Music Monday, June 19, 2023 – VAV, 2Z, DKB, MOVNING, LUN8

Songs so great, I needed to feature all five immediately! Here’s fresh music from underrated artists and a talented rookie! Featuring VAV, 2Z, DKB, MOVNING and LUN8.

“Designer” by VAV

It’s great to see VAV back after having returned from their military service. Though there’s a bit of a member change, the group is still as strong as ever with their latest title track “Designer.” The classy, sexy dance track is definitely right up VAV’s alley. An excellent reminder of the group’s effortless charisma and overflowing talents. The group has grown so much from their debut days. And this album is just another perfect example of that. “Call You Mine” and “By My Side” are my favorites from the album.

“Like a Movie” by 2Z

Whether they are emotional ballads or fun, funky tracks, 2Z always releases great music. And their latest “Like a Movie” is no different. The synth-infused retro pop track is another great, fun performance from the talented and still underrated band. If “Like a Movie” is your introduction to the band, you’re in for a treat as you delve deeper into their discography. If you’ve already been following the band, “Like a Movie” is just another reminder of how great 2Z really is.

“I Need Love” by DKB

Fresh off of a strong run on the reality competition Peak Time, DKB makes their first comeback of the year with the excellent “I Need Love.” The title track is a very appealing house pop track with a relatable hopeful message. It’s a great mix that offers the opportunity for DKB to reintroduce themselves to new fans as well as excite longtime fans as well. The rest of the album is very much DKB, especially with songs like “Feeling.”

“Your Name, Youth” by MOVNING

When you hear a MOVNING track, you know you’ll be getting the feels. And their latest “Your Name, Youth” definitely does that. MOVNING does it again with this wonderfully nostalgic track. The grand instrumental of the chorus really raises the emotional and heartful message of the song. The accompanying music video is like a bittersweet cinematic story, perfectly capturing the song. And of course the band’s effortless performance brings it all together. If you haven’t checked out MOVNING yet, this is a great introduction to them.

“Wild Heart” by LUN8

It’s an excellent debut from LUN8. “Wild Heart” couldn’t be any more an appealing and fun introduction to the rookie group. The bright, positive vibes and energetic pop dance stylings are easily endearing that you can’t help but want to learn more about the group. Charming is an understatement as the group pairs their charms with polished talent that still leaves the door open for immense potential. A really strong debut.

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