Recap: Kamen Rider Geats, Episode 40 – Genesis II: Tycoon Awakening

Kamen Rider Geats Episode 40 Recap Review

Before taking care of the parasite Jyamatos, Ace tells Neon that he wants to remake this world into one where everyone can be happy. Afterwards, Michinaga and Keiwa accompany Ace back to the green room where they report on running into Beroba and Kekera.

Michinaga and Keiwa want to join the DGP, even if there is no “ideal world” for them at the end. Keiwa says he is still determined to revive the DGP victims, but they must continue protecting what they still have now. Michinaga wants to get rid of trash like Beroba and other Jyamato. Ace gives Tsumuri the go signal and she hands them their Drivers and Core IDs.

Kamen Rider Geats Episode 40 Recap Review

Meanwhile, Neon visits Mama Kurama who is miserable watching the news of her husband’s arrest. Mama Kurama hugs Neon, but immediately apologizes. Neon asks what she’s sorry for and Mama Kurama says she’s sorry for making Neon a replacement for her dead daughter. But she insists that all the love she had for Neon was sincere.

Mama Kurama begs Neon to stay with her, but Neon says she’s already got a new place.

Over at the Sakura apartment, Keiwa tells Sara about becoming a Rider again. He says he can’t just sit back and watch Jyamato terrorize the city. Sara knows she can’t stop him anyway and says she will look for a part-time job while Keiwa saves the world.

Elsewhere in the city, Beroba and Kekera meet with Samasu and Jitto. Jitto offers them Premium Status Black Cards in exchange for their cooperation with bringing about the second Goddess of Creation.

Kamen Rider Geats Episode 40 Recap Review

Later, Beroba and Kekera visit with Daichi. After Beroba hands him his glued together Core ID, Daichi chomps into a Jyamato egg or something, celebrating the Jyamato parasites he was able to breed.

Next day, Sara is interviewing for a part-time job when people are being attacked by Jyamato. She springs into action, trying to hold back the Jyamato to allow the civilians to run for safety. Daichi pops in and explains that these Jyamato have evolved into parasites attaching to humans. The parasites can be removed if they are still in Stage 1, but Stage 2 is another story.

That evening, Keiwa is worried when Sara is late coming home. She texted Keiwa about running into Daichi who gave her info on the Jyamato. He heads to the DGP to tell the others and says he believes Daichi has done something to her.

Keiwa asks Tsumuri if she has any powerful Buckles he can use to find Daichi. He will never forgive Daichi if something’s happened to his sister. Tsumuri apologizes and says they do not have any spare Buckles left.

Kamen Rider Geats Episode 40 Recap Review

Ace suggests they go out together to look for Daichi and they immediately find him.

Keiwa confronts Daichi who says he and Sara only chatted for a few minutes about the parasites. Ace says Daichi is not fooling anyone, especially him.

Daichi lets out a sinister smile.

Kamen Rider Geats Episode 40 Recap Review

On a rooftop, Jitto tells Samasu that Tsumuri’s powers have already awakened and they just have to squeeze the life out of her so she can become Goddess. Samasu says that will be difficult with Geats by her side.

Win finds the two of them talking and he and Jitto end up going after each other. Win says they have no power over Tsumuri, especially as she is Ace’s sister now. But Jitto just tells Win to protect her if he thinks he can.

Kamen Rider Geats Episode 40 Recap Review

Nearby, Michinaga henshins as he approaches the Jyamato cocoon. The Jyamato breaks out and Michinaga takes it on. Beroba pops in to ask where Michinaga’s Rider finishing powers have gone. Michinaga says his enemies are now Beroba and the Jyamatos.

Kamen Rider Geats Episode 40 Recap Review

As Michinaga battles, Keiwa grabs Daichi by the collar and demands he tell him where Sara is. Daichi just laughs that he is about to become this world’s new ruler. Daichi immediately morphs into the advanced Marrella Jyamato and declares he will become the new Jyamashin and gain power using humanity’s collective consciousness.

Ace and Keiwa henshin, but they seem to be no match for the Jyamato. Daichi tells Keiwa that his sister’s fate must have been decided by now. Ace realizes what is going on and tells Keiwa to go on ahead while he remains to take care of Jyamato.

Beroba is excited to see Michinaga’s despair. He has no idea what she is talking about as he delivers a finishing blow at the Jyamato who is suddenly revealed to be Sara. Turns out Daichi had infected Sara with Jyamato parasites until she turned into one.

Kamen Rider Geats Episode 40 Recap Review

Keiwa runs over to his dying sister. Michinaga cannot believe it. Sara says she must continue fighting in order to save people like Keiwa. She apologizes to him before she disappears for good.

Kamen Rider Geats Episode 40 Recap Review

Keiwa screams at Michinaga, asking why he would kill his sister. Beroba laughs and Kekera says he is finally happy to see Keiwa about to become a real Kamen Rider.

