Thursday Tunes, June 29, 2023 – U-KISS and SHINee

It was a good week for 2nd generation K-pop! SHINee has released their 8th album and U-KISS celebrates their 15th anniversary with a surprise, but welcome comeback!

“The Wonderful Escape” by U-KISS

Happy 15th Anniversary U-KISS! It was really wonderful to hear the news that U-KISS would be making a special comeback for their anniversary. One of the very first K-pop groups I ever listened to, I’ve definitely followed their journey and all its ups and downs. But seeing them reuniting (though of course, with a few former members unable to join them) and releasing this bright, energetic pop track is really such a great huge treat. “The Wonderful Escape” and its J-pop feels can really put a smile on your face. The group’s chemistry is there. Their talents are on full display. The rest of the album Play List has a nice mix of good pop songs. And overall this is just awesome to watch and experience.

“Hard” by SHINee

SHINee officially marks their latest comeback with the title track “Hard.” The dance track with an infusion of R&B and 90s hip-hop is an energetic performance from the group, showing that they’ve definitely still got it. The rest of the album follows with similar groovy vibes and a few with the signature SHINee sound and style.

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