Recap: Ohsama Sentai King-Ohger, Episode 16 – The 10-Year-Old Chief Justice

Ohsama Sentai King-Ohger Episode 16 Recap

Rita really wants a Premium Chibi Moffun handmade by the peoples of Ishabana. She actually confiscated one from the scalper she threw in jail, but it’s unethical for her to take it for herself as it is stolen goods. Morfonia knocks on the door to inform Rita that the Premium Moffuns are arriving in Ishabana tomorrow, so she should splurge and head over to get one. Especially since it is the 15th anniversary of her becoming judge king.

Rita says it is not a good day for her to go. She flashes back to that very day 15 years ago when she handed down her first verdict, a man guilty of murder.

Ohsama Sentai King-Ohger Episode 16 Recap

Next day, Rita has the man, Shiron, come in for an annual verification of his sentence. Shiron verifies that he did kill the previous king, Judge Karasu, using a poison. Rita asks why he would kill her when he’s actually a former doctor and her husband. He says couples can fall out of love and he was able to easily acquire the poison through the country’s many criminals.

Rita asks where he hid the body and he suggests she look under the snow in the country.

Finally, Rita asks if he is hiding anything and Shiron says he killed the king, that’s it.

Ohsama Sentai King-Ohger Episode 16 Recap

Later, Rita remembers Hymeno talking about how her parents were poisoned. Morfonia is outside overseeing the prisoners working in the snow. Rita tells her to come to Ishabana with her.

When Morfonia brings up how she’s next in line for king judge, she tells Rita that she doesn’t think she’s cut out for it since criminals are so scary. She asks why Rita made her her assistant. Rita says she was made the king’s assistant at age five. And when the king was killed, she was called up at only ten years old.

Ohsama Sentai King-Ohger Episode 16 Recap

Over in Shugoddam, Kaguragi asks Racules about the peace talks while Jeramie updates Gira and Yanma on what he was told. Gira laughs that no one should trust Racules, no matter what.

Kaguragi asks what the Bugnarak demanded in return for peace. But Racules says the end goal is most important.

Gira doesn’t think so. Jeramie says Gira has a hothead and will not allow him to get in the way of peace.

Ohsama Sentai King-Ohger Episode 16 Recap

Just then, Yanma shows them CCTV footage of Bugnarak infiltrating N’Kosopa. Jeramie leaves first, but Yanma reminds his Takominchi that he must become king of Shugoddam.

The two of them hurry out to battle the Sanagims. Yanma says he thought a peace treaty was being negotiated, so why this attack?

Over in Ishabana, Rita hands over the confiscated Moffun to Hymeno. But Rita actually wants to talk about the Wrath of God. Hymeno insists that the Wrath of God was initiated by a human.

Ohsama Sentai King-Ohger Episode 16 Recap

Rita tells Hymeno about the similar circumstances involving poison between the death of Hymeno’s parents and the death of the king judge. Rita wants Hymeno to analyze the poison to see if they are the same. Hymeno orders Sebastian to look into it.

Hymeno says she and Rita are very similar as well. Both becoming king at a young age and not knowing why. Hymeno asks if Rita remembers that time. But Rita says they must remain neutral and not take part in idle chitchat about non-work matters.

Ohsama Sentai King-Ohger Episode 16 Recap

Meanwhile, Kamejim has just finished talking to a Kaijim when Jeramie walks up to ask how the peace talks are going.

Back in Gokkan, Rita again speaks with Shiron. But this time Hymeno has joined the proceedings as a witness to reveal that the poison allegedly used by Shiron to kill the king judge is the same as that from God Scorpion. Ishabana has records of all poisons of the world. And the only records they have of God Scorpion ever being used was during the Wrath of God. That means Shiron may be directly involved with the death of Hymeno’s parents.

Ohsama Sentai King-Ohger Episode 16 Recap

Shiron reveals the Wrath of God was the work of a human person. But that crime cannot be punished by law. That’s why Karasu voluntarily abdicated the thrown and put a stop to that person by faking death. She intends to keep the culprit confined until death.

Shiron says he does not know where any of them are. Gokkan must keep neutrality and he had to remain silent so that those who cannot be judge could be. He admits that he was going to come clean once Rita revealed the secret of the poison. They actually planted the evidence with the full intention of revealing the truth one day.

Shiron flashes back 15 years to when he and Karasu discussed what they would do. Though it would be a difficult plan, it is the only way to save Chikyuu from disaster. Karasu says Rita is timid and afraid of everything, but everything will be okay.

Karasu actually left a message for Rita in Shiron’s necklace. It basically tells Rita to embrace your weaknesses.

Rita declares Shiron not guilty.

Later, Shiron is about to leave to search for Karasu. But Wogerajim pops up and is about to kill him. Rita shields Shiron.

Ohsama Sentai King-Ohger Episode 16 Recap

Pushing her hair back to reveal a turquoise eye, Rita henshins. Hymeno joins her and they battle Sanagims. Shiron says Gokkan is in good hands as Rita promises to make no more mistakes.

Wogerajim runs back to Kamejim to apologize for not killing Shiron. But Kamejim says Shiron knew nothing anyway. So now Wogerajim can just kill the king instead. Kamejim embiggens Wogerajim.

Jeramie doesn’t understand how this could be part of the peace negotiations. But he hops into God Tarantula to easily finish off the Bugnarak.

Ohsama Sentai King-Ohger Episode 16 Recap

Later, Hymeno thanks Rita for believing in her and finding proof that a human was behind the Wrath of God. As a sign of thanks, Hymeno has a gift for Rita. Rita does not want to accept it since she must remain neutral. So Hymeno says she’ll just dump it here as trash and Rita can do whatever she wants with it.

Rita takes the bag and sees it is a Premium Chibi Moffun. She thanks Hymeno as she leaves.

Meanwhile, Gira and Yanma are finishing off more Sanagims. But Racules has something to say to Yanma. Yanma pushes Gira to the ground as Racules wants to speak with Yanma about peace.

Ohsama Sentai King-Ohger Episode 16 Recap

Episode Thoughts

A very nice episode. The way they were able to peel back more about Rita as well as tie her past and story to Hymeno was pretty good. They are similar in some ways, but of course have two unique experiences because of That Day.

This episode definitely went a long way to show why Rita is the way she is without of course revealing everything. But helping to understand her much more beyond just being some mysterious person hiding behind hair and a stylish judge’s cloak. And a big, life-sized Moffun of course. hehe

The episode also added little bit to the grander story arc of the season. That Day is definitely looking to be the focal point of the main story. Everything seems to have led up to and then developed from that day. So being able to uncover new details with every episode is also very exciting.

The season is putting together a very nice balance of mystery, character stories and the familiar trappings of a Sentai series. But again, with every episode, I just hope they can keep up the momentum.

Also a very fun Kamen Rider Drive reunion too with Rei Yoshii and Kisuke Iida!

Overall, another great episode.

Out of Studio Locations of the Week

Out of studio, but still looks CGI with everything they did to the footage to make it snowy lol
Ohsama Sentai King-Ohger Episode 16 Recap

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  1. A little annoyed that they felt the need to lump both females together into one episode. Like, the two ladies’ stories get one episode while the boys get their own 🤣

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