Tsumuri, watching from the temple, cries and says why would something so cruel like this happen.

Kamen Rider Geats Episode 40 Recap Review

Episode Thoughts

Geats really is such an interesting season. I definitely don’t love it. Yet I really don’t hate it at all. It’s not annoyingly horrible like Saber or a frustrating waste like Revice. (My own opinion, of course.) I think Geats has been horribly paced, poorly executed and frequently lost. But still, I’m along for the ride. And I can somehow appreciate an Episode 40 like this that I feel is completely unearned, yet still compelling in some way, somehow.

Really though, this episode felt like it was from a completely different season. Like it was a great Episode 40 for a completely different story. Dramatic. Surprising. Heroes you root for. Villains you love to hate. The juicy conflict between characters you like and know will eventually make up after some enjoyable clashing.

It’s easy to simply enjoy the moments. It’s harder to just forget or ignore the rocky road it took to get here.

Ace finally taking over the DGP in order to make the world a better place. Fine. That’s just fine. It’s not the season-long arc I feel the show was laying the groundwork for. But sure, I’ll bite.

Michinaga, doing his best to try and steal the crown of most-plot driven character of the season from Ace. Neon’s story treated more like an afterthought than actual real development. Daichi feeling like a last minute heel turn when there isn’t a legit antagonist left.

But even if I disagree with the way they’ve unfolded Kekera’s character, I agree with him about being happy to see Keiwa basically flip a switch. It’s about time. I’d love to see him end up being some pseudo final boss and reclaiming his spot as the main secondary Rider this season. But who knows.

I just simply enjoy seeing him fired up and then going against the others.

I do appreciate the way they used Sara-san here. Using her to somehow trigger something in Keiwa works because we know her and care about her enough. At least, especially in her relationship with Keiwa. All the other “deaths” have been almost irrelevant because they’d usually be characters who pop up one episode and then die the next. Sara is different. And it is one of the few culminations for a character this season that actually makes sense. Most especially with how it affects Keiwa, one of the core four.

So like I’ve said the last few weeks, I’m just here for the ride. I can’t help but feel some regrets about how the season has unfolded. But I’m still willing to enjoy these final episodes at face value.

7 thoughts on “Recap: Kamen Rider Geats, Episode 40 – Genesis II: Tycoon Awakening

  1. Finally. Ok no offense to any Keiwa fans but Sara’s death (or not) kinda made me happy. Not in bad way. I just feel Keiwa is too idealistic like guy and doesn’t just understand how the world goes. So I suppose this episode will give him a big reality check. Man for the first time my fav Buffa had tried to be a good guy and this is what he gets, come on , guys behind the screen. Win’s minor appearance was actually good and his untransformed scuffle with Jit was good. Kinda shows how Jit isn’t a Chirami like guy. I have to say I find it really funny that the episode focusing on Tycoon’s start of darkness or whatever it is aired on the same day as the Shinobi crossover where Keiwa is a main character. LOL to me at least. I just hope they stop this musical chairs with Bad guys and just make Beroba&Kekera or Jiit or someone the Big Bad. Honestly it would be better if they just introduce a new ally or bring back an old one instead of just juggling with various villains around.

    1. Yea, I think Sara’s death is a good thing. And Keiwa has been a favorite of mine since episode 1, but I definitely agree that they have made him too idealistic and even naive when actually he has shown that he’s pretty scrappy. He does what he can with what he’s got, even if he lacks some things. So I’m all for his going “dark,” if that’s the case.

      1. Regarding Keiwa being scrappy, I don’t know why do people, including you here, think that going dark will raise his capability levels? Destructive emotions (in general, villains compared to heroes too) aren’t a source of strength or badassery like many of the fanbase thinks. He’s only scrappy because he’s left behind in equipment by keep using Ninja (including how Michinaga has Jamato Buckle). Filled with rage and vengeance he’d still do nothing with Ninja against Marrella Jamato (Daichi), the reason he’d do better later is actual upgrade.

        1. I’m not even talking about the toys. I don’t mean scrappy as a Rider, but in general. In life. He and sister have basically had to raise themselves and because of that, he’s a bit more resourceful even if unlucky. He used to have that never give up attitude, but has become quite spiritless as he had continued to essentially give up in deference to the ace, Ace.
          I’m just liking him potentially “going dark” because it’s fun drama and gives him a kick of energy that he’s been missing as he wilted into the shadows. Especially as Michinaga emerged as a stronger, more interesting character.

        2. Being a scrappy and not able to catch up in power levels are two different things. A person shows his true self when he passes through a really testy event. It shows whether his true character is the same as what he tries to be. Keiwa had been trying to be like good old saint like guy and doesn’t just understand that he is being selfish than others by trying to force his views on others. So this and next episode will show how he isn’t exactly who he thinks he is. Come on Neon had worse than him and she didn’t even get to use the higher buckles like Powered Builder or Command Twin. Yet I don’t she is as much of a scrappy as Keiwa is.

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