape. Once their silleta is approved, they will receive the next clue.


That clue directs teams to Estadio Polideportivo Sur where they will find the second Road Block: Kanino sasabog ang swerte?


For this Road Block, teams must play the traditional Colombian game of tejo. Once teams score the needed number of points, they will get the next clue.


And that clue points teams to Parque de las Luces in Medellin, the Pit Stop for this Leg of the Race.

The first team to check-in here will win P200,000 courtesy of Shell V-Power Nitro+.

The last team to check-in here WILL be eliminated.

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“Director’s” Commentary

An interesting Leg in Colombia. And I think it can be a good one.

So, when I was first putting the route together, I actually had Colombia (and the other Legs on this back end of the Race) at the beginning of the Race. So these Legs might have less tasks than they should because of that.

I tried to avoid having to recycle tasks from TARAu6. But with just Google scouting to go on, it was a little hard lol

Anyway, we start the Leg at El Penon. I think it is a good Pit Start location. But I knew I had to have some kind of task here. Maybe something to do while walking up. Or something to do up top. In the end, I just decided to insert this “Road Block Decision Point” where teams will have to decide who does which Road Block right at the start of the Leg without knowing anything else until they actually reach those Route Markers. Not sure what kind of effect that might have on the teams, but it’s a nice bit of drama and tension I think.

Next, we of course have to visit the zocalos in Guatape. Again, not sure of what kind of task to do here. Walking around taking pictures is meh. So why not just paint? I think it is a good tedious task to do. And here, we are still able to promote out friends at Samsung hehe.

Now these tasks at Plaza Botero were actually supposed to be a Detour. But in looking at how this Leg was lacking a task or two, I was going to force an All U-Turn here. I’ve definitely included that in the past in order for ALL teams to do both sides of the Detour. Give them all something to do to fill out the Leg. Hehe. But after doing the Roundabout in the last Leg, I thought this would be another good spot for that. Just have teams do both tasks from the start. No need for fake U-Turns!

The non-advantage Roundabout was just a Leg Design necessity this season. But now I think TARPHDME will be making it a regular part of the Race now.

Next, we of course have to do the silletas. And connecting it to the tile from earlier is typical TARPHDME.

And finally, we of course have to play some tejo too! So that can be a good task here. Especially in the evening after a long day and at the end of the Leg.

The Pit Stop in the park should look great after dark. And having this Leg start midday and ending at night instead of starting early in the morning like most Legs this season, it will be very refreshing.

So overall, I think an alright Leg.

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